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by Steve Young

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Barack Obama might as well do an infomercial for the Jerome Corsi penned hit piece, "Obama Nation." Or so says Bill O'Reilly, who has been on the warpath against the Democratic candidate since Obama "looked (Bill) in the eye and said he would come on the Factor."

O'Reilly claims that Barack Obama is boosting the sales of "Obama Nation," the number one book on this week's New York bestseller list, because he won't come on The Factor.

With "not facing the hard questions," O'Reilly code for "not coming on my show," Bill says that people who have not yet made a decision, are being forced to buy the Corsi book to learn who Obama is.

He says it's the only way he can find out anything about Obama. Odd, coming from Fox News's "quarterback" who broke the Reverend Wright story only a mere eight months after Sean Hannity broke it. Or maybe Bill is still upset over Sean's ability to have George Stephanopoulos ask about Wright during the ABC debate. Or is it Sean's $100 million plus radio contract? We may never know why, but his constant talking point that no one knows anything about Obama, even though Bill's admitted "cracked research team" is always at the ready to get the Folks the real story.

It would be laughable if it wasn't for the fact that there are actually folks who believe Bill.

In fact, Bill is also being forced to read the Corsi book. Arm-twisted. Double-dared. Pushed to the edge, I tellya, by Barack Obama's nonappearance on the Factor. The man has no choice.

He will then have his team vet the book, figure out what is true and what is not ( just not sharp enough for Bill) and report back to the Folks.

But is it truly that difficult to find out what Obama is all about? Even Fox contributor, Temple Professor Marc Lamont Hill, in between not being allowed to finish most of his sentences on this past week's Factor, was able to squeeze in that "(Obama has) been vetted more than any candidate in recent history."

Bill doesn't believe that. He told Prof. Hill that he still doesn't know whether Obama believes whether "we can unilaterally invade Pakistan to get Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters?" Or, "if we draw down troops and Iran invades Iraq, will he go back in?" Or, "how does Obama reconcile finding Jesus with being the most pro-abortion politician in the country?"

Bill wants to know those things, damn it. And if he has to read the most discredited book since "Unfit For Command" (also by Corsi) written by a proven hate- monger and liar, to find out about these important issues, well, the no-spinster's gonna do just that, 'cause, dammit, he's lookin' out for you!

But for pity's sake, it just ain't fair that he has to go to all that trouble, what with Bill's cracked research team bogged down with their incisive, thirty-five part investigative series, "Where Does Robert Wechsler Live?" So, instead of having to go through all that effort of reading a book, I wanted to do my part to help Bill in the challenging task of finding out "something," "anything," about the secretive Obama. It took some digging by my cracked research team -- me and five-minutes with an Internet search engine -- but I was able to find a few places where Obama has stated exactly who he is what his plans are for America during his presidency...including foreign policy and religion.

Some of those covert locations are:

The Obama for President Website:

The Senator Obama Website:

Debates: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox...oops, I mean Rick Warren's.



Books: Audacity of Hope, Dreams of My Father

And Bill could save a lot of time checking out what is real and what is not by checking out:

Now I realize the he has almost no choice but to read anything by Corsi (Fox News host prerequisite), but it might be best if this time he uses the sources I provided. That way he'll have time to cover the real news for the Folks. Like how George Clooney is destroying the world.

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