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BACK: A child among the 40+ wounded by a Jan. 27 Baghdad bomb that killed 13


Less than 24 hours after Bush's appearance before both houses of Congress and a glittering array of other top U.S. officials and the foreign diplomatic corps under the Capitol dome, most analysts agreed that he probably made very few, if any, converts and that the Congress, including a growing number of Republicans, is likely to move over the coming weeks to try to force a change in U.S. policy.I ndeed, mainstream U.S. media coverage of Bush's State of the Union address, while careful to balance the critics with the president's supporters, underlined the degree to which support for Iraq policy -- already near record-lows -- appears to have plunged even further over the past few weeks and that opposition to what is called Bush's "surge" of troops into Iraq has risen sharply


Zunes: The Problem is More Than a Lack of "Resolve" FREE!

Analysis of foreign policy section of State of the Union speech

Bush's Change-The-Subject Speech

Sinking to Nixonian levels of distrust, he tried to shift the focus

Bush Expands Iraq Conflict Into Three-Front War

Now U.S. military against Muqtada al-Sadr as well as Sunni, foreign fighters

Katrina Glaringly Missing in Bush's State of the Union

Turning his back on not just New Orleans, but Black America

Bush Pushing Failed Education Plans

Bush is asking Congress to reauthorize the No Child Left Behind Act, but the act has failed to deliver on its promise

Bush Energy Proposals: Too Little, Too Late FREE!

Paltry funding for alternative and renewable energy, far less than the $2 billion the oil and gas industry received in 2007 tax breaks

Bush Wins No Converts With State of the Union Speech

Top Repubs Hagel and Warner compete with Senate resolutions against Bush policy

Official Accounts of Najaf Battle Unravel

Much of the killing was done by U.S. and British warplanes, eyewitnesses said

  Petraeus and Crocker: The way forward of diminished expectations   -   Who executed Saddam? 404 reports

Hundreds Die in Najaf Battle, But Reports Unclear Why

A ragtag religious cult or new group of well-armed fighters?

Anti-War Marches Draw Hundreds of Thousands

  Jan. 27 protests
300 activists attempted to enter the Capitol   PHOTO: Indymedia

Demonstrators mood optimistic

Anti-War Movement Reawakens With Planned Surge on Washington

Energy in the anti-war movement has spiked since the November election

Reserves Soldier Returns From Iraq to Find Job Gone

Cardiac nurse sues hospital under federal law to protect soldiers' jobs

Pentagon Seeks to Pressure Reporter Into Testifying Against Soldier

Army hasn't shown any sign of backing off, despite outcry from mainstream media and First Amendment groups

New Films Ask: Who Killed Litvinenko? FREE!

BBC documentaries trace poisoning of former Russian spy

U.S. Airstrikes in Somalia Open Africa Front in Terror War

"Peacekeeping" seen as meddling in long conflict between Muslim and Christian nations

Deadly New Strain of TB May Require Wide Area Quarantines

"I wouldn't be surprised if it has spread to all the surrounding countries" in S Africa

Alliance Between Iraq, Iran Shiites Key to Bush Failures

In Iraq, the friends of our enemies are . . . our best and only friends

Furor over Iraq Executions Continues Unabated

Botched hanging of Saddam's half brother adds to outrage

Death of Neo-Cons Greatly Exaggerated

Idealism replaced by dogma after Iraq meltdown

Bush Admin Again Charging Iran With Making IEDs

But no proof Iran making sophisticated "shaped charges" used in Iraq

Iraqi Refugees Won't Find Welcome in U.S.

Accepting Iraqi refugees would be akin to America admitting defeat in its efforts to pacify Iraq

Arabs "Bewildered" by New Bush Plan for Iraq

Rrefusal to negotiate with Iran putting Arab allies in an increasingly tight spot

Christian Right Seeks Hard Line on Immigrants

Who would Jesus deport?

Evangelicals to Team up With Scientists on Global Warming

Result of growing progressive grassroots

ExxonMobil Funded Anti-Global Warming Propaganda

Over $16 million since 1998

Bush Stands Alone in New Plan for Iraq

Committing almost all of U.S. military strategic reserve

Zunes: The Facts Behind Bush's New Direction Speech FREE!

Will Maliki fire 90% of its police force controlled by Shiite militias? Not likely

Cowboy's Last Stand
George Bush dreams of himself as the star in High Noon - but he's really the director of a snuff film

FREE! What 9/11 seems to have awoken in him was a desire not so much to be President as to be Commander-in-Chief (or maybe sheriff). It's an urge that anyone who grew up in the darkened movie theaters of the 1950s, watching American war films and Westerns, might understand. Sooner or later, most of us, of course, left behind those thrilling screen moments in which Americans gloriously advanced to victory and the good guys did what was necessary to put the bad guys down, but my own suspicion has long been that George W. Bush did not -- and that avoiding the conflicts of the Vietnam-era helped him remain a silver-screen warrior.

From his "Top Gun," Mission-Accomplished moment landing on the USS Abraham Lincoln to the way he kept his own "personal scorecard of the war" (little bios with accompanying photos of leading al-Qaeda figures, which he crossed out as U.S. forces took them down), from his visible pleasure in appearing before hoo-aahing American troops wearing G.I. Joe doll-style dress-up jackets (often with "commander-in-chief" stitched across his heart) to his petulant "bring 'em on" comment of game-playing frustration when the Iraqi insurgency wouldn't go away, it's hard not to register his childish urge for role-playing. This is all so woefully infantile for the leader of the globe's last superpower, and the man who now holds in his hands the lives of countless Iraqis and tens of thousands of Americans about to be sent into Hell

Cowboy's Last Stand

FREE! America's three armies in Iraq exceed a quarter of a million, a commitment of people and money that is comparable to the Vietnam war. Aside from the U.S. military forces, another American army in Iraq is made of the 100,000 government contractors paid for by the U.S. government, and subject neither to local law nor U.S. military law. The third American army in Iraq is an invisible army of sub-contractors that are paid to do the menial work for the bigger U.S. and other military contractors. An international network of such companies has apparently brought thousands of laborers to Iraq

Israel Preparing Attack on Iran, London Times Reports

Israeli Air Force practicing training flights

Israel Backs Off From W Bank Promises

2006 ends year of failures, with no direction for future

Ultra-Hardliner Led Bush's Iraq Review

Called for complete military dominance of Eurasia

Even Bush Allies Oppose "Surge" of Troops in Iraq

Only neo-cons and Senators McCain and Lieberman endorse the idea

Iraq War Passes Vietnam War as Deadly Place for Reporters

Over 2x the number killed in 20-year war in Vietnam

Thai Junta Tightens Media Censorship

Website blocking also growing

Thailand Worries Military Will Keep Hold on Power After New Year's Bombs

Already concerned because coup has restored former autocratic style rulers

UN Fraud Cases Quietly Fizzling Out

Media circus last year over alleged missing $300 million

Illegal Sumatra Coffee Growers Threaten Endangered Tigers, Rhinos FREE!

 Sumatra tiger
Critically endangered Sumatran tiger faces new risk from illegal coffee farmers   PHOTO: WWF

Robusta coffee, often used to make instant coffee and energy drinks, has become a common crop illegally planted in protected area

What's Really Behind Ethiopia's Invasion of Somalia?

A terrorist nation using fight against Islamists to gain legitimacy

Polls Show Muslims in West Fearful

1 in 4 Americans believe Islam teaches violence and hatred

Burma's AIDS Epidemic Threatening China, India

Spread of killer diseases from Burma to other parts of Asia recognized as an international security threat

Burma Public Stands up to Junta With Letter-Writing Campaign

"It is a peaceful way of expressing the public's views, because protests are banned, the media is censored, and there are no elections"

Media Reform Meetup Seeks to Arm the Lambs FREE!

"This is the moment freedom begins," the conference's keynoter Bill Moyers said

The Graying of the Zapatistas

Autonomous government left alone by Mexico, no longer media sensations

German Bribery Case Offers Peek at Secret Banking World

UK and U.S. not willing to investigate banks that also launder money for terror groups

"Zebra Murders" Foreshadowed Aspects of Terror War, Book Shows

"Some people wanted to lump all these folks together as terrorists or radicals"

West Doesn't Understand Its Enemy, Says Former CIA Analyst FREE!

Bin Laden power comes from view that Western foreign policy is an attack on Islam

Activists Seek to Expose Silicon Valley's Toxic Secrets

Low-income neighborhood is dumping ground for high-tech's toxic byproducts

Gitmo Detainees Mark Five Years in Limbo

3 suicides, hundreds force-fed to keep them alive during intermittent hunger strikes

States Using Lottery Money to Hide Parts of Budget FREE!

Using lottery revenue to replace general fund dollars previously spent on education

Russia: 60,000 Suicides a Year

As population falling by about 700,000 annually


Baghdad Suicide Rates Climbing FREE!

7 of 10 using rat and cockroach poison

Jordan No Longer a Welcome Haven for Iraqi Refugees

Over 700,000 Iraqis believed to be currently living in Jordan

Iraq's Southern Tribes Joining Armed Resistance

Shiite resistance separate from al-Sadr's Mehdi Army

Allegations of U.S. Forces Desecrating Iraqi Holy Sites Fuel Anger

Because mosques are suspected to hide "insurgents"

Iraq Health System Collapsed Under U.S. Occupation

Senior doctors, administrators with decades of experience were fired because they were members of the Ba'ath party

Bloodshed, Chaos Mark Start of 2007 in Iraq

1000+ killed in first two weeks

Iraqi Families Paying Brokers Thousand$ for Europe Asylum FREE!

Sweden alone received about 9,000 visa applications last year

The Soldier Who Disappeared

"Had to kill an eight-year-old kid and that's when he lost it"

Ongoing Reports of Falluja Terrorized by U.S. Soldiers

Iraqis say soldiers reacting wildly

British Troops Storm Basra Police Station, Free Prisoners From Torture Cells FREE!

"Serious Crimes Unit" was front for Shiite militia


Safe Humor for a Reckless President FREE!

...and now, the biting, topical humor of Rich Little

The Hillary and Barack Sideshow

Dems can kiss goodbye the south and the border states with either candidate

Pentagon Official Apologizes for Threatening Gitmo Defense Lawyers

Pentagon disowns outrageous remarks, but doesn't fire or demote official

Rep. Goode's Gripe Over Muslims in U.S.

Koran flap led to revelation of deeper prejudices


Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins passed away on Jan. 31, 2007. Born in 1944, Ivins began her column in 1982 after years as co-editor of the Texas Observer and a stint at the NY Times. Never married, Molly divided charitable bequests in her will between the ACLU and her cherished Texas Observer   (MORE)

Stand Up Against the Surge

What's Happened to us?


Robert Scheer The World Agrees: Stop Him

Chuck Hagel for President!

Brooding Prince's Soliloquy

A Monster of our Own Creation


Alexander Cockburn Bush: It's Over

Attacking Jimmy Carter

The Make or Break Speech for the Made and Broken War

Ford Gets Lots of Praise, Little Respect


Steve Young Shocker of the Week -- O'Reilly Attacks Hollywood

Bill O'Reilly: Child Abuser

The Battle of Condi's Bachelorettehood

Shut Up and Sacrifice

Detail from invitation to 2006 Texas Observer benefit. ART: Matt Omohundro

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