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The Outrage Of Selective Outrage

by Steve Young

Talk Radio: The Lords Of Loud

John Kerry threw his earned medals and/or ribbons over the White House fence a few decades ago. Rush is all over it.

Michael Moore makes a movie. Bill O'Reilly can't stop talking about how he will not talk about it.

Bill Clinton may have fallen asleep at the Reagan funeral (or perhaps while reading his book). Michael Savage sophomorically rips into the Clintons (apologies to all sophomores).

Enron tapes reveal that the employees and company officials sadistically pillaged the people of California to the tune of billions, risking the lives of the sick and elderly, hampering the fire-fighting efforts against devastating fires and nearly bankrupting the state.

Talk radio...? Can you hear the crickets?

Not even selected venting from conservative talk hunk, Sean Hannity.  Seems no one on the right has chosen to be appalled or utter a peep.

They claim they're looking out for you. Guess, you are doing so well the you aren't concerned that you were molested by billionaire pickpockets.

The Lords of Loud certainly felt enough concern about you and California's deficit (fed mightily by the power pillagers) to bang the drums 24/7 to rid us of one scrawny governor for another...not so scrawny.

Is it that there are no talk radio fans in California? I mean, if there are, would you listeners please tell me "why the silence?" If the energy companies were French, my guess is they'd be ripping it grande-temps. Hell, they'd have us boycotting electricity.

Why do you think the Enron tapes, and what they nastily expose in all their bleeped out glory, has not evoked the AM hosts' outrage? It's the perfect topic: Goliath company stealing from Grandma David. Fraud perpetrated on Mr. and Mrs. America (and some of the ships at sea). Perhaps they didn't notice the f***ing language on the tapes becaaue it was no worse than the language, say, a vice president of the United States might use.

Officials at the FERC, the federal agency in charge of regulating energy companies, has not only known about the tapes for two years, but fought attempts to release them. I thought the government was supposed to be working for us. I'm sure I heard someone on the dial scream that.

Where's the anger now? Why no righteous indignation? No one is better at r.i. than talk radio. Isn't that why it found its voice in the first place?

Talk radio hosts are wont to shout that they tell us the news we'll hear nowhere else. I guess that also means that when we hear it somewhere else, we won't hear it from them.

Or could it be that all talk radio has become just a political effort to defeat the loyal opposition. Nah. That would mean they were just looking out for...them.

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