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Menu October 9, 1995
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Injunction Bars Headwaters "Salvage" Logging Pacific Lumber vows appeal.

Highway 1 Repair Controversy Activists win fight to protect sensitive area.

FDA Intercepts Legal Drugs From Overseas Confiscations protect pharmaceutical corporations.

Mahogany is Murder, Activists Tell Coffin Makers Protesters interrupt funeral industry meeting.

Billions Spend in Oil Subsidies New study estimates true amounts spent.

McLibel Trial to Focus on Working Conditions, Pay McDonald's under scrutiny as trial resumes.

Carbon Monoxide Pollution Increases Risk of Heart Failure New evidence of air pollution health threat.

Small Federal Budget Cuts in Foreign Aid Mean Big Problems Congress saves pennies and risks humanitarian aid.

Drifting Herbicides Have Unsuspected Impacts Popular ag herbicide may damage other crops.




As the most famous muckraker of our day prepares to write her new book on the funeral industry, we explore the remarkable career and amazing life of Jessica Mitford.

Senator Dole's Greatest Harvest Little scrutiny is given to Bob Dole's formidable campaign chest and fund-raising practices.



Why Americans are Angry Liberal members of Congress discuss reasons for our national discontent.

Unabomb Decision Splits Journalists Should the newspapers have printed the manifesto?

Loggers Wanted Washington to "Cook the Numbers" Cozy relationship between loggers and politicians might loosen timber restrictions.

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