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Nauru Island: Far Side Of Paradise
Almost bankrupt and its land turned into a moonscape by a century of abusive mining, tiny South Pacific island of Nauru looks towards dubious money-making schemes -- and covert U.S. operations

U.S. Tricked, Lied To Us, Says Impoverished Nation
No quid pro quo for spy station to be built on near-bankrupt Nauru

Quick End To Sanctions On Iraq Worth Billion$ To Bush
Would give U.S. oil companies control over Iraq oil

UN Condemns "Incredible" Civilian Deaths In Iraq
Most killed by U.S. bombs and rockets

U.S. Controls Only A Square Mile Of Baghdad
Looters now turning to private homes

Bush Under Pressure To Prove Existence Of Iraqi WMD
Suspicion also grows because UN weapons inspectors kept out

U.S. Rushes To Install Puppet Iraqi Government
U.S. favored "Iraqi National Congress" has little to do with Iraq

Hans Blix: U.S. Wanted UN Inspection Team To Spy On Iraq
U.S. intelligence services also faked WMD "evidence"

Bush Planning To Appoint Arms Merchant As Viceroy Of Baghdad
Retired Army General was key player in Israeli weapon deployment

New Iraq Leadership Picked By U.S. A Motley Crew
Some want to bring back the old monarchy

Arab World Abuzz With Rumors Of Bush - Saddam Deal On War
Conspiracy theorists believe deal was struck to save Saddam

Saudis May Have Brokered Deal For Quick Iraqi Surrender
Speedy fall of Baghdad has Arab media buzzing with rumors

Brutal Murder Of Cleric Shows Iraq Ethnic Tensions High
More religious violence predicted in wake of Saddam overthrow

No Cheering Over Liberation At Baghdad Hospitals
Doctors performing operations without full anaesthesia

Iraq After Saddam: Carpetbaggers Everywhere
Religious rivals, ex-pats, locals all jockey for political power

Fall Of Saddam Deepens Russia-U.S. Rift
Forced to deny rumors that Baghdad embassy was hiding Saddam

Anarchy Keeps Aid Workers From Entering Iraq
Food, water, medical system collapses

In Iraq, Tribal Fights Begin
Exiled for 20 years, Kurds want their homes back

Media Groups Condemn U.S. Killing Of Reporters In Iraq
Questions about non "embedded" journalists killed by U.S. military fire

Investigation Of Possible U.S. War Crimes In Iraq Begins
Gathering data to present to International Criminal Court

U.S. Wins Grudging Iraq War Support From Turkey
But no agreement on status of Kurds in N Iraq

Fragile Money Markets Watch Iraq War With Unease
Entire global economy is in flux


The Pentagon will be calling the shots in Iraq, even in defiance of other bureaucracies that in contrast to the Defense Department, have real experts on Iraqi politics, history, and culture who could prove helpful in carrying out an occupation. "You can call this another aspect of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz's pre-emption strategy," said one administration official. "You can call this a coup d'etat." But right-wing hawks in the Bush administration, led by Cheney and Rumsfeld, want the United Nations to provide the clean-up crew to tidy up the war-devastated country, feed the hungry, and care for the wounded and the dying

 + Bush Set To Snub UN For Role In Postwar Iraq

 + Bush To Blair: No Lead Role For UN In Iraq

 + Iraq "Liberation" Looks More Like "Coup d'Etat"

Will UN Become Another League Of Nations?
Unsettling comparisons between Iraq and events of 1936

U.S. - Europe Split Is Forever, Expert Says
Dispute over Iraq war just one example of EU-American differences

Iraq For SaleFREE!
Taxpayers may pay Bush cronies up to $100 billion to rebuild Iraq

Bush Hawks Move Crosshairs To Syria
Exact same neo-con crowd that fomented attack on Iraq

Arabs See "Occupation," Not "Liberation" Of Iraq
Comparisons made to Soviet effort to colonize Afghanistan

Arab Youth Head Towards Iraq To Be "Freedom Martyrs"
Iraq invasion spurs feelings of Arab nationalism

Bush "Short War" May Span Generations
Religious issues make this anything but a conventional war

U.S. Muscles In On Iraq Food Imports Via Humanitarian Aid
Lucrative Iraqi wheat market becomes one of the spoils of war

International Court May Try U.S. For War Crimes
UN says it doesn't matter if Bush shuns court authority


In a complete turnaround from the war with Iraq in the eighties, the Iranian government is fully backing the Saddam Hussein government against the U.S. and British forces. The state-run media calls this a "war of hegemony" or a "war for oil." Invasion plans for both Syria and Iran have been created by the Pentagon, but they have not yet been presented to the National Security Council or the president Given Washington's warnings to Iran over the last few days, some predictions are being made in Teheran that the U.S. will attack Iran in October

 + Iran Divided Over What To Do With U.S.-Led Iraq

 + Iran Business Sees Money In Rebuilding Iraq

 + White House Factions Debate Iran Invasion

 + Iranian Special Forces Poised Near Iraq Border

 + Iran Moderates Turning Into Hardliners

 + Shi'ite Muslims Are Wild Card In Iraq Occupation

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Neo-Cons Launch Attack On Colin Powell And Diplomacy
Keeping Rumsfeld faction from renewed feuding with Powell

Threats Against Syria Aimed At Keeping Peace Within Bush Admin
Keeping Rumsfeld faction from renewed feuding with Powell

Bush Admin Rewriting Rules On Death Penalty
U.S. attorneys overruled at least 28 times to impose death sentence

Ashcroft's Problem With EthicsFREE!
"Innocent until proven guilty" not in his vocabulary

No Matter How The War Goes, Rumsfeld May Be Out
Arrogant to ignore the long knives of the military brass

World media coverage of Iraq war

If you're getting your news and views from either Arab or American television, you're getting only half the story

 + The War That Was Staged For U.S. TV FREE!

 + The Images U.S. Media Chooses, and Chooses to Ignore FREE!

 + Arab Media Doesn't Hide Violence Of War

 + Arab Media Bypass State Restrictions Via Iraq War

 + Watching Both Sides, Pakistanis Believe Arab Media

 + U.S. TV News Marches To Iraq War Drumbeat

Peace Movement Unsettled As Groups Ponder What Next
Focus slipped when American soldiers entered Iraq

Study Finds Mixed Success For "Embed" Reporting
Exciting, but often meaningless live coverage

Justice Dept. Prosecution Of "Lackawanna Six" Stumbles FREE!
Courts not going along with goverment claims of Al Qaeda terrorist cell

War In The Birthplace Of Civilization
Researchers concerned about damage to 3000 years of history

Cynthia McKinney cluster bomb
ABOVE: In 2001, U.S. forces dropped both deadly cluster bombs (cylinder at left) and food packets over Afghanistan, although Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Georgia) and others noted that children were being injured and killed after confusing the two objects

BELOW: The brightly-colored bombs and food packets were used again in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, with hospitals reporting that children were the heaviest victims of cluster bomb injuries and deaths

Iraqi child food backets
How Iraq Can Recover Its Plundered Treasures
Looters can be convinced to return the swag

For Children, Iraq War Casualties Have Just Begun
While many hospitals closed down partly or completely

Cluster Bombs Will Have Deadly Legacy In Iraq For Years
U.S. military dropped controversial weapons over civilian areas

Iraq War Blowback: The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Gains Momentum
"Bush is pushing us in this direction"

Immigrants Going Underground To Evade U.S. Registration
Like others from Muslim countries, Indonesians fear deportation

U.S. Military Expands Operations In Colombia
Increased spying, intervention in aggressive new 'Andean Regional Initiative'

Nervous OPEC Ponders Future With Iraq Oil In U.S. Hands
No sign if post-Saddam Iraq will join worldwide cartel

Cuba Cracks Down On Dissidents With Stiff Prison Sentences
Worst relations with U.S. in two decades

Elderly Workers Lose Jobs Because Of Weathered Hands
Lifetime of toil has worn away fingerprints, so elderly failing FBI "terrorism" security checks

Asia Skeptical Over U.S. Long-Term Success In Iraq War
'America fights Islam' a common headline

Anti-American Rage Defines Pakistan Politics
Islamic groups have most power since country founded

Pakistan Region Enacts Strict Islamic Law
Province closest to Afghanistan adopts the way of the Taliban

Enviros Bash Bush on Earth Day FREE!
"Impartial nominees are all we ask for -- there is too much at stake"

godfather saddam
Saddam's Role Model: The Godfather
Big fan of message in gangster movie

French Compare Bush Admin To "Dr. Strangelove"
Iraq war leads to Paris revival of dark, ironic 1964 film

Weapon Makers The Big Victor In Gulf War
Arms sales expected to be highest in two decades

GAO Finds "Just Say No" Programs Just Don't Work FREE!
D.A.R.E. has no long term benefits in stopping kids from using drugs

Threat Of SARS Virus Overblown
"If all the media coverage is right, then why aren't there a million dead already?"

China Mum On SARS Virus
State media quiet on pandemic spreading inside China

air pollition
Bush wants to roll back 1977 air pollution rules
Australia Documents Unparalleled Species Loss FREE!
1,500 species disappearing, mostly because of development

Will Justice O'Connor Remember Her Own Affirmative Action Help?
Expected to be swing vote on Supreme Court

Baghdad Diary: "No Place Is Safe"
Why do desperate people commit deplorable acts of mindless destruction?

Having Conquerered Iraq, U.S. Needs Crash Course In Iraq 101
Deals will be made, and made again

Cuba's Other Dissidents: Angry, Disaffected Youth
Generation Y wants out

Israel's Weapons of Mass Destruction Hit Primetime FREE!
If there is any bias here, it is for, not against, Israel and its policies

Last Straw At American Airlines FREE!
Nothing has hurt American as badly as the liars in top management

Peter Arnett Paid a Price for Being Truly Neutral FREE!
Journalistic neutrality means giving all sides the same critical scrutiny

For Lack Of A "Beautiful Mind" FREE!
The Bush crowd can't be bothered with the chaos and misery they've created

Bring Back "Body Counts" For Iraq Invasion FREE!
Unlike Vietnam, it is as if the killing never happened

Face To Face With Homeland Security Police On The Night Train
"Where are you from?" "Where are going?"

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bye-Bye, 40 Hour Week
 + Is There Anybody Here With a Lick of Sense?
 + The Crook, The Zionist, And The Old Spy
 + Plenty Of Other News Not Being Covered

 + If Bush Lied About Iraq, He Can Be Impeached
 + History? What History?
 + The Most Dangerous Days Lie Ahead
 + As We Try To Justify Savagery

 } Robert Scheer

 + The War On Critics Of The Iraq War
 + Media Has Shallow Sympathy For Iraq
 + Did U.S. Military Intentionally Kill Journalists?
 + U.S. Media Better At Saluting Than Reporting

 } Norman Solomon

 + U.S. Media Spins The "Good News" About Iraq
 + U.S. Encouraged Plundering Of Iraq
 + The Expected Iraq Nightmare Arrives
 + Which Side Will Give Up First?

 } Alexander Cockburn

caller The Caller FREE!
I had gotten such calls before in reaction to prior efforts at political activism. They invariably precluded response, consisting of irate venting followed by the crash of a slammed receiver. This call was different

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