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by Steve Young

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This past Friday, Keith Olbermann said that "...some believe that Senator Joseph McCarthy can still be seen on Fox News every weekday night at 8PM (5PM on the Left Coast)." Well I checked the TV listing and found that Bill O'Reilly was on Fox at exactly the same time. It was then that I realized that somehow, we're to believe that Bill O'Reilly is, in someway, as bad as the infamous, unrepentant Wisconsin legislator who perpetrated a power-run-amuck nightmare on the American populace.

I'm sorry, Mr. Olbermann. While I find your similitudes to be rather amusing, I find this particular analogy to be both erroneous and Senator McCarthy.

Bill-o is FAR WORSE.

Sure, Joseph McCarthy thought had a God-given right to destroy lives.

But O'Reilly thinks he is God.

McCarthy was a zealot who had a single vote in the Senate.

O'Reilly influences millions of zealots who vote.

McCarthy had a drinking problem.

O'Reilly has a thinking problem

McCarthy consumed large quantities of alcohol so at least he had something to blame

O'Reilly has never touched alcohol or drug and blames everyone but himself.

Today McCarthy would be able to go into rehab.

O'Reilly would never go anywhere where he'd have to park his ego at the door.

Once proven to be a liar, McCarthy self-destructed.

When O'Reilly lies, he just denies he ever said what recordings prove he said.

McCarthy refused to see himself as a bully.

O'Reilly believes it's a commendable trait.

Because he was a hate-filled orator, the voters finally voted McCarthy out.

O'Reilly gets a raise.

McCarthy abused the Constitution.

O'Reilly abused a younger female employee.

McCarthy never intimated that a child being held by a adult sodomist was fun.

O'Reilly did.

McCarthy was never booked to MC a National Center for Missing Children event.

O'Reilly is no longer booked to MC a National Center for Missing Children event.

McCarthy was appalled, claiming that communists had infiltrated Hollywood.

O'Reilly is appalled, claiming Hollywood has infiltrated the Democratic process.

McCarthy let Edward R. Murrow interview him.

O'Reilly told Al Franken to shut up, shut up, shut up.

McCarthy fought in World War II.

O'Reilly created "The War Against Christmas™"

McCarthy served in the military but exaggerated his number of combat missions.

O'Reilly did not serve in the military but exaggerated his number of Peobody Awards.

McCarthy pulled 205 names out of the State Department files.

O'Reilly pulls facts out of his ass.

So, Mr. Olbermann, the next time to attempt to besmirch a contemptible, dirt-bag national figure who destroyed innocent lives and careers, I hope you'll think twice about comparing them to Mr. O'Reilly. Bill has worked hard to develop the his preeminent level of immorality. Let's not diminish his efforts.

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