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Stress Ruled Out As Cause Of Gulf War Syndrome

by Kris Mullen New study shows that President's special advisory committee erred in assuming that stress caused the chronic symptoms suffered by many Gulf War veterans

Harshest Winter in Century Feared From El Niño

Scientists view with growing alarm the building weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean, leading them to believe that we could experience the most destructive winter of the last 100 years

"Super" El Niño Pattern Discovered

by David Brand A decades-long climate shift in the Pacific Ocean that seems to explain many of the changing North American environmental patterns

Nike Not Fazed By Mounting Criticism

by Farhan Haq "Their main target, 11-to-16-year-olds, are not really affected by articles in The New York Times or in television newscasts," one critic points out as the company enjoys record-high sales

NY Police Review Board Gets Giuliani Veto

by Marvette Darien and Farhan Haq Despite a growing number of protests against police brutality, including recent case of prisoner near death after cops sodomized him with wooden stick

Yeltsin Signs Law: Rusting Nuke Stockpile Now State Secret

by Andrei Ivanov and Judith Perera All information on military bases, including shipyards, labor conditions, and radioactive waste now classified as secret and violations will be handled by agency successor to the Cold War Soviet KGB

Senate Orders CIA To Surrender Info On Honduras "Disappeared"

by Thelma Mejia The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee demands release of documents, which the Agency has stalled for years

States Not Enforcing Clean Water Act

by Elaine Hopkins "Not one of the 50 states has done what the law requires to prevent nonpoint pollution or to safeguard the waters or the people, communities and wildlife that depend on them," stated National Wildlife Federation president Mark Van Putten

Children of a Lesser God

by Mitu Varma There are likely to be 10 million HIV infected children globally by 2000, and many of them will be in India which is slated to be the epicenter of the next AIDS epidemic

A Generation of Orphans

by Thalif Deen By mid-1996, nine million children under 15 had lost their mothers to AIDS, and almost all of these children live in sub-Saharan Africa

Kenya: Heading Into AIDS Storm

by Moyiga Nduru With one out of ten Kenyans predicted to have AIDS by 2000, the nation tries to legislate solutions

Protecting a Husband's "Rights"

by Lewis Machipisa In Zimbabwe, where one out of ten currently has HIV, lawmakers want to exempt spouses from jail for having knowingly infected their partner, even though women are often unable to practice safe sex because they have little control over their sexual relationships

Laos: Nation in the Balance

by Andrew Forbes Indochina's poorest nations acknowledge growing risk as home to one out of three AIDS cases, caused mostly by problems with prostitution, needle drugs, and slavery, but have few resources to solve

Thailand Builds Successful Program

by Isagani de Castro Rejecting top-down legislation, Thailand relies upon decentralization, strong partnerships between governments and civil society organizations, and consultations with HIV/AIDS victims

New York Sweatshops Increasing, Govt. Study Shows

by Farhan Haq U.S. Labor Department finds as many as 9 of 10 New York garment firms break the country's labor laws underscoring the serious resurgence of sweatshops has in this country

Humans At Risk From Antibiotics In Food Animals

by Gustavo Capdevila Overuse of antibiotics led to the appearance of resistant microbes that can be transmitted through the food chain to humans, says World Health Org

More Japanese WWII Human Experiments Revealed

by Suvendrini Kakuchi Japan has been reluctant to fully discuss those dark pages of its history, and critics find it difficult to produce hard evidence to support reports of Japanese cruelty by thousands of aging Asian survivors

Mammoth China Dam Project Called Risky, Destructive

by Danielle Knight Scheduled for completion in 2009, dam would be built over quake faults and displace more than one million people

U.S. Toxic Waste Dumping Haunts Haiti

by Ives Marie Chanel Four million tons of toxic waste were dumped on Haiti in 1987, and little has been done to identify the exact contents or investigate if it is causing health problems today

Venezuela Builds Anti-Guerrilla Border City

by Jose Zambrano To discourage Colombia's guerrillas that make frequent incursions into the area, dominated by ranching and oil activity

Stock Plunge Just Part of Asian Economic Woes

by Johanna Son Higher unemployment, double-digit inflation lie ahead for many nations in SE Asia; Thailand expects some 100,000 people to lose their jobs before the year ends

Asian TV Network Fights Western Values

by Thalif Deen Asian broadcasts include ads for McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Nike shoes, and Victoria's Secret lingerie

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