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Talk Radio: Not Half-Truths, No Truths

by Steve Young

Repub Talking Points Hammer Away At Big Lies

The Left has spent the last few years working hard to brand Talk Radio as apologists for the Bush administration and the Republican Party. Well, this is one talk (radio) is cheap, card-carrying liberal (or elite or whatever they're calling me now) media guy who says you couldn't be any wronger.

From President Bush on down, skipping over the Dick Cheney's unsubstantiated grumblings, no one in the White House has offered any evidence of found WMD to back up President Bush's original contention. At least this month. Colin Powell, in fact, has said that the original we- gotta- go- to- war- because- of- them- there- WMD- thesis- of- nuclear- biological- or- any- other- means- of- mass- destruction was a "mistake."

But keeping in line with their impartial reporting of the truth, the Lords of Loud have not let the administration's admission of no WMD, nor the 9/11 Commission's exhausting and thorough investigation, shredding the CIA's mish-mash of assumptions drawn from questionable sources, stop the Lords Of Loud them from reporting what they believe. And what they believe is: WMD HAS BEEN FOUND!

You scoff? I guess you consider the ten-year-old sarin gas shell found in an Iraqi scientist's backyard, "non-threatening" to freedom-loving Americans?

Co-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Republican Pat Roberts, says there are no WMD.

The Lords Of Loud says he's just trying to make friends with the Dems.

David Kay, selected by President Bush as special advisor to investigate WMD in Iraq, reports there are none to be found and there was no imminent threat from Saddam Hussein and that the intelligence did not support the Bush Administration's argument that there was no alternative but to go to war when we did.

The Lords Of Loud know which part of Kay's reports really counts: "Iraq may have been even more dangerous than we thought." That part where he says there are no WMD? That's just the liberal media spinning Kay's "there are no WMD," into, well, "there are no WMD." Damn eliters!

Hussein Kamel, the highest-ranking Iraqi official ever to defect from Saddam Hussein's inner circle, told CIA and British intelligence officers and UN inspectors in the summer of 1995 that after the gulf war, Iraq destroyed all its chemical and biological weapons stocks and the missiles to deliver them. The Lords Of Loud ask, "How can we believe a Saddam confidante?"

The Lords Of Loud speak to a former Iraqi intelligence officer who says there are WMD. That becomes incontrovertible evidence. "He's got to have inside info, he's a Saddam confidante."

Then there is Talk Radio's Probably Campaign that rolls out a laundry list of obvious rationale absolutely proving WMD had to, and probably still does, exist:

  • Probably sent out of the country because Saddam was given so much advance warning of the coming attack.
  • Those in charge of the Iraqi WMD program probably did let Saddam know that it still existed.
  • There are WMD, but we'll probably never find them.
  • We know they had 'em. They have got to be somewhere. Probably sent them to Syria. (Which I'm guessing we should be preparing for an invasion over there)
  • WMD can be really small and finding them in a country the size of Iraq, would probably be like trying to find an itty bitty capsule in California...which comes lusciously close to the Limbaugh 'there are more road deaths in California U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq, so it's not that bad' theorem. Or howzabout the Brit Hume, 'there are more murders in California than American soldiers who died in Iraq' hypothesis.

My guess is that we probably should have invaded California.

So it seems that the lack of finding existence of WMD does not prove the non-existence of WMD. And Talk Radio is no pawn of the Republican Party.

The Queen of Hearts would be proud.

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