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Flogging The Corpse

by Steve Young

Terrorist Polls Show They Want Kerry To Win

Those who say no good comes from defeat need look no further than those magnificent bastards on the AM dial and what might be the proudest moment in American broadcasting. And when I say "moment," I mean just that, though I could be stretching the time frame a bit.

President Bush's mandate, a word that is being tossed around so often that you would have thought that, apologies to James Dobson, man-dating, something I thought God and Republicans not of the Log Cabin ilk, were against, was the major objective of the conservative agenda. Yet still, the above it all, goodly band radio of the radio right took time to break down the divisive walls to reach across the aisle and unite the American people.

Hannity, Limbaugh and the boys followed Bush's call for bipartisanship by saying that it was time to "put our differences aside" and then...and then... Well, that was about it. The nanosecond had run out. The talk generals recommenced the blathering war, as if they hadn't already wiped out every single enemy soldier this side of Barak Obama.

The Lords of Loud hauled John Kerry's lifeless candidacy -- not to be confused with his lifeless candidacy prior to the election -- and continued to flog away at his political corpse. How much longer can Hannty's most ardent fans take the litany? Kerry was "wrong side of history, voted against every important defense expenditure, gutted our intelligence, has had six separate different unique positions on the war on Iraq, voted for the $87 billion to fund the war before he voted against it, was against the death penalty for terrorists who kill Americans and voted to raise taxes consistently 350 times; a man that has no core values or principles."

You would think he and his Clear Channel buds would get to the job at hand; skewering Hillary for the next four years and begin the demonization of the aforementioned Obama.

On Sunday's Meet The Press, Bill Safire said, "It's over," meaning the 2004 election. Perhaps he should make a call over to his pals Mssrs. Hannity and Limbaugh and let them know.

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