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Who's Hiding  Osama Bin Laden?
al Jazeera
How hard is it to hide a 6-foot, 4-inch diabetic Arab with a $25 million bounty on his head? Pretty easy, it turns out -- if you know the right people

U.S. Moves To Block Emergency UN War Session
Threatens diplomats not to vote for General Assembly session on Iraq

A Week Into War, Bush Backpedals
Promises of a short, quick victory vanish in the sandstorms of Iraq

Iraqi Public Neglects To Cheer U.S. Invasion
First week finds troops treated like invaders, not liberators

We "Miscalculated Badly" -- U.K. Defense Analyst
Why would Iraqis welcome the Brits, who they forced out in 1958?

Saddam Turns To Mosques To Rally Support
As bombs fall, Iraqis crowd mosques

Trail Of Iraqi Refugees Stream Towards Syria
Nearly 2 million fled during 1991 Gulf War

U.S. Accused Of Using Food As Weapon In Iraq War
Another violation of Geneva Convention

Bush Thinktank Grateful That Saddam Not Killed In First Strike
Quick assassination could have raised questions about continuing invasion

Arab Nations Fear Iraq Is Only First Step For Bush Invasion
4 out of 5 Arabs also expect terrorism to increase because of war

Kurds In N Iraq Prepare For War With Turkey
Turkish troops massed at the border

Turkey Invades Northern Iraq
Worst case scenario for White House Iraq war plans

Iraq Reaction To Attack Unknown
U.S. not sure what defense awaits


No matter what happens in Iraq, a growing number of Americans have a rising fear that we are on the eve of a catastrophe, similar to the days before WWI or the bombing of Hiroshima

 + The End Of International Law
 + The Lamps Are Going OutFREE!

 + A Replay Of History's Worst
 + A View From Ground ZeroFREE!

Khaled Shaikh Mohammed's Family TiesFREE!
MONITOR EXCLUSIVE: The capture of one of the most wanted Al Qaeda fugitives, Khaled Shaikh Mohammed, is undoubtedly a major success, but important details about his life and arrest are being overlooked in news reports in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West

Bush Summit In Azores Was War Declaration on UN
Bush tells UN it's irrelevant unless it agrees with him

Blame Bush, Not UN For War, Diplomats Say
White House claim of UN "failure" disingenuous

The Disgrace And Failure Of George W. BushFREE!
He lied, he bribed, he forged and, finally, he tried spying

Expect Long-Haul Stay In Iraq, Say Policy Setters
Right-wing thinktank behind Iraq invasion wants no "early fixation on exit strategies"

Iraq War Launches Protests Nationwide
Far less public support than 1991 Gulf War

Brits Shaken By Early Iraq War Losses
U.K. asks why their casualties outnumber U.S. deaths 3 to 1

Mideast War Could Send Environment Up In Smoke
Damage from 1991 Kuwait war still monumental problem

Kuwaiti oil well set on fire by Iraq, 1991
Kuwaiti oil well set on fire by Iraq, 1991
Iraq May Be Poised to Ignite Oil Fields FREE!
Fires, oil release into Arabian Sea would be environmental disaster

Postwar Iraq Profiteering Begins FREE!
Over $1.5 billion in Iraq contracts offered to private U.S. companies

U.S. Will Reap Oil Windfall After Saddam's Ouster
"Oil has everything to do with it" says industry analyist

"Human Shields" In Baghdad Have Mixed Feelings
Could be liability to Iraq if war starts

After Saddam, Iraq Tribal Wars Expected
150 tribes kept in check by Saddam for thirty years

The Lost History of The U.S. and Iraq
Getty Images
U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein shake hands December 20, 1983 in Baghdad, Iraq. Rumsfeld met with Hussein during the war between Iran and Iraq as an envoy for former President Reagan (still from videotape)

UN Food Agency Pleads for Funds to Feed Iraq FREE!
U.S. has contributed only one-fourth of amount needed

Bush Makes Dangerous Comparison Of Iraq To Nazi Germany FREE!
Scholar says how the intervention is portrayed is critical

Bush Now Candidate For War Crime Tribunal FREE!
When President Bush declared on March 17 that "the United States of America has the sovereign authority to use force in assuring its own national security," it sounded good on the surface. A closer examination suggests otherwise


"The skies darkened over Baghdad again Tuesday, but this was not from the oil wells set afire in a ring around the city. Nor was it from the smoke of bombing. At the Al-Saadia food market they were saying it was an act of Allah. 'Allah sent the sand to protect us,' said a butcher at the souk. It was a day of heavy sandstorms over Baghdad. By evening the sand had begun to settle, and it rained a little. This too was seen as intervention from the heavens"

 + "Allah Sent The Sand To Protect Us"

 + "If We Die, We Want To Die Together"

 + War On TV, But Holiday Mood

 + "This Is Only The Beginning"

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Richard Perle's Conflicts Of InterestFREE!
Top Pentagon adviser had history of mixing government job with private business

Bush Admin Draws Heavily From Small Neo-Con Family
Spouses, other family members of favorite think tanks given powerful positions

Richard Perle: Attack Iraq, and show me the damn money

Two Campaigns Aim To Impeach Bush
"I think we need to put the fear of God into Bush Jr."

Tom DeLay's Little Secret FREE!
Dodged Viet Nam draft, claimed Army was "full"

As Nation On Brink Of War, Congress Stops To Bash French
Insulting America's oldest ally easier than debating issues

Influence Of Jewish Neo-Cons Provokes Debate
Loud pro-Israel faction dominates influence at White House

Estrada Filibuster Could Backfire On Demos
A crafty little victory for Bush

World media coverage of Iraq war

If you're getting your news and views from either Arab or American television, you're getting only half the story

 + Arabs Provided Balanced Media Coverage Of Iraq War

 + The Iraq War, Tonight On Serbia TV

 + Palestine, Israel See Opposite Media Views Of Iraq War

 + In China, Doubt And Disdain Over Shock And AweFREE!

Bush Iraq Coalition Reaches Out To The Corrupt And Irrelevant
Welcome Tonga to the 'coalition of the willing'

Iraq-Obsessed Media Ignores Africa, UN Says
Real issues, like famine and AIDS pandemic get scant mention

Ignored By Washington, Latin America Burns
From Mexico to Argentina, anger at Bush policies

Turkey Bans Kurdish Political Party
The day after landmark court victory

Turkey Snub Of U.S. Troops Marks Decline Of NATO
Another sign of sharp decline in American influence in Europe

Japan's Fear Of N Korea Leads To Support Of Iraq War
Although 84% of public opposes U.S. attack on Iraq

Bush Promises Vague "Road Map" For Israel Peace
White House fought peace plan in December

Bush Proposal Of Palestine "Road Map" Seen As Ruse
Analyists call it PR to diffuse anger over Iraq invasion

War On Iraq Threatens Israel
Risks of violence already dramatically increased

Iraq's "Martyr Bonus" To Suicide Bombers Controversial In Arab World
Even Palestinian Authority has deep misgivings about the donations

Some Iraqi Businesses Hope For War
Hope that a defeat would lead to lifting of 1991 UN sanctions

Zapatistas In Control Of Chiapas
Accepting no assistance from Mexico

Bush Wants Rollback Of Public Land Protection FREE!
"I hope we aren't going to be looking back fondly at the Reagan administration, but it is starting to look that way"

Scientists To Bush: Don't Even Consider Tactical Nukes
Vietnam-era study released after 20 year battle

In Argentina, "None Of The Above" Winning Next Election
"Out with the Lot of Them!"

Nigeria's Oil Wells Closed Amid Ethnic Violence
Already tight world petroleum market loses another major supplier

Pentagon Seeks "National Security" Exemptions From Enviromental Laws FREE!
GAO says no evidence that laws somehow interfere with military training

Why Bush Wants To Fight In The Philippines
A perfect staging area for potential troops in Asia

Drill In Arctic Refuge, Interior Secretary Says FREE!
Tells Congress ANWR is a "an area of flat, white nothingness"

Afghanistan's President Now Yesterday's News
Comes to Washington to beg for essential funding

Pakistan's Extremists Gain From Iraq War
For the first time, islamist parties see power within reach

Medical Groups Ask Bush To Butt Out Of Tobacco Talks
U.S. undermining efforts for anti-tobacco treaty

Bhutan To Be First Nation To Outlaw Tobacco
As pot use grows among youth in Buddhist kingdom

Depleted Uranium Found In Bosnia Water FREE!
Radioactive weapons now starting to contaminate ground water

Palestinians Divided Over Ideas To End Uprising
Despair, fatigue factor lead to truce proposal

Oil Consortium Ignored Safer Route For Caspian Pipeline, Group Says
Oil and gas pipeline will be right next to river

air pollition
Bush wants to roll back 1977 air pollution rules
International Criminal Court Launches Despite Bush Boycott
U.S. joins North Korea, Iraq, China, Russia, and most military dictatorships

Bush Opens Tongass Forest To Logging FREE!
Ignored 178,000 public comments, most wanting protection of virgin forest

Bush Attempting End Run Past Clean Air Act FREE!
"This is the mother of all clean air roll backs"

Yugoslav Women "Sold Like Sacks Of Potatoes"
Prostitution rampant in Kosovo, Bosnia

Saddam Will Probably Choose Martyrdom
Likely to try to contrive a heroic death

Iraq War Already Has Echo Of Vietnam
Alleged grenade attack by African-American Sgt. sounds like "fragging"

"Partial Birth Abortion" -- Why Does the Big Lie Continue? FREE!
Let's call it what it is: A direct attack on Roe v Wade

From Oil Flows Global Power
The value of Iraq's oil lies in controlling world supply, not the oil itself FREE!

How Dan Rather Could Have Saved The Day
Like in Cuban Missle Crisis, Bush could have "sent message"

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + More News To Make You Wince
 + Outrages Under The Radar
 + Bush's Diplomatic Policy Of Humilitation
 + Bush Plans To Privatize Iraq Reconstruction
 + Who Else Can Bush Tick Off?
 + Bush Lying And Lack Of Class
 + Texas' Sheriff of Nottingham Tax Plan
 + The Long, Shifting Rationale For War

 + Wraps Come Off Bush's Colonialist Agenda
 + A Naked Bid to Redraw World Map
 + When U.S. Bombs Fall, We Become War Criminals
 + Bush Pushes the Big Lie Toward the Brink

 } Robert Scheer

 + Media's Love Affair With War Tactics And Tech
 + The Bush War On Conscience
 + The Obidient Media Hastens Path To War
 + U.S. Media Dodges UN Spying Bombshell

 } Norman Solomon

 + A Sky Dark With Chickens Coming Home To Roost
 + What Next For The Peace Movement?
 + The Forged "Evidence"
 + The Flack Journalist And The Iraq- Al Qaeda Link

 } Alexander Cockburn

France and America


France Again Becomes Conscience Of America
The decline and fall of the U.S. is the topic of best-sellers in France, saying that the lack of support for the Iraq war is an indicator of America's decline as a superpower. "The fact the Germany, for the first time since WWII, has dared oppose a U.S. military project especially shows this awareness." Another common theme is that several books critically look at the background of U.S. leaders, particularly the Bush family

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