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Savage Times

Issue No. 38
Late Oct - Early Nov, 1997



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FREE! Stress Ruled Out As Cause Of Gulf War Syndrome New study shows Presidential Commission erred in assuming that stress caused chronic symptoms

FREE! Storms of the Century
Scientists view with growing alarm the El Niño weather patterns building in the Pacific Ocean, far more intense than anything seen before

+ Harshest Winter in Century Feared Latest estimates worse than earlier predictions

+ "Super" El Niño Pattern Discovered Major climate cycle lasts for decades

Nike Not Fazed By Mounting Criticism Sales booming because news of abuses doesn't reach teen consumers

NY Police Review Board Gets Giuliani Veto Despite growing evidence of routine police brutality

The Real Millennia Time Bomb: AIDS
Concerned that your computer will crash on January 1, 2000? Worry about this instead: By that day, one out of four people in parts of the Third World will be infected with HIV or have AIDS unless something is done immediately


Children of a Lesser God Likely to be 10 million HIV infected children globally by 2000

A Generation of Orphans In Africa alone, millions of children have lost one or both parents

Kenya: Heading Into AIDS Storm With one out of ten Kenyans soon predicted to have AIDS, the nation tries to legislate solutions

Protecting a Husband's "Rights " In Zimbabwe, lawmakers want to exempt men from jail after knowingly infecting his wife

Laos: Nation in the Balance Home to one out of three AIDS cases, Indochina faces growing risk from prostitution, needle drugs, and slavery

Thailand Builds Successful Program By consulting the sick, working with activists

Yeltsin Signs Law: Rusting Nuke Stockpile Now State Secret To block investigation of leaking nuclear fuel by enviro groups

Senate Orders CIA To Surrender Info On Honduras "Disappeared" Agency stalls, despite Clinton promise

States Not Enforcing Clean Water Act Governments won't stand up to ag interests, conservation group says

New York Sweatshops Increasing, Govt. Study Shows Virtually all garment shops found in violation

Humans At Risk From Antibiotics In Food Animals Overuse of antibiotics led to the appearance of resistant microbe

More Japanese WWII Human Experiments Revealed Biological warfare included spreading plague in Chinese villages

Mammoth China Dam Project Called Risky, Destructive Enviros protest General Electric involvement

U.S. Toxic Waste Dumping Haunts Haiti 4,000,000 tons dumped but no medical follow-up on health effects

Venezuela Builds Anti-Guerrilla Border City Government pays settlers to come to desolate location

Stock Plunge Just Part of Asian Economic Woes High unemployment, double-digit inflation lie ahead

Asian TV Network Fights Western Values Seeking balance for heavy airplay of ads from McDonald's, Nike, Victoria's Secret

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

Mad Cow U.S.A.
Americans shouldn't smugly assume they are safe from the fatal disease, and even vegetarians face risks

Others Unknown II: Grand Jury Hearings
FREE! The Oklahoma City Grand Jury has heard testimony debunking many bombing conspiracy theories, but intriguing new questions also arise


FREE! Riggs: "It Was Just A Little Pepper Spray In The Face Area" Congressman defends police use of pepper spray on nonviolent protesters

The Stock Market's Cold Lessons Driving the market boom and bust is a young generation of traders who have no experience with hard times

The Greenhouse Problem Industry spending millions to convince America that global warming is fiction

Jim Hightower Nike: Image and Reality

Oregon's Forest Health Crisis Devastated after 100 years of orthodox industrial forest (mis)management

Norman Solomon

+ Wall Street's Roller Coaster

+ Media Overlooks The Big Lies

Beware GOP Proposal to Reform the IRS Humorist finds Republican's sudden embrace of Bill of Rights is suspicious

Alexander Cockburn

+ The Real Economy

+ The Misguided Cassini Furor

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