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Unpreceded lowering of the nuclear threshold

israel posters
Israel Election 2003: Scandal and Suppression
An election poster for Arab lawmaker Ahmed Tibi appears beneath a torn poster of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Israel attempted to block Tibi and other leftist/moderate Arab leaders from running in the Jan 28 election. At the same time, Sharon and his party have been charged with vote-buying and accepting huge illegal contributions

Bush Working to Ensure Sharon's Re-Election FREE!
Trying to tilt Israel's election for hardliners

Iraq 2003 May Look Like Lebanon 1982
The real threat from Iraq Could emerge after a U.S. victory

What Did Bush Delete From Iraq Inspector's Report?
Missing 8000 pages probably linked U.S. companies to Iraq weapons

America Drifitng Away From "Rule Of Law," Scholar Warns
Compares current situation to 1933 Germany

The Corpse Of Habeas Corpus FREE!
Appeals court rules that U.S. citizens charged as enemy can be held indefinitely

Bush Aims To Keep Iraq Suffering Via Embargo
UNICEF estimates 1 million civilians dead, mostly children

Bush War Strategy Varies Day To Day
A house of cards built on best-possible scenarios

Over 500K Turn Out For U.S. Anti-War Protests
Among largest turnouts since Vietnam War era

Indymedia SF protest 030118
An estimated 200K protesters filled the San Francisco streets

Only Public Can Stop The White House Warriors
More driven by polls than Clinton, Bush will not risk Iraq war if weak public support

Bush Stacking Science Panels FREE!
Unlike Clinton years, White House has litmus test for science committees

A Possible Win-Win Scenario For Bush
A window of opportunity to be the great Mideast peacemaker

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round State of the Union Bush Revives Discredited Iraq-Qaeda Link In State Speech
Unashamed fear-mongering in State of the Union speech

The Facts Behind Bush's State Speech FREE!
Analysis by Stephen Zunes of foreign policy section

Bush Promised AIDS Funding "Too Little, Too Late"
Millions may die before program full funding in 2007

The Many Wars of George W. Bush FREE!
State of Union speech outlined reactionary agenda

At 2-Year Mark, Bush Sinking Fast In Polls FREE!
Same approval rating as Clinton during darkest moment of Lewinsky scandal

Bush Too Soft On Environment, Says Conservatives FREE!
Can't we destroy it faster?

Bush Political Appointees Rake In The Cash FREE!
Members of Accounting Oversight Board earn more than Bush, but have done nothing

Bush Steps Over Line With Opinion To Supreme Court FREE!
Presidents aren't supposed to offer "opinion" on pending court actions

GOP Has Election Advantage Because Felons Can't Vote FREE!
Many national election outcomes would have been different

Bush Declares War On Women's Rights
White House 2003 agenda pandering to anti-choice Christian right

2002: While The Media Slept
2002: While The Media Slept
As happens every year, the U.S. press dodges some of the most important, complex stories. The Enron scandal, Bush's war on unions, the anthrax mystery, and more

Science Ethics Panel Denounces "Skeptical Environmentalist" Book FREE!
Author who claimed no global warming "perverted the scientific message"

UN Cites "Alarming" Damage To Occupied Territory By Israel FREE!
120-country panel slams Israel for abuse of water resources, toxic dumping

Arab Press Predicts 2003 Gloom And Doom
Most newspapers believe an American war on Iraq is inevitable

Israel Economy In Worst Recession Ever
Seeking $14 billion from U.S. with no strings attached

Upstart Party Challenges Israeli Jewish State
The non-religious Shinui party might tilt political control to moderates

2003 Begins With No Leadership In Israel Or Palestine
Both Arafat and Sharon make more noise than impact

2003 Outlook Glum For Palestinians
But hopes that diplomatic progress may be made after Jan 28 elections

Two Koreas Draw Closer Over Hostility To U.S.
Rising hostility in South against U.S. is warming ties with North

Israel Can't Ban Arab Candidates From Election, Court Says
Israel had also tried to deny block political party considered pro-Palestinian rights

Russia And Iran Building Strong Nuclear Ties
Another sign that Russia ignoring "Axis of Evil" labels

Cheney's Old Company Already Profiting From Iraq Conflict
Brown & Root running support operations for U.S. troops

Arabs Must Stick Together, Saudis Tell Mideast
Media campaign to build unity around Iraq war threats


North Korea graphic
In this night satellite photo, South Korea resembles the United States or Europe, with most of the nation illuminated city lights and road traffic. By contrast, North Korea shows almost no signs of industrial society
Does N Korea have a nuclear weapon? If not, are they really trying to build one? Or is the threat merely extortion for increased aid? Answers and motives are never simple when it comes to Pyonyang. Unthinkable as it may seem, North Korea's current nuclear saber-rattling could end up helping pave the way to a new friendship with the United States

 + Bush Hawks Furious That Asia Shuns N Korea Game Plan

 + N Korea Quits Non-Proliferation Treaty

 + UN: Unknown If N Korea Diverting Nuke Material

 + Hypocrisy Of Bush N Korea Stance Not Lost On Arab Press

 + China Influence On N Korea Overstated

 + UN Urgently Appeals For N Korea Food Aid

 + N Korea Crisis May Actually Create U.S. Bond

 + S Koreans Donating Bread To Feed N Korean Children

Chechnya An Ecological Disaster
One-third of farmland is soaked with oil waste

Chechnya Poised To Explode
Nothing being done to stop world's most violent conflict

Bush Snubs Africa With Last Minute Trip Cancel
Reinforces common belief that Bush is ignoring AIDS, other critical problems

Enron Gets OK For Bolivia Gas Pipeline
Enron still active outside U.S. and receiving public funding

Controversial Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline To Be Built
Route is the same as allegedly considered in covert U.S.-Taliban deal

Bush Rolls Back Wetlands Protections
Biggest setback in history of Clean Water Act


The key to a possible U.S. invasion of Iraq is a plentiful supply of oil from Venezuela, which provides about 15 percent of the U.S. supply. But with the nation torn by a general strike now in its second month, the Bush administration is paying little attention. The support of the poor and armed forces -- except for a group of dissident officers -- has sustained President Hugo Chavez by staging the biggest protest demonstrations in the history of this South American country

 + White House Offers No Vision On Venzuela Crisis

 + Venezuela's Poor Still Back Chavez

 + Venezuela Strike Part Of Global Struggle Over Oil

 + Propaganda Floods Venezuela's Media

 + Hundreds Of Thousands March For Venezuela's Chavez

Hundreds of Species Pressured by Global Warming FREE!
4 out of 5 animals in study have undergone biological changes

Nestle Drops $6M Demand From Ethiopia
Even World Bank surprised over corporate demands from poor country

Thai Village Opens Arms to Terminal HIV/AIDS Victims
Community of 208 families becomes unique haven

Argentina On Brink Of Anarchy As Vigilantes Grow
A year after economic collapse, chaos reigns

Taiwan's Fantasy: China Doesn't Exist
Taiwanese government drifting farther from reality

Poorest Nations First To Pay UN Dues
U.S. owes over $800M, is biggest deadbeat

dolphins in tuna net
Thousands of dolphins, particularly baby dolphins, die every year in tuna nets
School Lunches Unhealthy, Study Finds FREE!
Cafeterias dish up too much fat to middle school students

Bush Changes Meaning of "Dolphin Safe" Tuna Label FREE!
Will result in deaths of thousands more dolphins annually

The Real Stats On The "Lucky Duckies" FREE!
Wall Street Journal hits new low

Why Are We Still Arguing About Affirmative Action? FREE!
White House picks Kings birthday to attack to support anti- affirmative action lawsuit

Why Newspapers Are Dying FREE!
Corporate culture destroyed the art of newspapering

The Unreality Of Imminent War
Deafened to outside voices, Bush hawks insist Iraq war is inescapable

McDonald's A Sorry Metaphor For America FREE!
Company values are fundamentally deeply anti-American

Welcome To The American Fatwa
Bush gives CIA permission to assassinate

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bush Still has Done Nothing For Corporate Reform
 + Health Care Mess Should Be Topic One
 + Bush And The Case For Preventive War
 + The Texas Political Season Begins
 + The Dirty Little Secret About Bush Tax Plan
 + Bush Schemes To Tax The Little People

 + Bush Takes Cheap Shot At Affirmative Action
 + Bush Doesn't Want Good News
 + Despite So Many Fans, War Is No Game
 + No Room For Logic In Bush Foreign Policy

 } Robert Scheer

 + When War Is a Rush
 + The Media's Unhealthy Message
 + Not All White House Reporters Are Pushovers
 + The P.U.-Litzer Prizes For 2002

 } Norman Solomon

 + Cops, Dogs, And Death
 + The Feds Vs Ed Rosenthal
 + "No To War" -- Is Anyone Listening?
 + Dr. Bill Frist, Moral Monster

 } Alexander Cockburn



Bush Crowd Just Doesn't Get The Message Of Martin Luther King FREE!
Backers of the Christian Coalition (who will not be celebrating Martin Luther King's birthday), and born-again Administration officials like Attorney-General John Ashcroft oppose -- and have always opposed -- the spirit and substance of what Martin King and the civil rights movement stood for. The division, it needs be emphasized, is not so much about religion as it is about politics disguised as religion

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