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Issue No. 35
Early September, 1997



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FREE! The Murder Trial of Bear Lincoln

The prosecution shocks the court by closing their case abruptly and the D.A. announces his resignation; Tony Serra opens in defense of Bear Lincoln and one charge is dismissed; Lincoln takes the stand in his own defense
+ Bear Lincoln Cross-Examined (Sept 12)

+ Bear Lincoln Testifies (Sept 6)

+ Evidence Mishandled or Inconclusive (Sept 3)

+ One Charge Dismissed (Aug 28)

+ The Prosecution Rests (Aug 26)

More on Bear Lincoln Trial...

Anti-Government Movement Simmering in Rural America Prepare for more Timothy McVeighs, says author of new book on hard right

Anti-Abortion Rider Slipped Into Foreign Aid Sharply curbs U.S. aid for population programs

Doctors Seeking Union Cures "Managed care" health crisis leading more physicians to join unions

Asthma Group Attacks Primatene Mist Has repeatedly asked FDA to take this and similar products off the market

Clinton Shifts Global Power With Iran Deal U.S. interests take over from Russia in Central Asia

Clinton Lax on Protecting Public From Mining Hazards Health risks higher than during Reagan or Bush years, group charges

Label Caffeine Content, Scientists Tell FDA Linked to miscarriages, withdrawal symptoms, poor nutrition

Streams, Rivers, Slow to Recover Biodiversity After Ag Damage Study finds little restoration after 50 years

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

Who Killed Martin Luther King?
With James Earl Ray expected to die by year's end, a new trial is unlikely -- but pressure mounts to reopen an investigation as new evidence and witnesses cast increasing doubt on his lone guilt

It's Not Easy Being Greenpeace
Greenpeace USA is in turmoil, closing almost all offices and firing nearly everyone. As one former high ranking insider put it, "There's been a fight for Greenpeace's USA's soul -- and the soul lost"


FREE! Chasing Celebrities to Death No one takes responsibility for Diana's death -- not the paparazzi, nor the media, nor the world-wide public whose insatiable demands drove the media to sell their editorial souls

Jim Hightower The Dow...And the Rest of Us

If Everybody Had Work Why are about ten percent of Americans unemployed, and millions barely surviving on minimum wage?

On The Intel Assembly Line, Sunday's a 12-Hr. Workday Economists say The Information Age will be the salvation of the American Dream, but don't believe it

Norman Solomon Worshipping The Wealthy

Alexander Cockburn

+ The Diana Cult

+ Rudolph Giuliani's School For Torture

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