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Who Killed Martin Luther King?

by J.J. Maloney As 69-year-old James Earl Ray wastes away in a Tennessee prison suffering from terminal liver disease, new witnesses and evidence appear, including a statement by the Doctor who examined King immediately after the shooting saying for the first time that the single bullet explanation of King's death "doesn't really make sense"

It's Not Easy Being Greenpeace

by Don Hazen Greenpeace USA, the immensely popular and influential environmental organization known for its aggressive direct-action campaign and promotional flair, is in turmoil. In a drastic move that has the environmental world's tongues wagging, the Washington, D.C.-based organization plans to reduce its 400-person staff to a mere 65 and will close down all 10 of its field offices across the country, a downsizing of unprecedented scope in the environmental movement.

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