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Bear Lincoln Cross-Examined

by Nicholas Wilson With transcript of complete cross-examination and summary news article

Bear Lincoln Testifies

by Nicholas Wilson Extensive report of Lincoln's own words about that fateful night

Evidence Mishandled or Inconclusive

by Nicholas Wilson An examination of evidence presented by District Attorney Williams

One Charge Dismissed

by Nicholas Wilson "Lying in wait" thrown out, Serra raises question of trail of blood

The Prosecution Rests

by Nicholas Wilson D.A. rests case after prosecutor Aaron Williams calling a final witness, Bear Lincoln's 19 year-old nephew Winterhawk Lincoln

Anti-Government Movement Simmering in Rural America

by Tom Vasich Timothy McVeigh was not an anomaly, says author Joel Dyer; more will come, he says, until the root causes for this rebellion are addressed: Segments of rural America are in worse shape than our inner cities and the parts of rural America that are breeding the anti-government movement are in very bad shape

Anti-Abortion Rider Slipped Into Foreign Aid

by Jim Lobe House version sharply curbs U.S. support for population programs abroad and sets up confrontation with White House

Doctors Seeking Union Cures

by Jane Slaughter When "managed care" cost control mechanisms interfere with doctor's decisions, "it finally gets to the point where if the physician is going to protect their license and the patient, they have to revolt," and increasingly that means signing a union card

Asthma Group Attacks Primatene Mist

by Frances Cerra Whittelsey Has repeatedly asked the FDA to take Primatene Mist and similar products off the market

Clinton Shifts Global Power With Iran Deal

by Franz Schurmann A 2000-mile pipeline that will cross Iran signals a shift of influence in Central Asia from Russia to U.S. interests

Clinton Lax on Protecting Public From Mining Hazards

by Jenna E. Ziman The federal government is not protecting the public from health hazards resulting from strip mining, say employees in the Interior Department, and enforcement is worse than Reagan, Bush Adminstrations

Label Caffeine Content, Scientists Tell FDA

Health activists say caffeine causes more than a 'buzz': miscarriages, withdrawal symptoms, poor nutrition

Streams, Rivers, Slow to Recover Biodiversity After Ag Damage

Study find areas with 50 years of forest regeneration had the same, limited biodiversity as currently farmed land

Section 404: Stories Missing From the News

Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

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