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by Steve Young

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"Our veterans need help, and the Factor is here to help them. We are proposing a new G.I. Bill with the help of Rep. Peter King and Sen. John Kerry that will provide important new benefits for G.I.'s after they leave the service."

On Fox News' TV Factor Feb. 7th, Bill O'Reilly was thrilled to hear from Congressman Peter King that he should have Bill's new G.I. bill that he announced yesterday ready for introduction by the end of the month. "This is the first time a media operation has partnered with lawmakers to get something done in Washington. I want it, the American people want it, and it has to be done."

Wow, Bill. You are freakin' Superman. Thursday morning you and your website announced that "(The Factor was) proposing a new G.I. Bill" and by Thursday afternoon the politicos who are helping you with the proposal is pretty much ready for President Bush's signature.

That's not fast track, that's pretty much trashing the space-time continuum altogether. You truly are looking out for us. Um, except for one, itsy-bitsy detail: It's not your proposal, and you weren't any factor in achieving success.

You're just an ugly parasite who could care less about those whose hardship you sink your self-promoting, blood-sucking teeth into.

You dismissed the plight of an entire population of homeless veterans to slam John Edwards as a charlatan. Edwards a charlatan? He couldn't hold a candle to the fraud you perpetrate on a daily basis. Now you're trying cover up the fact that Edwards was pretty much right.

And you're doing it by taking credit for the good others are working on. In May of 2007, Sen. Jim Webb (D-Virginia) introduced a 21st-Century G.I. Bill (PDF) that included the education YOUR bill includes. You asked Fox Contributor, Col. David Hunt, if he thought this would help increase military recruitment. Great thought, Bill. And what a coincidence. That just happens to be exactly what Webb asserted in his legislation. A legislation that I never heard you standing up for.

At least when Sean Hannity supports the vets he does it legitimately by holding annual concerts to benefits to aid the children of our fallen soldiers. You just show up once in Afghanistan to honor the troops by dispensing your books to them, then return to spend a week patting yourself on the back while you demean the USO and Hollywood's lack of humanitarianism. Not one mention that before you stepped one foot on USO territory and bad-mouthed Hollywood that Al Franken had already been there seven times -- four times to Iraq.

Last night Bill's Talking Points Memo once again crawled on the back of our troops to promote Bill's spanking new G.I. Bill by excoriating "a weak Europe," far-left kooks, Michael Moore, a "dishonest media" and Hollywood. Way to stay on message, Bill. On his radio show he said that this was the "first time ever a media-colossus has partnered with lawmakers to get something done in Washington." Media-colossus pile of toxic crap, maybe. Parasites don't usually take credit for the existance of the organisms they feed off of and end up harming. But then again, why demean parasites by comparing them with Bill O'Reilly.

You want to speak up for an effort made by legislators. Terrific. But making it YOUR proposal that legislators are HELPING YOU WITH is lifting narcissism to strospheric heights. Using it to continue your sham, anti-Americanism slams of those you don't care for, is a direct insult to those who fight for the freedom that allows you to spew your malignant hate.

Bill wanted to make sure that King knew that anyone blocking the legislation's shot, would have the Factor at their door. Hey, Bill, hope you've MapQuested 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, because that's where Veteran's benefits have been shortchanged for the past seven years.

And if John Kerry gives any credit at all to this lowly piece of warmed over fecal matter for getting our veterans a better deal, we can only thank God that Ohio didn't get the chance to elect him president.

Award-winning television writer and author of Great Failures of the Extremely Successful" (, Steve Young, is a former talk show host, writes ad finitum on talk radio. His "All The News That's Fit To Spoof" appears in L.A. Daily News opeds every Sunday (, right next to Bill O'Reilly's...really

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