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Following their March 26 Fox & Friends segment where co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Gretchen Carlson hosted Michael Franzese, former capo of the Colombo crime family, to discuss similarities between Democratic leaders and the Mafia, Kilmeade and Carlson brought on Walter Schreiber. Now 111 years young and missing since 1952, Schreiber, who was instrumental in Nazi medical experiments on concentration camp inmates, was asked to discuss the Obama's administration's parallels to the Third Reich.

Kilmeade began the segment by asking, "So, is this a big stretch to think that, all of a sudden, Washington, D.C., has become our "Third Reich" and the Democrats, "the Nazi Party?"

Asked by Carlson what he would "call" Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Schreiber replied that Geithner is "like Mengele to me. The Angel of Death. I mean, he's like a surgeon experimenting on our economy determining which businesses will be exterminated and which ones will be used as guinea pigs, performing bizarre amputations of banking systems and injecting macabre bailout schemes into sick corporations."

Schreiber also likened Obama to Mengele. "Obama clearly opened the gates of hell with federal financing of stem cell research. Today, stem cells. Tomorrow, extermination of Semite stem cells."

When Kilmeade later asked how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Barney Frank would fit "in the he National Socialist German Workers Party," Schreiber replied that Pelosi and Frank are like "Hess and Himmler, there to do the dirty work of the party, and the ones [President] Obama is kind of stuck with to appease the rest of the party." Schreiber also referred to Obama as "the Fuhrer," but added, "only in a good way."

KILMEADE: So, is this a big stretch to think that, all of a sudden, Washington, D.C., has become our Third Reich?

SCHREIBER: Well, I don't know. I mean, I see a lot of similarities in the way they're operating and the way we used to operate, especially when they launched their pogroms and things like that?

CARLSON: What do you mean? Pogroms, things like that?

SCHREIBER: You know, what with Obama's Teleprompnacht ("Night of Broken Teleprompters") pogrom against traditional patriotic Americans and their right to hear their leaders speak without electrical aids.

KILMEADE: You mean genocide of the memorized word.

SCHREIBER: Exactly. You know, in Nazi Germany, the Fuhrer never used a TelePromTer. He would talk for hour upon hour, and other than some hand-written notes imbedded in his moustache, he just talked off the top of his head.

Carlson also asked Schreiber about financier George Soros, whom Carlson described as "a very wealthy man who's made his political views very well known to the White House fascists." Schreiber replied that while the others are similar to Nazis, "Soros, in fact is one."

SCHREIBER: Soros has party meeting-sex romps at his mansion and has developed a National Socialist German Students' League which integrates University-level education and academic life within the framework of Soros's National Socialist worldview, which is to take over America, then ship the country to a concentration camp in Argentina.

KILMEADE: And here's the scary thing: Soros has made money through this global downturn and selling the skins of pre-k children.. He came out of retirement because he predicted it. I don't know if he orchestrated it -- if that's possible with his money -- but he's made billions. Would you say that there is any chance -- and I'm talking even a billion to one chance -- that everything bad today has been manipulated by Soros?

SCHREIBER: Are you including Obama using the TelePromTer?

KILMEADE: Yes. Yes, I am.

SCHREIBER: Then yes. It is a possibility.

KILMEADE: What about Katrina, our inability to find WMD, and the Octomom. Could those been planned by Soros? Now I'm talking anywhere within the realm of possibility. You know. If everything were lined up and he had the wherewithal, could he have perpetuated it all?

SCHEIBER: Yes. It's not beyond infinite possibility.

KILMEADE: So, he's in control, while everybody else wonders what the heck happened. And when I say "heck," I mean "hell."

SCHREIBER: And I wonder why they associate with this guy. I mean, here -- one thing about Nazis, we were pretty patriotic. We may have been doing our thing on the streets and exterminating Jews and gays, but we didn't like anybody messing with the country. And I recall, you know, after 9-11, he was -- he did some damage on Wall Street.

KILMEADE: Absolutely.

During the segment, Kilmeade and Carlson aired on-screen graphics featuring a swastika image with photos of Geithner, Pelosi, Frank, and Soros wearing brown shirts and blue pants which clashed terribly.

CARLSON: Here's your new book: "I'll Make You an Lamp Shade Offer You Can't Refuse: Tips from a Former Nazi." Walter, great to see you. Thanks so much for coming on.

Award-winning TV writer and author of Great Failures of the Extremely Successful, Steve Young was an original talk show host at L.A.'s KTLK and blogs at

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