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"College professors may have cushier jobs than the rest of us, but they also have a responsibility to tell the truth." -- Bill O'Reilly, July 26, 2007

Sure, the head of the country's Justice Department is on the verge of a contempt of Congress, the President reveals that Al Quaeda in Iraq is Al Quaeda in Iraq and Nicole Richie would soon be facing spending the next four (or less) days of her life in some 8X8 dungeon. But the story Bill O'Reilly felt necessary to write about this week was the "Demise of Ward Churchill," the recently dismissed University of Colorado professor, who if not for missing young blondes, would be the most important story on Fox News.

Of course, Bill has the right to opine about whatever he wants, but when he takes educators to task for having cushier jobs than the collective "us" -- which includes Bill -- that just has to take your breath away.

Educators may have cushier jobs than "some of us," but when dealing with a bunch of thick-skullers who would rather be any place else other than in front of said teacher, I don't think it's much of a stretch to think that Bill doesn't have it tougher than teachers who are making -- I don't know -- a skillion less dollars a year than Bill. Wow. Just, wow.

That he also throws the "responsibility to tell the truth" rock through his own horribly cracked glass house, y'just got to admire the man for the size of his humongous and incredibly disingenuous balls.

If teachers teaching a class "have a responsibility to tell the truth," then someone who has a broadcasting soapbox nearly as big as his gonads has an even larger responsibility. Yet even though your lies have been well documented, you wouldn't dare own up to one.

Admit it, Bill, if you and Fox News didn't see the "hey, look at them there liberal professors" possibilities, Ward Churchill's words would have dissolved into thin air. But you made Churchill's situation a cause celebre for the Folks and your own corrupt and imaginary Culture War.

You are offended that Churchill "defamed innocent people brutally killed on 9/11," yet how different is that than you saying a sexually abused kid enjoyed his imprisonment?

Do you remember your own words, Bill?

"I think when it all comes down, what's going to happen is, there was an element here that this kid liked about this circumstances," or that "the situation here for this kid looks to me to be a lot more fun than what he had under his old parents."

And you said that for millions to hear. Not a classroom. That in itself provided a far worse a far more egregious "malpractice" (your word) upon humanity than anything you say Ward Churchill has done.

You talk about responsibility to tell the truth. You wouldn't even take responsibility for your own words, instead trying to spin them into some sort of "just throwing out the possibilities" scenario. Some responsibility. You even out and out lied about me on your show and called me "crazy, and everyone knows it." And this week you called Lane Hudson -- who notified the Secret Service about one of the Folks at threatening the life of Hillary Clinton -- crazy. What is it with you that you have to label any who questions you as emotionally-challenged? You have something against the mentally ill? Shame on you.

Then again...teachers having it cushier than you?

Can't wait til you spin that one.

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