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by Steve Young

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Last year Oprah Winfrey was horrified to discover that an author she promoted on her show had lied. She promptly brought him back and berated him for misleading a book. A lousy book. Now lets see how she deals with a bigger lie.

The Bill O'Reilly Image Rehabilitation Tour stopped by Oprah this week, and the most trusted woman in America got played again. The same woman who was molested as a child by a family member got betrayed anew, but by an even more manipulative predator. But this time much of the fault lies at Oprah's doorstep.

Bill appeared on Oprah this past week to discuss sexual predators, their tactics and how children can be protected. One way might be not to have a sexual predator from getting the Oprah stamp of approval.

It seems that either Oprah has the same crack research team as BillO or she simply took O'Reilly at his word, which anyone with half a brain knows is playing with fire.

In his personal history rewrite, BillO has taken his original castigation of Missouri kidnap victim, Shawn Hornbeck (taken hostage by a sexual predator at the age of 11) and has transformed it into an analysis of Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome.

If Oprah's team had done their homework and checked the original tape or transcript they would have found that when Bill said "I think when it all comes down, what's going to happen is, there was an element here that this kid liked about this circumstances" or that "the situation here for this kid looks to me to be a lot more fun than what he had under his old parents," Bill NEVER mentioned Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome. For days after he realized he had stepped into a pile of his own crap and attempted to massage what he said and/or meant, he NEVER mentioned Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome. When Bill chastized anyone (including many of his callers) who called him on his repugnant comments, he ripped into them as being dupes of the "far-left swamp pit gutter snipes," "vile," "despicable," and worse -- "secular progressives" -- "who took his comments out of context," but he NEVER mentioned Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation.

I believe it wasn't until January 19 (four days after his original comments) that Bill began to use the term, which you can bet your house came out of hammering his crack research team to come up with a condition that he could use to mask his original sin.

O'Reilly reminds me of those "To Catch A Predator" miscreants on Dateline who try to spin their way out of how they ended up in the house of a child until they are confronted with what they actually said on line by NBC's Chris Hansen. And you thought it was Keith Olbermann who sparked Bill's 24/7 preoccupation with slamming NBC.

Different than Dateline's Hansen, Oprah didn't confront Bill. She gave him a pass. She did not present the scoundrel with his own words. Instead she promoted the abuser and gave him just the platform and credibility he needs to abuse again.

But even if he never attacked Hornbeck, it's not that O'Reilly doesn't have a history of this kind of abuse. How in the world did Oprah miss the fact that this married guy with young children had used his position to sexually harass a younger subordinate -- paying a bunch to make that go away? How did she miss that O'Reilly is a walking-talking instruction manual for how to bully? How did she miss that this is man who uses believes the way to handle anyone who disagrees with you is to threaten, demean or humiliate? How did Oprah miss that the Nospinster is not beyond lying -- by omission or otherwise -- to fool this victims, er, audience, into trusting him so that he can satisfy his own needs?

Just grand messages for the kids.

Rehabbing a predator is fine. But when they get a pass, you know, similar to the light sentences given child predators by secular-progressive judges who Bill slams daily, they just think they can torment again. Perhaps it's time for Jessica's law to cover talk show hosts.

O'Reilly a hypocrite? The definition of the word couldn't be enhanced enough.

Yep, this the man I want to tell my kids how to protect themselves. What I want to know is how to protect the kids from Bill O'Reilly? Oprah certainly doesn't seem to know.

You would have thought this very smart woman wouldn't let herself be taken in again. Not by a molester, not by a liar, not by Bill O'Reilly.

I suggest that Oprah send her crack research team into the archives and transcripts -- the ones that haven't been scrubbed -- then do a Oprah-on-James-Frey (author, "A Million Pieces"), on O'Reilly.

If you do, a bit of warning. Don't expect him to go down easy like Frey did. He won't back down one step. He'll lie to his grave. He'll blame you for buying into the left-wing gutter snipes. And when you present the damning evidence, he'll say black is white then he'll walk off like he did with PBS's Terry Gross. Then he'll take to the airways and blast you on TV and radio for being a tool of the secular-progressives who are destroying America. He'll connect you to France and in his weekly column he'll ask people to boycott you, a column. he will later say. he never wrote. Then he'll tell people the only way to stop you is to buy his book(s).

Most of all, he'll turn it right back on you. That's what molesters do. Place the blame on the victim. Shame them. Bully them. Try to keep them from revealing the monster for what he really is.

But it doesn't matter how they try, once you take back the power they can never hurt you again.

I beg you, Queen of All Media, take back the power from this bully. Don't let him blaspheme another child like he did Shawn; sexually harass another subordinate like he did to Andrea Mackris; mislead another audience, like yours. Expose O'Reilly for who he is and what he has done.

Sometimes victims take some time before they realize they've been victimized. Sometimes it takes years. Hopefully Oprah doesn't take that long.

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