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Will Bush Allow Us To See The Coffins Of New Orleans?

by Steve Young

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It just stirred the heart this past week to hear broadcast's Lords of Loud show respect and restraint during the New Orleans' tragedy, declaring a cease-fire on their incessant attacks of anything and anyone not gung-ho Republican. American disasters can bring us together like that.

Sorry. Couldn't hold it in. I was kidding.

This week, Sean "Can't We Put Politics Aside" Hannity played a tape of New Orleans' mayor Ray Nagin pouring out his frustration over the lack of aid to his drowning city. Sean responded sympathetically, "You, Mr Mayor, are no Rudy Giuliani." The only thing that filled Hannity's three hours a day more than his politicizing of the New Orleans catastrophe were reminders that he would not be politicizing the catastrophe.

Cuddly Ann "My Only Regret With Timothy Mcveigh Is He Did Not Go To The New York Times Building" Coulter was sought by Al "Gore Is A Scumbag" Rantel during his stint as substitute host for Radio Factor, where she discussed the mean-spirited politicization of the New Orleans tragedy. Asked whether New York would respond to the New Orleans' plight, Ann's compassion came through. "New Yorkers don't consider themselves a part of the rest of America," said altruist Ann, "...this isn't seen as something that has happened to their fellow Americans." Excuse me while I wipe away a tear.

Democratic lesbian feminist and Zell Miller wannabe, Tammy Bruce, intimated that Democrats have created a generation of can't-do Blacks unable to get off their can't-do Black butts and walk out of the blackened waters of New Orleans. Tammy believed that they should have taken buses (even though buses were not running). They should have used their resources (that they didn't have). They should have known better (than President Bush and FEMA, I guess) and walked out (from the 4190 square miles of the city). Tammy also made sure to warn her listeners who sought to make donat ions to not trust the American Red Cross, but to go to her website and send money to help the animals (pretty sure she meant dogs and cats) of New Orleans. God bless you for your feminist compassion, Tammy.

Yes, the "love the country, hate the people" Lords of Loud showed that no matter how tragic the plight of the people, they could still ramp up some good ole fashion slam-bam-thank you-Dems.

We also got to spend the week watching President George "The Buck Stops Where?" Bush and his administration at their best. This administration's right hand seems not to know one iota what its left hand is doing, though no matter which hand is doing it, America is getting jerked off.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said one reason federal assets were not used more quickly was "because our constitutional system really places the primary authority in each state with the governor." At the same time, White House spokesman Dan Bartlett said. "The president will not let any form of bureaucracy get in the way of protecting the citizens of Louisiana."

President Bush said no other country had been asked for help just as his Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, was telling the press that she had done just that.

And now it seems that this spin-savvy administration and its cronies have even forgotten how to handle public relations. As Hurricane Katrina laid waste to one of America's great cities...

  • Secretary Rice was on Broadway watching "Spamalot" and spent the next day buying thousands of dollars worth of shoes in Manhattan.
  • President Bush -- ignoring that the Democratic governor of Louisiana and mayor of New Orleans saw the hurricane coming and called for evacuations -- declared no one could have seen it coming.
  • Undaunted by the president's charitable relinquishing of his final hours of vacation to come back to Washington, Vice President Cheney continued his vacation.
  • Senate Majority Leader First saw this as the perfect time to seek a continuing tax break for the wealthy with a vote to permanently repeal the Estate Tax.
  • House Majority Leader Dennis Hastert mused that New Orleans should be bulldozed over and be done with it.

Still, there is one player in this administration that I truly feel sorry for: The trophy guy. He'll be working overtime to get all those Medal of Freedoms ready.

Steve Young is the author of "Great Failures of the Extremely Successful (, can be heard on L.A.'s KTLK AM1150 (Sat 1-4PM) and read every Sunday in the L.A. Daily News Oped page (right next to Bill O'Reilly)

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