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by Steve Young

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You know that Independent guy, Bill O'Reilly? Well, you'll never guess what side if the ideological aisle he decided to slam this week. No. No. No. Give up? Liberals. Liberals in Hollywood.

Finally. With his constant railing at those on the far-right who have attempted to bring down the America Bill once knew, well, all I can say is, thank God he's finally found the time to balance the O'Reilly Smackdown.

In his column this week he makes the Oscar call for Al Gore and his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth!"

"Take it to the bank -- Al Gore's film will win the Academy Award for Best Documentary and high-fives will be flying in Hollywood; George Clooney may even break dance in the aisle."

"Break dance." I guess that'll shut all you secular progressive naysayers who think Bill isn't hip to today's jive.

"Mr. Gore's warning about global warming and the consequences thereof is in competition with four other films: One about wild and crazy Christian kids at 'Jesus Camp,' another dealing with the Catholic church-pedophilia scandal, and two more about the chaos in Iraq. Gore wins without breaking a sweat, no pun intended."

"Gore wins without breaking a sweat, no pun intended." The old Factorman never misses an opportunity to go for the funny, does he? Forget the fact that with Global Warming, even if he loses, Gore couldn't help but break into a sweat. Still, with the joke-structure intact Bill's line is almost humor-like.

And isn't that the point? Why do funny Hollywood comedians get the good spots at the Comedy Store? Why not talk show hosts? They can tell jokes too. But the Left insists on putting those who are funniest on stage (or those Mitzi has a thing for). Just like they do with their movie awards. Oh, they say they're selecting only the best, but then that would mean that all the others, the ones created by the plethora of right-leaning documentary film makers aren't as good. And because Bill only deals in fact, you can expect that list to be in next week's column.

What got into the no-spinster's craw this week was how Hollywood's selection process only goes for documentaries with "left themes."

Gore makes a film about Global warming and Hollywood grovels at his feet. Why wasn't there consideration for a right leaning documentary about how for years the right has mocked Gore and the likelihood of a real Global Warming. Or how about a Petroleum Institute documentary about how Global Warming isn't affected seriously by manmade pollution?

On my radio show I once had an researcher with the Heartland Institute, a conservative think-tank which had received $250,000 from Exxon (which he denied until I showed him Exxon's own documents), tell me that the carbon dioxide rises out from cars in China, stays over China. Another words, the poisons released by gas engines heed manmade borders. If only illegal aliens understood a country's sovereignty the way CO2 does. Why doesn't Hollywood recognize documentaries that side of the scientific community?

And to ignore the quality documentaries that speak in no uncertain terms to the enormous success we've had in Iraq (I'm guessing most produced by our accuracy-in-telling gem of a Vice President), is a secular-progressive sin.

Bill thinks it's a conspiracy. "There is no question (BILL USES THE 'TINQ' PREFACE MOSTLY WHEN THERE IS MOST DEFINITELY A QUESTION) that Hollywood continues to pour out product designed to promote a secular society and boost liberal political positions."

That Hollywood refuses to base their film production on what they believe will fill their coffers is always mystifying. Ideology before bank accounts. I don't know how many studio heads have explained that as the reason they passed on my latest script.

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