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I. "Scooter" Libby - The I Stands For Indicted
Cheney's chief of staff faces a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison

Cheney Loses His Right-Hand Man As Libby Quits
Close and personal ties go back to first Bush administration
Dick Cheney's Covert Action FREE!
Attack on Plame was not an isolated incident
Et Tu, Mel Laird? FREE!
Nixon's bullet-headed Defense Secretary joins the anti-Bush chorus
Valerie Plame Meets Philip Agee FREE!
CIA shield law under which the Plame case was first launched deserves some attention

Powell Aide Blasts Cheney 'Cabal'
"Cowboyism" hijacked U.S. foreign policy with help of a president weak on foreign relations

Scowcroft Joins Conservatives Attacking Neo-Cons, Cheney
George H.W. Bush's closest friend, if not alter ego
Nixon ordered the Saturday Night Massacre at a similar point in his investigation

Judy Miller's Deals With The Devil And Scooter Libby
He provided the covert smears, and she mislead the public

Who's Not On Trial With Saddam FREE!
Charges against him carefully chosen to avoid mention of 1980s U.S. support

Saddam Trial Begins Under Doubts Of Fairness
U.S. has spent over $128 million on prosecution to date

Cheney's secret past - Project Censored hits and misses 404 reports
Bush Nominates Another Unqualified Crony For Key Post
Wants to give refugee/ humanitarian post to GOP player

Faith-Based Groups Snag Katrina Relief Money
Questions if public funding being used to underwrite religious outreach

The Face Of New New Orleans Is Latino
Migrants, often incorrectly labeled "Mexicans," face tense race relations as they rebuild the Big Easy

Red Cross Charged With Discrimination Of Latino Hurricane Victims
Reportedly kicked out of shelters under threat of deportation

Tsunami Recovery Aid Still Hasn't Reached Many Victims
Incompetence, corruption, discrimination and lack of public accountability

Himalayan earthquake
A father carries his injured son from a German helicopter after they were taken from their devastated village. © Edward Parsons/IRIN
An injured child clings to his father outside a field hospital. © Edward Parsons/IRIN
The Pakistani village of Jabri Kailash is draped in an eerie silence, every house flattened. The settlement is about 50 km from the epicenter of the devastating regional earthquake that hit Oct. 8. All the 4,000 inhabitants of Jabri Kailash are unaccounted for -- and presumed to be dead.

In some communities all the children and almost all the women, are reported to be dead. The fact that many men from the area work in bigger towns or cities, returning to villages only during holidays, accounts for the profile of victims and adds to the social problems that will spring up within communities in the years to come.

Even as the death toll mounts in Pakistan and India, the two governments are injecting self-interest into their relief programs. Rather than efficiently helping survivors in divided Kashmir, the two governments are squandering a valuable opportunity to cooperate in providing relief. They have already missed the chance to coordinate their early rescue operations and save tens of thousands of lives.

Meanwhile, time is running out. It has started snowing in the Pir Panjal range that runs through Kashmir. By early November, the worst-affected areas will become more or less inaccessible.

An elderly woman sits among the rubble with donated blankets and a jacket. Like many elderly victims of the earthquake, , her home completely destroyed and she still has no place to go. © Edward Parsons/IRIN
 + Aid Not Reaching 200,000 Himalaya Earthquake Survivors FREE!

 + Quake Aid Donations Far Below Goals
 + Pakistan's Villages Of The Dead FREE!

 + Quake Toll Skyrockets As India, Pakistan Bicker

 + Disaster Relief Pours Into Himalayas

 + Pakistan Leery Of India's Quake Assistance Offer

 + Death and Disease Stalk Quake Survivors

 + Mountain Tsunami Rattles Fragile Peace In Himalayas

Oil-For-Food Scandal Involved 2,000+ Companies
Doubtful whether countries will punish corrupt businesses

Top French Officials Linked To Oil For Food Scandal
Probe also looking at arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Nobel Peace Prize Award Seen A Rebuke To U.S.
U.S. had tried to get IAEA director ElBaradei sacked earlier this year

Bush Admin Spending Heavily To Keep Secrets
$7.2 billion spent last year securing classified information

U.S. Not Seriously Investigating Terror War Prisoner Deaths, Group Says
In one case, a death of an Iraqi detainee was not reported until a year later

Bush Deficit, Tax Cuts Threaten America, Says CFR
Council on Foreign Relations report says U.S. sovereignty and influence at risk

Lodi Muslim Community Torn After FBI Probe, Media Glare
Plans abandoned for Islamic Center, school, and community center

FBI Killing Of Puerto Rico Nationalist Expands Terror War
Attempts to link gang members, immigrants and other Latinos to the terrorist threat

Dengue Epidemic Overshadowed By Bird Flu Fears
Vaccine at least 3 years away

Is the threat of a Bird Flu pandemic real?
The current strain of bird flu began four years ago in Vietnam and spread slowly across Asia with little done to stop it. It was ignored in China until the end of April, as wildlife officials at Lake Qinghai noticed geese in a small islet of the huge lake suddenly began dying. By mid-May it had spread through the lake's entire avian population, killing thousands. An ornithologist called it "the biggest and most extensively mortal avian influenza event ever seen in wild birds." The human epicenter was also rapidly expanding: in mid-July Indonesia confirmed that a father and his two young daughters had died of bird flu in a wealthy suburb of Jakarta. Disturbingly, the family had no known contact with live poultry.

Then in early October, U.S. scientists discovered that the 1918 flu pandemic -- which killed 50 million people -- was caused by a bird flu virus that jumped directly to humans. Until the U.S. findings were released, scientists thought the bird flu virus would first have to mix with a human flu virus for it to create a pandemic among people. And unlike ordinary influenzas that hit the sick and elderly hardest, the 1918 flu killed a disproportionate number of young, otherwise healthy adults.

This flu has only killed some 65 people so far, but if it suddenly mutates, as happened in 1918, it could become a killer on a grand scale. "Forget bioterrorism. Forget Iraq. Forget all this," said John Oxford, a top British virologist. "What could threaten us all is Mother Nature in the form of a great infectious disease... it's a very distinct possibility that this virus, this current virus, this H5N1, could break out and sweep around the world"

 + European Panic Stirs Over Bird Flu Cases
 + Bird Experts Warn Against Culling Wild Birds To Control Flu FREE!
A parrot receives a bird flu vaccine in Indonesia
 + Bird Flu Is The Monster At Our Door FREE!

 + "A Question Of When, Not If"
 + Bush Would Use Military to Quarantine U.S. Public In Bird Flu CrisisFREE!

 + Bird Flu Threat Grows In Indonesia
 + 1918 Killer Pandemic Was Caused By Bird Flu, Researchers Find FREE!

"Suicide" Of Syria Interior Minister Questioned
Among leaders in UN probe of Hariri assassination
Rice Doesn't Rule Out Attacks On Iran, Syria FREE!
"I will not say anything that constrains his authority as commander in chief"
President Ahmadinejad called for Israel to be "wiped off the map" at Iran's "The World Without Zionism" conference PHOTO: Fars
Iran's President Calls For Israel To Be "Wiped Off The Map" FREE!
Israel denounced at annual Qods Day observations

Iran's Ancient Forests Felled For Timber
Over half of wildlife on Iranian plateau also now extinct

Israel Offers U.S. Evangelicals A Piece Of The Promised Land
Beach-front property on the Sea Of Galilee

Egypt Seals Gaza Border At Israel's Demand
Sudden closure left many Palestinians stranded on the Egyptian side

Four Years Later, Afghanistan A Fractured Nation
Completely dependent on foreign aid, a narco-economy, and 3 or 4 governments

Abuses Feared As Indonesia's Army Called To Fight Terror War
After latest Bali bombings which left 23 people dead

Bali Bombings Expected To Be Start Of New Terror Wave
Indonesia was warned of attacks last month, has tolerated radical Islamist group

Chavez Boots U.S. Evangelicals From Indian Zones
Venezuela president charges groups are exploiting tribes, declares day of resistance

Foreign Investment In Latin America Not Helping: UN
Great profits for transnational corporations in face of widespread poverty

Mexico's Crime Lords Run Empires From Prisons
Mexican police alerting public on how to detect threatening phone calls from jails
Is The U.S. Creating A New School of Assassins? FREE!
New police academy for Latin America to be built in El Salvador

Chile Appears Set To Investigate, Not Prosecute Pinochet
Country saves face by taking away immunity, but pretending he's too fragile for trial

The toppling of Saddam opened the way for a huge influx of pilgrims and cash from Iran, where entrepreneurs began to negotiate building projects for hotels and other tourist-oriented facilities in the holy cities. Iranian financiers offered to support the construction of a modern airport in Najaf to facilitate tourism. Soon after the January elections, the new government made deals with Iran that affected almost every economic realm in depressed Iraq. Among the many projects settled upon were substantial improvements in Iraq's transportation system; agreements for the exchange of products ranging from detergents to construction materials and carpets; a shift of Iraqi imports of flour from the U.S. to Iran; the Iranian refining of Iraqi crude oil pumped from its southern fields; and a billion dollar credit line

Iraq News
Don't Yet Count On Sunni Joining Political Process
3 groups that will participate in Dec. vote have no mass public base
Iraq Government Says Vote Fair, Sunnis Call For Recount FREE!
2 of 4 Sunni-majority provinces supposedly voted in favor of draft constitution

Ballot Results In Crucial Iraq Province Suspicious
Vote in Nineveh province was really 12:1 against, not 3:1 for, according to U.S. military liaison

Foreign Workers In Iraq Paid Poverty Wages
Halliburton among companies paying under $3/day
U.S. Airstrikes Killing Women, Children In Ramadi, Dr. Says FREE!
U.S. plays down independent reports of heavy civilian casualties

Strong Iraqi Sunni Voter Turnout Forecast
Groups urge voting to thwart "the U.S. scheme in Iraq"

Is Iraq Facing A Lose-Lose Referendum?
Short-sighted focus has become the vote itself, not the aftermath

Pro-Constitution Vote Changes Little For Iraq, Much For U.S.
Illusion of political stability means illusion of "mission accomplished"

Can The U.S. Military Stop An Iraq Civil War?
Even Iraq war boosters say civil war under way

Bush: We Fight In Iraq To Stop A Radical Islamic Empire
Enemy hates the "civilized world," Bush says in Churchillian defense of U.S. strategy

New Evidence Of Fraud In January Elections
Kurds stuffed ballot boxes, U.S. election witness says

Politics As Usual
What Did Bush Know, And When Did He Know It?
President's possible role in TreasonGate deserves scrutiny
Congress Needs To Take War Powers From President FREE!
The decision on whether the nation is threatened has wrongly become a presidential prerogative

Bush Picks Another Cypher For Supreme Court
"Bush flinched from a fight on constitutional philosophy" - neo-con William Kristol

No Question That Miers Is Anti-Abortion Fundamentalist
Molly Ivins: Miers will be the vote that overturns Roe v. Wade

Bill Would Permit HeadStart Religious Discrimination
Publicly funded program would allow faith-based orgs to only hire fellow travellers
Bush, God, And Palestine FREE!
What does it mean to say that "God has called him?"

Old Boys' Club Hates Harriet
Fears that Miers is ideologically unreliable

Iraq's priceless artifacts destroyed
iraq heritage
Coalition soldiers in front of the Great Ziggurat of Ur, a four-thousand-year-old temple in southern Iraq which is one of the archaeological treasures of the world. The military has placed the monument off limits to conceal the vandalism by U.S. soldiers, including the looting of clay bricks and spray-painting "Semper Fi" grafitti on its walls

Military Spending Up, But Armed Conflicts Down
Deadliest conflicts have dropped by 80% since 1992

UN Predicts 3 Billion Slum Dwellers By 2030
Mega-slums unless cities prepare infrastructure for urban shelter and services

Factory Farms Spreading Quickly In Third World
Increases potential risk of quickly spreading diseases transmitted through animals

Sudan's Civil War Is Over, But Oil War Starts
Southern Sudan fears being cheated out of oil profits from their own land

Only 500 Of 60,000 Mozambique AIDS Children Get Treatment
91,000 children under the age of 15 living with HIV

China's Yuan Becoming World's Currency Of Choice
Looming U.S. budget deficit and trade deficit make it safest currency

China Divided Between Those With Autos, Those Without
Anti-auto riots often because cars a symbol of privilege and inequality

China Cracks Down On Bloggers With New Internet Limits
Regulations on any sites that endangers "national security" and "national interest"

Reverse Brain-Drain As China's Best Return Home
So far almost 200,000 immigrants from overseas have returned

Milosevic Trial Is Must-See TV In The Balkans
Melodramatic defense making former dictator popular again

The Meeting That Never Was: Pat Tillman And Noam Chomsky FREE!
War hero was profoundly at odds with the GI Joe image created by Pentagon spinmeisters

New Anti-War Movement A Silent Majority
No longer the strident, radical-led activity

George W. And Warren G. FREE!
Harding gave his poker pals important jobs - sound familiar?

Thomas Friedman's Glass House FREE!
Columnist appears intent on caricaturing Iraqis, and then demonizing them


MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + The Shrimper Mom Who Became An Unreasonable Woman
 + How To Make Things Right, Part 2
 + How To Make Things Right
 + Pensions Are Going, Going...
 + The Right-To-Torture President
 + Bush Scandals Everywhere You Look

 + Gun Industry Buys Bulletproof Political Protection
 + NY Times Squandered Its Credibility Defending Miller
 + Right's Got The Wrong Objections To Miers
 + Schwarzenegger Threw Away Leadership Chance

 } Robert Scheer

 + At The White House, The Spin Doctor Is Ill
 + Media At Crossroads, 25 Years After Reagan's Triumph
 + Police Beating Caught On-Camera - This Time

 } Norman Solomon

 + NY Times Distances Itself From Judy Miller
 + Screw Oil Worries, Fill Up At Citgo
 + Ayatollahs Of The Apocalypse
 + Bill Bennett A Latecomer To Eugenics
 + NY Times Distances Itself From Judy Miller

 } Alexander Cockburn

 + Today's Edward R. Murrow
 + Banned In Baghdad, And Other Troop Locations
 + Dear Mr. President: You Made Me Love You
 + Oddie & Harriet
 } Steve Young

There were two defining moments in Rosa Parks' life. One was monumental and heroic, and the world honors and cherishes her for it. That of course, was her refusal to budge from her seat in the white section of a Montgomery bus in 1955. The other moment was tragic, a day in 1994 when a drugged-out young black man beat her in her Detroit home and stole $53.

Parks worried that young blacks had absolutely no sense and appreciation of the titanic battles that she and the civil rights leaders waged to make America live up to its much-betrayed promise of justice and equality. In a reflective interview many years after the bus boycott, she did not absolve herself and other blacks of her generation of blame for failing to pass on the torch. She called for a redoubling of the effort to make young blacks, as she put it, know what it means to be black in America today

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