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Issue No. 34
August 1997



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FREE! Tests Show Gulf War Vets Have Brain Damage, Not Stress Linked to pesticide combo that damages nervous system, brain

FREE! Bear Lincoln Trial Opens

In an opening day marked by contrasts, the court hears overviews of the case from both sides including new evidence from the defense; the judge rebukes the D.A. for weak opening; Serra questions Deputy Miller's story; prosecutor Williams shocks the court by closing his case abruptly and announcing his resignation

+ Prosecutor, Defense Introduce Case

+ Miller's Tale

+ The D.A.'s Lone Surprise

"Foul Air" Industries Lobbying Hard to Kill New EPA Pollution Regs Smokestack industry waging intense PR campaign to prevent cleaner air from becoming a reality

World Bank Faces Probe on Enviro, Human Rights Violations Under fire for separate projects in India, Brasil

Pollution Crisis Shuts Down Chile Capitol Bad air sends 10,000 children to emergency care

Greenpeace, Oil Company in Arctic Standoff As Clinton plans to open largest expanse of undeveloped public land in North America to oil companies

NRA Fighting U.N. Over Weapons Curb Darkly hints that efforts to restrict gun trafficking could cause trouble for world body with U.S. Congress

U.S. Selling Record Number of Weapons to Third World $7 billion in weapons sold to poorest countries

FREE! Heavy TV Viewing Linked To Psychological Trauma Study finds 1 child out of 6 might need counseling

Radioactive Village to be Evacuated -- Someday Russia kept small town exposed to nuclear waste since 1950s

Tobacco Farming Latest Brazilian Forest Threat Dwindling southern virgin forests increasingly cleared for tobacco farms, fuel for drying leaves

Logging Brought Boom, Then Bust For African Town Community now becoming a ghost town

Have a Mexican Condom, Go To Jail Church, Mexican right wing oppose condom use, distribution

Class Action Suit Against "Cyanide River" Guyana Mine Two years later, 30,000 worry about health effects from contaminated river

FREE! 404: News Missing
Summaries of under-reported news, short updates on previous Monitor stories

FREE! Killer Vaccine The polio vaccine saved thousands in the 1950s, but may also be starting to cause the greatest health crisis in American history

Brush With Danger Is the mercury in your dental fillings slowly poisoning you? Not according to the American Dental Association, but many dentists think so, and say the organization is persecuting them for speaking out


Jim Hightower Another Senseless Death in the Drug War

Stealth Attack of Anti-Enviro Misinformation "Brownlash" from right filters down into popular media

Why is the Middle Class so Unhappy if "Life has Never Been Better?" That the wealthy "work harder and smarter" is the kind of simplistic argument that could only fool a Libertarian

Norman Solomon

+ How Bush Got a Golden Parachute From Rev. Moon

+ Media Slant Against Labor, UPS Strikers

The Bill of Rights' Greatest Defender A legacy of freedoms left by Supreme Court Justice Brennan

Alexander Cockburn

+ U.S. Media Ignores Drug Smuggling, Covert Research Story

+ UPS and Part-Time America

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