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Hurricane survivors in the Astodome still searching for missing loved ones, Sept. 2, 2005. PHOTO: FEMA /Andrea Booher
The soaring costs of the Iraq war, combined with Bush's huge tax cuts and a dangerously narrow definition of "homeland security," translated directly into sharp reductions in the amount of government money that was made available for the battered area's hurricane- and flood-control projects over the last several years, according to a series of articles published in 2004 and 2005. "No one can say they didn't see it coming," reported The Times-Picayune. "Now in the wake of one of the worst storms ever, serious questions are being asked about the lack of preparation"

Americans were shocked to see in following days scenes of vast devastation and human misery. "Lawlessness is the inevitable companion of mass poverty," observed USA Today in an editorial that stressed the failure of the government to understand the plight of the poor and compared the pictures coming out of the region to "Third World refugee camps." What Katrina laid bare to the world, as well as to U.S. viewers who watched the scenes of U.S. citizens in desperate need of basic necessities, is that the United States -- despite its status as the world's sole superpower and global hegemon -- has a great deal in common with the Third World, and increasingly so.

Then there is what Katrina portends for our future, as global warming increasingly creates "environmental refugees." It is currently pro forma for politicians to announce that it will be rebuilt, and doubtless it will be. Once. But if hurricanes like Katrina go from once-in-a-century storms to once-in-a-decade-or-two storms, how many times are you going to rebuild it? Even in America there's not that kind of money

 + Katrina's Undocumented Immigrants Face Deportation If Aid Sought

 + Katrina's Full Environmental Damage Won't Be Known For Years
 + New Orleans Levees Underfunded, Incomplete FREE!

 + Chasing A Katrina Conspiracy Shields The Real Culprit

 + Katrina's Legacy Will Be Deep Psychological Scars

 + Mental Health Outreach Vital For Black Hurricane Victims

 + New Orleans Diaspora May Redraw South's Political Map
 + What Else Is In New Orleans' Toxic Waters? FREE!

 + World Press Shocked By Images Of Katrina, Bush Inaction

 + Solved: The Mystery of New Orleans' Missing Latinos

 + Katrina Just Latest Disaster For Louisiana's "Cancer Alley"

 + Who Will Reconstruct Levee Town?

 + Katrina Cleanup And The Bush Playbook

 + "I Am A Refugee"
 + The Big Greasy FREE!

 + The New Orleans Stare

 + Toll Of Katrina's Toxic Sludge Unknown

 + Blaming The Locals, Both Politicos And Poor

 + Michael Brown, Scapegoat

 + Mexico's Troops Bring Aid To Gulf Victims

 + Bush Riding Out The Storm - So Far

 + FEMA Endorses Pat Robertson Controversial Charity

 + "Armed And Angry"

 + "If You Don't Have Money You Stay"
 + Always The People Left Behind FREE!

 + Nothing Wrong With Blaming Bush For New Orleans Flooding

 + America Gets Glimpse Of Its Own "Third World"

 + Ethnic Victims Invisible To Media

 + Looting New Orleans

 + Where Was The Louisiana Guard? Oh, Right - Iraq

 + Katrina Catches Bush War Machine Unprepared

 + Loss Of Wetlands Left Gulf Coast Vulnerable

 + Global Warming Tied To More Intense Hurricanes

Dutch and Mexican sailors distribute water and food in D'Iberville, Miss, Sept. 12, 2005. PHOTO: FEMA /Mark Wolfe
Thick oil leaks from New Orleans storage facility, Sept. 19, 2005. PHOTO: FEMA /Marvin Nauman
Pets lost during hurricane Katrina, Sept. 9, 2005. PHOTO: FEMA /Liz Roll
New Orleans cemetery, Sept. 5, 2005. PHOTO: FEMA /Liz Roll
Home in Slidell, Louisiana, Sept. 5, 2005. PHOTO: FEMA /Liz Roll

Republicans Find They Elected Mr. Big Spender
Katrina recovery: No cost too great to revive Bush presidency

Rehnquist obituaries gloss over career, damage to rights - Louisiana's wetlands and the New Orleans flood 404 reports

Bush Appoints His Homeland Security Advisor To Probe Katrina Failures
Terrorism expert, no experience in emergency response
House Moves To Drop Environmental Regs, Open Coasts To Oil Drilling FREE!
Say hurricanes have created energy emergency

Iraq Contractors Snap Up No-Bid Hurricane Recovery Deals
Same game as Iraq: open-ended contracts with guaranteed profit margins

Suddenly FDR's Legacy Doesn't Look So Bad
Hurricanes teach Demos and Repubs big government can be popular

Bush Turned FEMA Into Political Payout Machine
Brown helped deliver Florida to Bush in 2004 by giving away millions

Indonesia Prepares To Treat Up To 1 Million If Bird Flu Breakout
"We will only have a 21-day golden period to stop the virus spreading and becoming a pandemic"

Halliburton Whistleblower Demoted By Army Corps
After telling media about awarding of major contracts without competition

Army Whistleblowers Describe Routine, Severe Abuse Of Iraq Prisoners
Beatings, torture of detainees even after Abu Ghraib scandal became known

U.S. And Europe Embrace Outsourcing Torture
Either wishful thinking or using promises of good treatment as ruse to coverup complicity

Gitmo Prisoner Hunger Strike Spreads
Second protest since summer now has 200 refusing food
Repub Plans To Gut Endangered Species Act Leaked FREE!
Would completely eliminate independent federal oversight

4th Anniversary Of Neo-Con's World War IV Manifesto
Sept. 20, 2001 document called for invasion of Iraq at any cost

Pre-Emptive Use Of Nukes Considered By Pentagon
Belief that country intends to use WMD is reason enough
Stronger Hurricanes Becoming More Numerous, Researchers Say FREE!
While total number of hurricanes has dropped

The Global Warming Era Begins

hurricane year one
Katrina marks Year One of our new calendar, the start of an age in which the physical world has flipped from sure and secure to volatile and unhinged. New Orleans doesn't look like the America we've lived in, but it very much resembles the planet we will inhabit the rest of our lives

9/11 Anniversary Finds Dwindling Support For Anti-Terror Strategy
D.C. conference of top minds criticizes conduct of Terror War

Program To Teach Airplane Hijack Defense A Failure: GAO
No standards for training or followup, poorly attended sessions

Domestic Terrorist List Includes Enviros, Affirmative Action Groups
Right next to the Michigan Militia and the Aryan World Church

ACLU Claims Proof Of Wide FBI Library Spying
But Patriot Act blocks public from seeing evidence

Anti-War Movement Attacked As War Support Sinks
Think tank calls peaceniks "modern-day Leninists," media outlets smear as anti-patriotic
"St. Patrick Four" Protesters On Trial For Federal Conspiracy FREE!
Update: not guilty of conspiracy, charged with misdemeanors

World Bank, IMF Cancel $40 In Debt From Poorest Nations
But not until they privatize water, other public utilies

Hyped G8 Debt Forgiveness Deal Already Falling Apart
Bob Geldof: "Who do I name? Who do I shame?"

UN Summit Ends - No Progress, But Lots Of Posturing
World leaders fail to take action on poverty promises

UN Summit Meets To Sign Vague, Meaningless Document
Hoped-for framework to eradicate poverty mostly a rehash of old agreements
 afghanistan election
Afghan women vote in Kabul, Sept. 18, 2005. PHOTO: EPEA
 afghanistan election
Election campaigning in Mazar, Afghanistan, Sept. 14, 2005. PHOTO: Sultan Massoodi/IRIN

UN Summit May Be Political Fiasco
U.S. leading "spoiler" nations seeking to water down agreement

Bolton Angers UN With Demand To Control Summit Agenda
Last minute demand for more than 750 changes in a 40-page document

Arabs Urged To Join International Court
Like U.S, hesitant because regimes could be charged with human rights abuses

Arab Nations Giving Media Greater Freedoms
Satellite TV and Internet forcing countries to lift restrictions

Asia Now Top Arms Buyer
Major buyers: China and India - Major sellers: United States and Russia

Bush: Goodbye Uzbekistan, Hello Tajikistan
Now courting indifferent country after U.S. loses key airbase near Afghanistan

As Afghan War Heats Up, Canada Debates Peace Keeping Role
Discomfort as general calls rebels "detestable murderers" and "scumbags"
Afghan Election Turnout Far Lower Than Expected FREE!
Many were scared, some had little confidence in the process

Afghan Election Quiet After Months Of Violence
Strong turnout by women and older citizens in many areas
Afghanistan Women Candidates Face Attacks FREE!
At least 7 candidates killed since July

Afghan Elections May Be Less Than Free
Vote set to legitimize country's notorious warlords

Iraq News
Iraqis in urban areas scavenge for drinkable water in waterways polluted with sewage and garbage
Iraq Waterways Choked With Deadly Pollution FREE!
9 out of 10 Iraqis do not have adequate access to safe drinking water

To Iraq Rebels, Defeating Constitution Same As Beating U.S.
Trial of Saddam likely to escalate tensions
Wave Of Refugees Flee Tal Afar As U.S. Forces Settle In FREE!
Little aid for thousands fleeing military occupation of city of 200,000

U.S. Meddled In Iraq Constitution Talks
Ambasador Khalizad even circulated at least one U.S. draft
Iraq Begins Oil Rationing FREE!
Black market in ration cards quickly emerges

Iraq's Deadliest Day Needed No Bombs
Nearly 1000 die as panic grips Shiite pilgrims

The 1,000 Martyrs Of Imamayn Bridge
History is repeating itself with a vengeance
Baghdad Down To Four Hours Of Electricity Daily FREE!
Widespread fear that increase in violence may shut off power entirely

Failure Of Constitution May Actually Boost Iraq Democracy
Greatest foes of occupation likely to turn out for vote

Is Iraq's Constitution Closed, Or Not?
U.S. ambassador shocked Iraq by saying further tinkering possible
Oil Products To Be Rationed In Oil-Rich Iraq FREE!
Fears of shortages this winter

Politics As Usual
The Scandal-Ridden Frist Empire
HCA's profits depended on bribing doctors and inflating costs

Did The Hurricanes End The Era Of Bush?
Faith shaken among GOP faithful, loyal southern base

The Hammer Falls
Tom "The Hammer" DeLay indicted for conspiracy in major blow to GOP

Sorry, Tom DeLay -- Ronnie Earle's No "Partisan Fanatic"
Molly Ivins: 12 of 15 prosecutions against Democrats

Confidence In Bush, GOP Congress Plummet
Highest level of dissatisfaction in a decade

Bush Patronage Scandals Dwarf Tammany Hall
Public service becomes menace to public
New 'Roberts Rules' Are Recipe For Surprise FREE!
"I assure you I have no agenda" - Antonin Scalia at 1986 confirmation hearings

Roberts Leaves Senators On Both Sides Guessing
"You've being less forthcoming with this Committee than any nominee"

Roberts Dodges Key Questions In Senate Hearings
Is answering only as many questions as he absolutely has to

Roberts Has Troubling Record On Non-Citizens
Including recent approval on use of military tribunals for terror suspects

Repubs, Demos, Stake Out Ground As Roberts' Hearings Begin
It all depends how you define 'judicial activism'

Bush Promises To Investigate His Cronies
All roads lead back to the investigator his'self

FEMA's Woes Began Long Before Michael Brown
All managers were Bush cronies or their pals

Rehnquist Led Supreme Court To The Right
Hard-core conservative's greatest setback was Roe v. Wade

The GOP's Summer Of Scandal
Abramoff, AIPAC, and PlameGate, oh, my

Project Censored 2004-2005
Project Censored 2004-2005

A Year Later, Beslan Parents Still Angry Over 335 Dead In Siege
Say Russia has done nothing to stop another hostage tragedy

Sinai Peninsula Becomes Nexus For Criminals, Terrorists
"It's not a matter of borders or Israel. It has no relation to the Gaza Strip"

Death Squads In Honduras, Guatemala Killing Youth Gang Suspects
Suspected gang members also can be imprisoned for years

Mexico Drug Use Soars
Small-scale drug sales matches U.S. patterns

Wal-Mart Plans New Move Into Culturally Sensitive Mexico Area
Communities living mostly prehispanic lifestyles

Domestic Workers In Mexico Often Virtually Slaves
Many are Native girls brought from remote areas

China Making Oil Deals With Blacklisted Nations
Nations shunned by most of world, such as Burma and Zimbabwe

China Seeks To Soothe U.S. Fears Over Its Growing Clout
Worsening U.S. trade deficit, economic or military threat all concerns

No Clear Winner In German Elections, Both Sides Claim Mandate
Was expected to give Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder an easy victory

Koizumi Wins Mandate For Japan Reforms
Sure to increase hostility with China

Japan Gives Generously To Raise Profile Worldwide
Part of lobbying for permanent seat on UN Security Council

Iran Gives Ahmadinejad Hero's Welcome After UN Defiance
Now a national hero as symbol of resistance to the West

AIDS Fund Yanks Million$ In Grants For Burma
Unprecedented move as country on the verge of exploding with HIV

After 2 Year Battle, India Orders Coca-Cola Plant Shutdown
Dried out wells, gave away toxic sludge as 'fertilizer'

India Women Sieze Control Of Village From Men
Ban booze, require education for girls

Most Caribbean, Latin Wastewater Flushed Into Sea Untreated
Almost 98% raw sewage, industrial waste dumped into fishing grounds

Blessed Are The Agnostics
The more religious the nation, the stingier it is

GOP Silence On Bennett's Racial Remarks Speaks Volumes
Weak Bush response that comments were "inappropriate" just doesn't cut it

Scenes Of Iraq Anarchy: British Bust Buddies Out Of Jail FREE!
Jailbreak shows that occupying forces have no faith in rule of law


MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Baghdad On The Bayou
 + Bush's Spiteful Appointments
 + Project Censored Holds Media Feet To The Fire
 + Katrina Will End Up Funding Texas Schools
 + Katrina Cleanup And The Bush Playbook
 + Labor Revolt, Anyone?

 + Widening Abramoff Scandal Exposes GOP Cronyism
 + Does Bush Finally See Poor People?
 + Finally Fooling Most of the People None of the Time
 + The Broken Social Contract Revealed
 + Iraq's Constitution Another Bush Embarrassment

 } Robert Scheer

 + So When Did Torture Become Acceptable?
 + Network Anchors Are Foul Weather Friends
 + Media Knocks Bush, But Also Props Him Up
 + Katrina Takes Wind Out Of Bush's Sails

 } Norman Solomon

 + Democrats Slip Ever Deeper Into The Ooze
 + Who Will Reconstruct Levee Town?
 + Hurricane Malthus

 } Alexander Cockburn

 + Know When To Fold 'Em
 + The Warden Takes No Prisoners
 + President Moses
 + No One Could've Anticipated A Follow-Up
 + Will Bush Allow Us To See The Coffins Of New Orleans?
 } Steve Young


Huey P. Long and Huey P. Newton were both highly learned men despite the poverty that each grew up in, and each also had a flair for the strategies and maneuverings of politics. If Long had lived to see the 1940 presidential race, he would have had a good chance of winning. Like Long in Louisiana, Newton had grand designs for Oakland, where he said its sizeable black population was not exploited, but expendable. The result was that a good portion of that 40 percent of the city went to the polling booths.

The country was shocked to see the utter wretchedness and poverty that was made visible by Katrina. But it was that kind of despair and deprivation that once spawned the two Hueys. Now the country waits to see if a leader like them will emerge from the debris

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