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Tests Show Gulf War Vets Have Brain Damage, Not Stress

by Kris Mullen Study finds evidence of illness caused by exposure to certain chemicals, with symptoms very similar to workers poisoned by organophosphates

Prosecutor, Defense Introduce Case

by Nicholas Wilson In an opening day marked by contrasts, the court hears overviews of the case from both sides including new evidence from the defense

Miller's Tale

by Nicholas Wilson Testimony by Deputy Miller begins with a by-the-book repeat of his final version of events, but in cross-examination Serra began to turn up his intensity and passion, again concentrating on the trail of blood leading down the path

The D.A.'s Lone Surprise

by Nicholas Wilson Prosecutor Williams shocks courtroom by saying he will rest his case after calling only 19 witnesses from a list of 135

"Foul Air" Industries Lobbying Hard to Kill New EPA Pollution Regs

by James Terry Since the EPA announced it was considering tighter clean-air standards, involving, specifically, limits on small particules and ozone, a number of groups has emerged from the shadows of private-sector power to fight the EPA on behalf of the moneymen in polluting industries

World Bank Faces Probe on Enviro, Human Rights Violations

by Abid Aslam The Bank's independent investigators say the agency neglected its own rules and harmed peasant communities in far-flung rural Brazil and India, but governments, exec bank board resist probe

Pollution Crisis Shuts Down Chile Capital

by Gustavo Gonzalez Longest air pollution crisis in Santiago's history shuts down schools, businesses, but no consensus on long-term solutions

Greenpeace, Oil Company in Arctic Standoff

by Danielle Knight Group wants to draw attention to global warming caused by industry as Clinton plans to lease the largest expanse of undeveloped public land in North America to oil companies

NRA Fighting U.N. Over Weapons Curb

by Thalif Deen Although small arms -- mostly AK-47 assault rifles, grenade launchers, machine guns, anti-personnel landmines, rifles and grenades -- are weapons of war around the world, NRA says ownership is "internal matter" for each government

U.S. Selling Record Number of Weapons to Third World

by Jim Lobe Developing countries, reversing a four-year decline in arms buying, increased their weapons arsenals by more than ten percent in 1996 and the United States remained the biggest supplier

Heavy TV Viewing Linked To Psychological Trauma

Among the heaviest TV viewers, one-third of the girls and one-fourth of the boys scored in the clinical range for symptoms of psychological trauma and may need professional help

Radioactive Village to be Evacuated -- Someday

by Andrei Ivanov Decades after their government decided that they alone would have to remain in their nuclear waste polluted village while others were evacuated, the villagers of Muslimova finally have the papers they need to leave -- but not the funding

Tobacco Farming Latest Brazilian Forest Threat

by Beauty Lupiya Environmental organizations say tobacco farmers are mainly to blame for increasing demand for farmland in Southern Brazil, where less than 10 percent of virgin forests now remain with destruction still continuing

Logging Brought Boom, Then Bust For African Town

by Tansa Musa Cameroon community finds prospect bleak after schools, health facilities close after logging stops

Have a Mexican Condom, Go To Jail

by Diego Cevallos With third-highest incident of AIDS in the Americas, some Mexican police arrest or harass activists and residents for possession of condoms saying they encourage prostitution

Class Action Suit Against "Cyanide River" Guyana Mine

by Bert Wilkinson Suit filed in Canada, although firm's lawyers clearly prefer to have the case heard in a Guyana court system because it is apparently easier to handle and would generate less damaging publicity

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