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Talk Radio: Terrorist Polls Show They Want Kerry To Win

by Steve Young

We Come To Bury Kerry, Not To Praise Him

Ever since the Democrats started pushing for the presidential nomination, Talk Radio has bent over backward to perpetuate the belief that our enemies, especially the terrorists, would rather have John Kerry in the Oval office. In fact, the Lords of Loud have reported that the bad guys have said as much.

What I would hope amazes anyone with half a mind, is that if anyone on the dark side wanted Kerry in office, all they, and that they could include Osama bin Missing, would have to do, is send out a cheesy video-tape saying, "Al Quaeda Wants Four More Years of W." Kerry would even take Texas.

The fact that we've heard absolutely nothing from the terror czars proves one thing: it doesn't matter to them who wins. They'll still be doing everything they can to try to wipe out us infidels, whether we be democrat, republican or Ann Coulter.

Yet Hannity, Rush and the boys would have you believe that terrorists have a favorite in this horse race. As hard it is to believe, they say it's Kerry. No need to back that up with fact. Just throw the stink against the wall and hope that it sticks. Instead of giving their audience the truth, the Lords of Loud peddle in fear-mongering. The worst kind. They just make it up.

It's actually very easy. Pick the most horrific scenario you can, then offer it out as the outcome of going against the host's advice. Kerry victory = terrorism. Now you try it. Hillary continues to breathe = cancer. See. I told you it was easy.

In this wonderful little service the Lords of Loud provide to the democracy, they not only show you how little they think of the truth, they also show just how little they think of their own fans. They mistrust them with the whole truth. And so, the real fear-mongering is the fear in the host. The fear that if they tell them the complete truth, their audience will make the wrong decision. Wrong as far as the host is concerned. In effect, the Lords of Loud have become our home grown terrorists; spreading fear of calamity if you do not exceed to their demands.

Ladies and gentlemen...Welcome to the today's state of hate speech.

This just in: For those of you who weren't aware of it, Bill O'Reilly is looking out for you, even if he has to look under your dress to find it.

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