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Bush's War Plans for Iran

FREE! Sometime this spring or summer, barring an unexpected turnaround by Tehran, President Bush is likely to go on national television and announce that he has ordered American ships and aircraft to strike at military targets inside Iran. We must still sit through several months of soap opera at the United Nations in New York and assorted foreign capitals before this comes to pass, but evidence suggests that Bush has already decided an attack is his only option and the rest is a charade he must go through to satisfy his European allies. The proof of this lies half-hidden in recent public statements of his, which, if pieced together, provide a formal list of justifications for going to war

Bush Admin Fails to Produce Link Between Iraq Terror and Iran Gov't

Pentagon slideshow confirms weapons coming from private arms trafficking

Hardliners in Iran Love Bush Brinkmanship

Militarists craving for a confrontation with the U.S.

Neo-Cons Not Beating War Drums Over Iran

Their discipline and focus on Iraq four years ago has been nowhere in evidence

Congress Seeks to Block Bush Attack on Iran With "Resoliferation"

Slew of non-binding resolutions

  Molly Ivins: Writer, optimistic patriot   -   Pelosi's plane, Hussein's hanging 404 reports

Bush Plays Into Osama's Hands With "Surge" FREE!

The jihadis' strategy is to get America to throw all of its resources into fighting a losing battle against Iraq's lethal patchwork of warring factions

Kurds on Alert as Turkish Troops Move Toward Iraqi Border

Angry Kurds charge Maliki government doing nothing to counter increasing threats of a Turkish military invasion

U.S. in Peril, Losing Terror War Say American Foreign Policy Experts

9 in 10 say Iraq war undermining national security

Analysis: Ahmadinejad's Decline is Not Bush's Success

Dwindling popularity caused by economic downturn, not Tehran's nuclear posturing

Iran Struggling With Its Own Sunni Terrorism

Seeking independent Baluchistan nation on borders with Afghan-Pakistan

2003 Iran Diplomatic Letter Reviewed by White House, Says Former Aide

Contradicts Condi's testimony that no top officials knew of secret Iranian overtures

Factory Farms a Major Source of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Also the overwhelming source of bird flu outbreaks

Money Pouring Into Afghanistan for Guns, not Needed Butter

Winning the peace by military means unlikely, as in the past

Bush Inaction on Darfur Frustrates Activists

Bush's special envoy to Sudan declares government's actions in Darfur no longer constitutes "genocide"

The Secret Hand Guiding White House Mideast Policy

Neo-con Elliott Abrams working systematically to undermine any prospect for serious negotiations

Feds Recognize First Tribe Since Bush Elected

Over 200 tribes still waiting for federal acknowledgement

Trial for Dissident Army Officer Ends in Mistrial

New trial possible in the spring

Korea Deal a Victory for Realists - Just Like 1994 Clinton Korea Deal

Predictably denounced by Cheney clique

N Korea Disarmament Deal Doesn't Cover Chemical, Bio WMD

Agreement praised by Bush actually reinforces Kim Jong-Il regime


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The final word on global warming is out, and the news is awful: Even if CO2 levels were frozen at current levels, the damage will continue for centuries, with rising oceans, intense storms, widespread drought and floods. If tomorrow we shut down every smokestack factory, junked every car, and returned to the Stone Age, it cannot be stopped.

And that's the GOOD news. According to some climatologists, the panel's forecasts are too cautious because they don't take into account more recent studies, for example, about glacier melt in Greenland, which can greatly increase how much the sea level will rise, and how fast.

While the Bush Administration is officially in denial about the existence of global warming, the United States is leading research into geo-engineering schemes, include deliberately polluting the stratosphere with tiny sulphur dioxide particles or putting trillions of wafer-thin reflectors into orbit. The U.S. government has been lobbying the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to include geo-engineering in the third part of its report to be released in May on ways to mitigate the impacts


South Pacific More Vulnerable to Global Warming Than Thought

Threat to millions of people who live on low-lying coasts, not just in the Pacific

Capturing Carbon Will Be Most Critical Challenge of Century

Coal may be 80% of CO2 emissions within 100 years

White House Meddling With Climate Science Has Done Lasting Damage, Senate Told

FREE! "Tremendous amount of White House pressure" to suppress scientific concern about global warming

IPCC Report Called Too Cautious

Researchers from 133 countries found consensus with conservative estimates

Desperate or Dishonest Schemes to Fix or Exploit Global Warming

"There's a little bit of panic brewing, governments are taking these wacky ideas seriously"

Germany Takes One Step Forward, Two Steps Back on Green Energy

Despite law promoting renewables, nation building new coal power plants, trading carbon emissions

Climate Catastrophes Inevitable, Says New Report

Destruction of cities located near the seas, melting of glaciers in the North Pole, droughts and desertification in vast areas

Norway Building "Doomsday Vault" to Save Earth's Seeds FREE!

 Svalbard Seed Vault
Artist's conception of Norway's Arctic seed vault

Designed to survive worst eco-disaster scenarios

Bush Declares Africa a new Theatre for Pentagon Command

Growing importance of oil, natural gas on continent

Bush Presidential Library to Include Revisionism Institute

Seeks to have think tank shore up legacy

Public Broadcasting's State of Fear FREE!

Self-censorship a preemptive, self-inflicted blow to stave off the clenched fist of the funder

Bush "Accelerating Environmental Protection," EPA boss tells Senate FREE!

Defends closing EPA libraries nationwide

Misinfo Clouds Research on Mara Salvatrucha Gang

Up to 300,000 youth belong to the Maras gangs in Mexico and Central America alone

"One of the most organized mafias in the world" or scapegoat for rising levels of crime?

Drug, Terror Links to Latin Youth Gangs Exaggerated

Instead of hardened international criminals, mareros tend to be youth from desperately poor families, and in need of protection

Adoption - Guatemala Industry Without Oversight

Foreign couples pay between $25-30,000 for children in country where laws on adoptions are vague

Mexico Rapidly Exhausting Its Oil Reserves

Less than 10-year supply left, at current rates

Mexico Donating Spanish Language Textbooks to U.S. Schools

Part of a concerted program to educate Hispanic children in the U.S.

Sudan's Oil Boom Displacing Poorest for "Dreamland"

Lush oasis of shopping centers, villas, pools and an 18-hole golf course planned

1 in 11 Romanians Infected With Hepatitis

Only a fraction get help from national health system that infected them


Iraq Hospitals Under Siege FREE!

For several months now, patients have refrained from using the hospital for fear of being shot by snipers or by U.S.-led forces

Falluja Defiant Amidst Chaos

Attacks against U.S. forces continuing despite U.S. military crackdown

Iraqis Drinking From Rivers as Water Supply System Collapses FREE!

"My children are sick with diarrhea but I have no option. They cannot live without water"

Iraq Food Supply Collapsing

Local agricultural production is almost nil, and import prices too high to afford

What's the Real Goal of the Surge?

"This increase in American troops is only meant to kill anyone who resists the occupiers"

Kirkuk Orders Tens of Thousands Shiite Arabs to Leave FREE!

"Why should I leave? Kirkuk is an Iraqi city and I'm an Iraqi citizen," said Awad al-Salihi

As an orphan living in Baghdad's streets, Fadhel, 11, steals to survive PHOTO: Afif Sarhan/IRIN

Gloomy Intel Findings on Iraq: Hopefully It's ONLY a Civil War

Report makes it clear that Bush "surge" plan has little chance of success

"The Hero is the one who can Survive by Whatever Means" FREE!

In Iraq, thieving is the most common profession today. Everybody steals"

Neo-Con Masterplan was for Iraqi Shiites to Create Pro-Israeli Regime

As Shiite militias took advantage of the supportive U.S. policy to consolidate power in Baghdad and terrorize Sunnis


House Votes to Frown on Bush Iraq Plans

Gore, Kerry said next to nothing about affirmative action, racial profiling, the death penalty and drug reform

Obama Inherits Democrats' Flawed Script on Race

Gore, Kerry said next to nothing about affirmative action, racial profiling, the death penalty and drug reform

Bush Unveils Largest Pentagon Budget Since WWII

Pentagon expects to spend nearly $12 billion a month on the two wars next year

Right-Wing Likely to Raise Fuss Over Barack's Colorful Past

One complicated family background

D'Souza: Neo-Cons Join Bin Laden in Hating Liberal America FREE!

Dinesh's demagoguery posing as scholarship

Democrats Voting for Symbolic Resolutions, Not War Shutoff

Analysts expect vote to approve the war funding, but with conditions attached

Abdul Zahra

Abdul Zahra, leader of the "Soldiers of Heaven" was reportedly among the 263 killed

What happened January 28, near the holy city of Najaf? Known for certain is that a U.S. helicopter was shot down killing two soldiers, and 25 members of the Iraqi security force were also killed. But the greatest number of casualties were the 263 Iraqis that U.S. and Iraq government sources were quick to label as a Shiite zealot "death cult."

According to the New York Times, "Iraqi forces were surprised and nearly overwhelmed by the ferocity of an obscure renegade militia...which calls itself the Soldiers of Heaven." The story went on to quote "Iraqi government officials" who claimed the group was preparing to storm Najaf and assassinate Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the leader of Iraqi Shiites.

But local Iraqis told a much different story: Iraqi soldiers fired on members of two Shiite tribes who oppose the Maliki government. "Our two tribes have a strong belief that Iranians are provoking sectarian war in Iraq which is against the belief of all Muslims," one witness told the reporters, "and so we announced an alliance with Sunni brothers against any sectarian violence in the country. That did not make our Iranian-dominated government happy."

What happened next, say numerous media outlets in the Arab world, was nothing less than a systematic massacre by U.S. air and ground forces of opponents to the ruling clique in Baghdad

Was Maliki Government Behind Najaf Massacre?

Major Sunni org called deaths part of struggle between pro- and anti-Iran Shiite groups

The New Cold War: Russia's Plan to be Oil, Gas Superpower

"Putin has decided to make a huge energy superpower out of Russia and there's almost nothing that can stop him"

U.S. Military Booting Out Soldiers With PTSD Symptoms

Troubled GIs busted for drug and alcohol abuse often not eligible for veteran's benefits

Schwarzenegger's Health Care Reform Plan Boosts Insurance Industry

Would force millions of Californians to accept substandard, unaffordable health plans

Terror Victims Seeking U.S. Asylum Blocked by Rigid Anti-Terror Policies

Terrorist definitions so broad that DHS admitted even the Iraqi who helped rescue American soldier Jessica Lynch may not qualify

Homeland Dept. Inspectors Find Widespread Abuse of Jailed Immigrants

No oversight of agency that handles detention, subcontracts to private companies

The Passing of the Greatest Storyteller FREE!

The late chronicler Ryszard Kapuscinski

Kapuscinski predicted that migration will be the most important story of the 21st century

Black on Black Homicides Fuel National Murder Surge

Guns and gangs fuel view among many youths that life is cheap and easy to take

Stricken Whaler May Sink Japan Plans to put Minke on Menus

Amid dwindling public support for government plan to promote whale meat as part of traditional diet

Japan's Rising Crime Rate Tied to Working Poor

Almost all arrested were heavily in debt to loan companies after losing jobs or

Japan's "Lost Generation" of Brilliant Shut-Ins

A million or more youth isolating themselves from the world and even their own families

Jakarta Floods Linked to Illegal Construction, Not Unusual Weather

60% of city flooded because of infill

Indonesia Won't Share Bird Flu Samples if Big Pharm won't Share Vaccines

Nation is the epicenter of virus, with a death toll of 63 people out of 83 infected

Saudi Executions Drop as Victim Families Forgive or Strike Deals

Forgiveness part of Saudi Islamic revival

Executions Create Generations of Victims

"Just like with any murder, the family is shattered, with the added impact of being crushed by shame"


Joe Conason

Joe Conason now joins us as a regular featured columnist. His op/eds have appeared in our politics section for more than a year and he is the author of "Big Lies" and "The Hunting of the President" offered as free book premiums to subscribers

Right Can't Wait to Swiftboat Hillary

Time for Hillary to Admit Error -- and Act

Libby Trial Keystone is Bush, Cheney Perjury


Robert Scheer Hillary's Lost the Peace Vote

Before the Invasion, There Was Feith

Bush Budget Delivers the Bacon

Libby Trial Evidence Building Case for Impeachment


Alexander Cockburn

Iraq Rebels Don't Need Iran to Make Better Bombs

Will They Nuke Iran?


Steve Young Oprah Helps O'Reilly Rewrite Past

The Left's Favorite Target (on the Left) Speaks Out

O'Reilly as Joe McCarthy? Get Real

Let's Declare August 8 "Mollyday"

Iraq's Shadow Over America

FREE! For almost three decades after U.S. helicopters flew over a smoke-filled Saigon, Vietnam served as a vault of tragic metaphors for every American to use. In another generation, when a future U.S. president sends troops to occupy some intransigent country on a dubious objective, American pundits will most likely ask this familiar question made new: "Will it be another Iraq?"

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