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An Open Letter To Cindy From The Lords Of Loud

by Steve Young

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Dear Cindy,

The ordeal is just about over...for you, the President, and all of us.

It truly hasn't been easy trying to make a monster out of you, what with the dead kid and all. Kerry was a cinch being that he did so much of the heavy lifting. You were more of a challenge. Kind of a softer Tom Daschle. We understand that you have been grieving and it must be very tough. But, geez, isn't it about time you get over it? We mean, you can keep on moping if you want, but do you have ruin the president's vacation while you're at it?

While you and the rest of the blame- America- first crowd are piling on this president for taking a well-deserved "working" vacation, you didn't hear the president, Karl Rove, or even Scooter Libby, belittle you for hobnobbing with the far-left Hollywood doctor crowd in some fancy-dan, Jewish hospital in L.A. Oh, your Michael Moore-affiliated apologists will say that you had to take care of your mom, who seems to have had, what far-left radicals like MoveOn and CodePink are calling a "stroke." But, did you hear the president using his mom as an excuse to take a few days R&R from his vacation to visit U.S. military bases? No, he didn't need an excuse. He went to Idaho because he loves the military. He cares for them like they were his own kids; like a father who sends his kids into combat with inadequate body armor while cutting their health benefits; like a father with kids who might end up on the street or standing in long lines at the VA waiting to pay an ever increasing co-payment to get the drugs they need to get through another day of hell. He is a president and a parent to so many.

Yet you don't seem to be very appreciative that all this is something you don't have to concern yourself with or that you don't have to worry about having a child who might one day end up on the streets...anymore. But our president just can't catch a break. He's stuck with two living daughters whom, we might add, didn't ask to be born, and who have no choice but to go through the hell of being constantly followed by paparazzi who are just waiting for them to embarrass themselves by spilling a Mai-Tai or some other exotic drink on themselves or worse, one of the club's bouncers just waiting to pick them up.

Casey doesn't have to worry about those things just as you don't have to wonder if Casey will come home drunk or pregnant. But this president does. And yet who's the whiner begging for sympathy? Not George W.

So it is that we say to you the rest of your soppy Gold Star Families For Peace, while you're sitting there, without the burden of two vibrant, playful, living and breathing nymphs -- or, might we add, an indefensible war you're trying to defend -- cut the president a little slack. This whole, "What is the noble cause that my son died for?" is a transparent political ploy that should be seen for what it is: an egocentric, I'm the victim, look-at-me, public relations boondoggle. So, while we are certainly sympathetic for your loss, we implore you, Cindy, get off of your pity-pot and stop putting the president down for taking a merited break from his daily grind with those naps and two-hour workouts.

It's been no picnic for 44 out there sweating through, who knows how many bike rides and brush clearings -- especially since all the brush was cleared in the first two weeks, and so much of it had to be secretly replanted for the late vacation photo op. You and your terrorist-loving pals don't seem to be aware that the president's month long vacation is in actuality, five weeks. Five weeks! And that, our dear mourning friend, is not easy; the French only have the stamina for four weeks of vacation, even though they have one of the most beautiful countries on earth for their getaway. Plus, they can get drunk.

Yet, you're still comfortable grieving your loss so conspicuously, when you have only one child's death that you're asking the president to explain. No, never mind that President Bush has to explain nearly nineteen hundred. And that, Ms. What- About- My- Needs, is really hard work.

Our Most Heartfelt Sympathy,
Your Sympathetic Friends,
Rush, Sean, Bill, and all the Rest of Us Lords of Loud

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