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by Steve Young

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Hello My Dear,

You may be surprise to receive this letter from me, since you dont know me personally, I am JOHN McCAIN, the son of the late PRINCE DR IBRAHIM MOHAMED MCCAIN, who was recently murdered in the land dispute in Western Pennsylvania. I got your contact as i was searching for a reliable and reputable person to handle a very confidential business transaction which involve a transfer of fund to a Republican National Committee account and i decided to write you.

My late father was among the few pro-American pro-military murdered by the agents of the ruling anti-American Barack Obama Acorn party socialistic and marxist minority, for his support and sympathy for the pro-American god favoring christian Republicans. Before my father deathhe had taken to and deposited the sum of fifty-six million united state dollars (US$56,000,000) with a charles keating security and financial company, The money right now is in ALASKA (USA), as if he forseen the looming danger in Washington. The money was deposited in a box as valuable items to avoid over taxed custom clearance by 95 per cent of undeserved godless persons of color and foreign governments.

This money was allocated for the purchase of new oil drilling machinery for establishment of new wells off Florida and California. This energy problems arose when fake messiah barack obama introduced a new marxist act who are really friend with the Rezco and Ayers tribes operated by planned OBAMA government to harm and behead the joe the plumber and bill oreilly FOLKS

This result is rampant killings and mob action by the ACORN thugs. Subsequently, my entire family who are currently residing in a straight talking bus somewhere in Fox News (USA) have decided to transfer my father's wealth. I am face with the dilemma of investing this money in obama tax plan to kill my country for fear of encountering MEDIAMATTERs.ORG editing of my words and make george SOROS kill me children.

AS a business person whom i entrusted my future and that of my family into your hands, i must let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free.. For your assistance we are offering you 30% of the sum ,60% for me and my family, while 10% will be mapped out for any campaign expenses and my partners clothing and make-up that we may incurre during this transaction. We wish to invest our money in school vouchers and joe plumber based on your advice. If this proposal is accepted please confirm your interest by sending your social security number and credit card as a show of confidents.

Please to not have you tell blue state voters of our agreement.

McCain/Palin Not To Be Killed and Taxed by Socialists Campaign Committee

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