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Talk Radio Says "Fahrenheit 911" Illegal, Or At Least, Offensive

by Steve Young

Does Bush Know He Could Scuttle Democrats? (2001)

McCain- Feingold really screwed it up. It sounded good. Big money would no longer wield political power. Yep. That would happen. It would...if donkeys, and elephants, could fly.

Instead, as Talk Radio will be happy to point out, organizations like and big ole whippersnappers like Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 911), Robert Greenwald (OutFoxed), George Soros (George Soros), along with them-there Hollywood libs, get to slither around the statutes, collecting more money that God in support of the Democratic Party.

Moore's F-911 alone might equate to over $100 million worth of promotion for John Kerry, or in the least, against President Bush.

Citizens United filed a claim against Moore saying that he is in violation of McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws. Seems using the likeness of the President sixty days before an election is a no-no. Messrs Hannity, Limbaugh and other Lords of Loud were just beside themselves with righteous indignation. How unfair that Moore was allowed to skirt the law by hiding behind the pretense of entertainment. Thank God for Talk Radio.

The media-savvy intelligencia at Newsmax estimated what the potential gate of F-911 would mean to the coffers of Kerry and friends. At least $200mil they said. Based on campaign finance, it should be illegal. In the least, it's offensive.

Offensive. The word ruminated through my head like the rancid smell of a Michael Savage monologue. Could it be that attempts to entertain the public through myopic political messages, bombastic diatribes and distortions are illegal?

Certainly Moore doesn't hide his desire to rid the country of Bush II. And it's not like his film bends over backwards to tell both sides of the story. Even if it did, you can be sure that Michael would edit out solid adversarial points or shout over them. These Lefties and their incessant need to hear themselves repeat and repeat and repeat the same talking points over and over and over. If they truly believed what they were saying was true, you would think they would shut up for a second and allow for differing opinions. Thank God for Talk Radio.

Damn it, this time the Right is right. It's time to put down our collective McCain-Feingold Hush Puppies and not take it anymore. Until the November 2 election, no more using some massive electronic soapbox to spread partisan views. No more exploiting one side of the story. No more taking one scintilla of a truth, claiming it as the whole truth, then building an entire...skyscraper of a whopper. As Talk Radio will tell you, that's against the campaign-finance law, and worse, it shows disdain for your audience. It says you do not and will not trust them with the whole truth. It says that your only concern is getting your man elected, even if it takes misleading your audience. Damn you, Michael Moore. Damn you Robert Greenwald and George Soros. It's time you and your ilk shut down your political party machine until after the election. Thank God for Talk Radio.

They will be sure not to let you down. And they will tell you that for themselves...right after November 3, when they're allowed back on the air.

Steve Young writes for real and for fun as when he created National Lampoon's

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