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"No blood for oil. We want peace," roared protesters in New York City and elsewhere as they marched through streets heavily barricaded by police. But the NY protests were marred by charges of police abuse, including mounted officers charging crowds (see above). The protests, in up to 60 countries around the world, were the largest public gatherings in history

 + Unintentionally, Bush Unites the World FREE!

 + Over 500k March Against War In NY

 + 1 Million March For Peace In London, Berlin
 + Protests In Smalltown America FREE!

 + Some Anti-War Protests Sparked By Doomsday Fear

 + Global Labor Marches Against War

U.S. Throwing Billion$ At Allies For War Support
In addition to billions promised in November for UN vote

Bush Building "Coalition Of The Coerced"
If the carrot doesn't work, there's always the stick

Internal Bush Admin Fight Over Post-Saddam Iraq
Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Kurds all have designs on region

Bush Remains Vague On Aid For Postwar Iraq
The real threat from Iraq could emerge after a U.S. victory

Many Abroad Viewed Colombia Shuttle As Military Mission
Research included key space weapons research

Mandela Blasts Bush, Tony Blair, Over Iraq War
Bush "wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust" says revered statesman

Bin Laden Message: Invade Iraq -- Please
Bush Administration misrepresenting taped message

Anti-War Conservatives Bash Bush
Bush may lose GOP backing if any problems with Iraq war

FBI Begins Collecting Info On U.S. Muslims
Collection of data on mosques called religious profiling

Bush Ignoring Worst Case Scenarios For Iraq War
Good news: U.S. finds anthrax factory
Bad news: It is "found" by U.S. bomb

Fools Rush In... FREE!
Thus far, we've only considered the easy questions about war

The Bush Charade Of Seeking UN Approval
Pentagon and Bush chicken hawks started planning soon after 9/11

UN Under Attack By Bush Admin FREE!
With the United States on the verge of launching an invasion of Iraq without approval of the United Nations Security Council, a concerted effort is underway taking advantage of the lack of knowledge most Americans have of the United Nations' structures and procedures to discredit the world body in the eyes of public opinion


Bush watches Colin Powell speech to UN
Secretary of State Colin Powell spent much of his diplomatic capital with his UN speech for war on Iraq. But his crucial argument that there is connection between Saddam and al-Qaeda is based on supposition, and all the rhetoric in the world cannot create a true link between them. Most important was the one word at the core of plans for war but which never crossed Powell's lips: Oil

 + Making A Case For War On Flimsy Evidence FREE!

 + Powell Takes Us Into The Wilderness Of Mirrors

 + Powell Opened Door To Peace With Saddam

 + Powell Dodges The "O" Word In UN Address FREE!

 + Powell Repeats Discredited Iraq-Qaeda Link

 + Mr. Powell, You're No Adlai Stevenson FREE!

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round How The White House Controls The Press FREE!
First, they keep out reporters who they dislike

Rightwing Think Tank Directing Bush Policies
Ultra hawks now firmly in control of U.S. foreign policy

Uncle Sam, Globocop
Bush foreign policy looking more like Monroe Doctrine

Bush Iraq Stance Spurs New Cold War -- With Europe
Like mad Captain Ahab, Bush seen as reckless, willing to risk anything

Bush Seeks To Triple Tax Deductions For SUV Owners
Could pay for up to 75 percent of vehicle

Bush Hawks Demand Blank Check For War
Right-wing group is directing U.S. policy behind scenes

Bush Budget An Attack On Environment, Critics Say FREE!
Counts on income from oil drilling in arctic refuge

Bush Budget Ties Foreign Aid To Being Allied In Terror War
Counterterrorism outspends poverty funds over 2 to 1

"Old Europe" Remark Shows Bush Admin Disconnect
Odd Rumsfeld comments reflect distorted Cold War -era view

Pakistanis Flee U.S. For Canadian Asylum
INS special registration
Government notices in Arabic contained errors that lead some aliens to believe they were not required to appear at INS offices for "special registration"
A sort of underground railroad has emerged, with Pakistanis fleeing New York City and other urban centers for border towns near the border, which they hope to cross before having to register under controversial INS program

Anti-American Feelings Growing In Canada
Sharp turnarond from Clinton era

Anti-Saddam Iraqis Promise Oil Deal After War
Cheap oil first, democracy later

Is Iraq First Step For Bush Middle East Crusade? FREE!
Pressure from Ariel Sharon to follow with attack on Iran, Syria

Turkey May Face Civil War For Backing U.S. Iraq Attack
Catch-22 for Turkey: risk of civil war or economic disaster

Australia Alone As Bush War Ally in Asia
Region sees Iraq war as Anglo-Saxon adventure

Some Iraqis Cautiously Speak Against Saddam
Much speculation about the possibility of a coup

Saudi Arabia To Kick Out Millions Of Foreigners
Foreign workers outnumber Saudi workers 5 to 1

Supporting Iraq War Could Cost Russia Billion$
Cheap oil could bankrupt economy

Indians Win Land Rights Suit, But Bush Admin Ignores Court
Western Shoshone land in Nevada worth billions

Bush Hydrogen Fuel Proposal A Sham, Critics SayFREE!
Funding includes research in extracting hydrogen from gasoline

Rights Groups Protest "Special Registration" Of Muslim Men
1000s of of Arabs, Muslims, Filipinos and others have been detained

Pakistan And Iran Draw Closer
Trade, particularly oil, has skyrocketed since fall of Afganistan Taliban

China Mishandled 3 Gorges Dam, Study Says
Human rights violations as forced relocation of over one million

Rocket Attacks On Pakistan Gas Pipelines
Raises doubts that trans-Afghanistan pipeline can be protected

Disney Asks Court To Throw Out Pooh Case FREE!
Claims that incriminating documents were stolen from trash

U.S. Risks War Crimes Over Iraq War
"Deliberate aggression" by Bush can face international court

Catholic Hospitals Refusing Contraception To Rape Victims
Survey found only 1 out of 4 offer emergency contraception

9 Year-Old Rape Victim Stirs Abortion Fight
Catholic Church demanding that pregnancy go forward

Opium Trade Thrives In "New" Afghanistan
Despite ban on poppy growing by U.S.-backed government

Pakistan's Heroin Problem Tied To New Afghan Opium Trade
Almost no money for treatment

Hardliners win in Israel
ariel sharon


As widely predicted, hardliners made historic gains in Israel's general election in January, as voters endorsed Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's right-wing Likud Party. "This is a heavy blow to a peaceful settlement. The Israelis have committed a historic mistake which they and the Palestinians will regret," Palestinian chief negotiator and cabinet minister Saeb Erekat said. Sharon will exploit the looming U.S.-led war on Iraq to step up actions against Palestinians, he added. In the photo above, Sharon peers towards Palestinian territory through binoculars -- with the lens caps on.

 + Israel's Right-Wing Now Firmly In Control

 + Palestinians Fear Crackdown In Wake Of Sharon Victory
 + Few Israeli Voters Endorsed Sharon's Views FREE!

Manila A Case Study In Private Water Crisis
Prices skyrocket after public utility goes private

Kidney Black Market Alive And Well
Thousands in India selling organs to raise money for food

dolphins in tuna net
A po'ouli, the most endangered bird in Hawaii, and perhaps the world
Po'ouli is Three Birds Away from Extinction FREE!
Last ditch attempt to save rare and unique Hawaiian bird

India Astronaut Was Hero To Immigrant Americans
Kalpana Chawla remained an Indian, irrespective of what passport she carried

The Iraq War Meets Biblical Prophecy FREE!
Whore of Babylon trumps Axis of Evil

For Undocumented Immigrants, Homeland Security Is Just Another Hassle
Illegal aliens used to dodging around the system

In Baghdad, Preparation For Invasion FREE!
How do you prepare a child for the "shock and awe" of bombs falling?

After Roe, Bush Takes Aim At Contraception
Foreign policy moving towards opposition to condoms

The Witch Hunt Of Michael Dini FREE!
Disgruntled student gets Justice Department to investigate teacher

The American Emergency FREE!
This still is a democracy -- right?

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Thank Bush Diplomacy For N Korea Nuke Mess
 + Honey, I Shrunk Your Pension
 + Bush Insults With Posturing And Indifference
 + Shame On Conservatives For French Bashing
 + Bush Turns Deaf Ear To Will Of People
 + Bush Declares War -- On Taxes For Rich
 + The Repub Shock Troops
 + Bush State Speech A Study In Hypocrisy
 + Imminent Monopoly Of The Airwaves
 + The Sorry State Of The Union

 + Bush Divides World Into Friends, Gutless Cowards
 + Bush Treating Global War Like A Bar Fight
 + Bush's House of Cards Falls Apart
 + Colin Powell Now Pushes The Big Lie
 + Union Knows Its State: Lousy

 } Robert Scheer

 + The Other Story About Iraq's Weapons
 + Globalization Peace Movement Emerges
 + Smoke, Mirrors, And Terrorism
 + Colin Powell Should Now Answer Iraq Questions

 + Waiting For The Lord In Downtown Baghdad

 } Norman Solomon

 + Crowds And Fire, Darkness And Panic
 + No! In Thunder
 + Colin Powell's "Intellegence" Fraud
 + One Angry Jury
 + Yes, That Really Was The President

 } Alexander Cockburn

bush and saddam

Fred Flinstone Brains, WMD Don't Mix FREE!
With America and its allies poised to attack Iraq and the U.S. and North Korea locked in a showdown over nuclear weapons, diplomats and politicians would do well to remember that humans may have nuclear technology but still only possess stone-age brains

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