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iraq water
Of all the reasons for invading Iraq, securing water rights was never mentioned because it implicates too many countries with volatile connections to Iraq, like Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Israel. Protest signs read, "No Blood For Oil," as American corporations salivated in line for the opportunity to win contracts to rebuild the ravaged infrastructure. Why did no anti-war protesters carry signs saying, "No War for Water?" They should have
Bush Won UN Approval Via "Bribes And Threats," Groups Say
14:1 Security Council vote followed strongarm techniques, lots and lots of money

Iraq After Saddam: Armed Gangs, Islamist Police, Coalition Torture
Amnesty International researchers allege coalition forces have tortured prisoners

Bush Hawks Quickly Turn Sights On Iran
Neo-cons propose covert ops to destabilize the government

Bush Seeks Full Control Over Iraq Oil Fields
Wants UN resolution legitimizing military attack on Iraq

American Rule, Not Democracy In Iraq's FutureFREE!
Two year occupation, aggressive plan to pump oil

Lethal canisters being emptied, used to store food

U.S. Strikes Truce With Major Terrorist Group
Sold itself to Repub right-wing as a kind of Iranian Contra org

Saudi Blasts Spell More Unrest, Violence Ahead
Birth of new, more violent Islamist movement post- Iraq war

Saudi Arabia Bombing Probably Not Al Qaeda
Target represents everything wrong with U.S. - Saudi relationship

Neo-Conservatives Target War With Iran
Wants covert operations to "take the fight to Iran"

Bechtel Deal In Iraq Leads Privatization Of U.S. Military
Unprecedented shift of military operations to private corporations

U.S. Rushes To Punish France For Opposing Iraq War
French angry at Bush Admin false information

Iraqi Militias Vie For Control Of Mosul
Northern city has become a battleground for rival militias

Arab World Believes U.S. Had Deal With Iraq Army FREE!
Conspiracy theorists believe elite Republican Guard was paid to abandon defense

Poll: Public Gave Bush His Shot On Iraq, But Not A Blank Check
Despite U.S. victory in Iraq, public opinion unchanged as to UN and role of U.S. in the world

"Saddam Spotting" Grips Arab World
Conspiracy theories abound

Bush AIDS Promises Misleading, Analysts Say
A fraction of the amount that Bush Bush in State Of Union speech

U.S. Depleted Uranium Ammo Will Kill Iraqis -- And War Vets -- For Years
Almost one-third of 1991 Gulf War vets now claim illness from "exposures"

British Minister Quits: Bush, Blair Broke Iraq Promises
Promised repeatedly that UN would have leadership role in Iraq

Bush Strongarms Mexico For Share Of Oil FREE!
Threatens to clamp down on border

After The Kurds, The War For Balochi Rights
Large ethnic group spread across 3 nations, mostly Iran

Turkey Backs Off From N Iraq Kurd Blockade
Possiblility of breakaway Kurdistan republic fades -- for now

Bush's Coalition Of The Tiny Wants Payback
Slovakia, Romania, others in E Europe now want a piece of Iraq

Russian Dreams Of Oil Empire Fades With Iraq Fall
Wanted to become world's leading oil exporter

Ashcroft Moves To End Victims' Rights Law
Law used by Holocaust victims to sue companies, banks that worked with Nazis

Three States Aim to Outlaw Eco-Protests FREE!
Texas, NY, and Pennsylvania debate new "environmental harassment" laws

Bush Wants Aggressive Nuke Program FREE!
Putting dangerous stress on nuclear proliferation

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Cheney Hires China Hawk For Major Asia Post
Yet another victory for neo-conservatives

Colin Powell's Job Gets Harder And Harder
Forced to negotiate with right-wingers at home as well as diplomats abroad

Why Ari Fleischer Should Have Resigned in Protest FREE!
Even Gerald Ford press secretary could admit mistakes were made

EPA Head Christie Whitman Quits Bush Cabinet sFREE!
Long humiliated, lone Cabinet moderate resigns

Bush Stonewall Of 9/11 Investigation Becoming Scandal FREE!
It couldn't be that they've got something to hide now, could it?

Enviros Point Out $58 Billion In Budget Cuts FREE!
Wasteful programs, destructive pork barrel polices

Who's In Charge Of Iraq Policy?
War between Pentagon and State Dept. raging

The SARS Panic

Thanks in part to an alarmist media, a madness has gripped Asia and North America. The American public still seems to be unaware that SARS poses a ridiculously low threat to the average Chinese citizen, and a microscopic threat to the average American

 + A Season Of Fear FREE!

 + SARS Generates Fear Of Animals In China

 + China Clamps Down On SARS Hysteria

 + Taiwan - China Clash Over Treatment Of SARS

Unusual World Economic Forum On Mideast Planned
Moving quickly to get piece of the action and keep out UN

Al Qaeda "Threat" On Norway Linked To Afghan Role
Norwegian fighter jets took part in the action around Tora Bora

U.S. Allowing Looted Treasures To Leave Iraq
Museum director says U.S. looked other way as antiquities were stolen

Israel Builds Wall To Keep Palestinians From Water
"Security" barrier gives Israeli control over the wells

New Palestinian Leadership May Dim Hopes for Peace FREE!
Choice of new security chief likely to radicalize many Palestinians

Muslim Fundamentalists, Vatican, Unite to Block UN Vote On Gay Rights
Vatican also pressured Latin American states

Ariel Sharon Cracks Down On Israeli Arabs
Rarely involved in Palestinian attacks on Israelis

Arafat Or Abbas: Who's In Charge?
New sense of desperation among Palestinians

Mideast Peace "Road Map" Puts Bush In Collision With Neo-cons
Most influencial Bush advisors want deal that favors Israel

In Cuba, The Return Of The Firing Squad
Death penalty for men who tried to hijack ferry and escape to U.S.

Cheney Firm Bribed Nigerian Official FREE!
$2.4 million in bribes to government official for secure tax breaks

Russia Starts To Rebuild Armed Forces
Called a move to Russia a global power again

Bush Wages Legal Battle Against Environmental Law FREE!
Report shows systematic effort to undermine key law

Great Fish Going the Way of the Dinosaurs FREE!
90% of all large fish in the oceans are gone

Water Demands Draining U.S. Rivers, Report Says FREE!
Two Bush Admin projects top 10 worst list

Vieques Rejoices As U.S. Navy Pulls Out
Puerto Rico island protesters win 60-year battle

U.S. Deporting Religious Refugees Back To Iran
Bush administration working with Iran to send Baha'i back to persecution

Corporations Blanket Schools With Industry- Friendly Messages FREE!
Free curriculum popular at underfunded, overstaffed schools

monoculture tree farm
Project Learning Tree, an educational program funded by the American Forest Foundation, teaches that "managed tree farms" are forests
Tobacco Firms Likely To Blunt World Pact On Restrictions
Recently released internal document from Philip Morris Asia show plans

Occidental Oil Sued For 1998 Bombing
Company charged with helping army kill civilians

Bush Undermines Clean Air Act, Claims Environmental Victory
"Clear skies initiative" eases EPA regulations on air pollution

U.S. Not Prepared To Monitor Biotech Crops FREE!
No EPA standards to audit or regulate biotech crops, despite recent accidents

Bush To Europe: Accept U.S. Biotech Crops Or Else FREE!
Wants WTO to force genetic foods on Europeans

Terry Nichols Charged With 160 Murders FREE!
Timothy McVeigh co-conspirator faces death penalty

Anti-Abortion Zealots Hate Solution that Will Cut Abortions FREE!
Emergency contraception hard to find in much of U.S.

Israel's View Of Road Map Leads To Dead End FREE!
More than ever before, Israel and American politics are bound together

Like Ancient Rome, America Shifts From Republic To Empire
Are we witnessing the birth of a Bush dynasty?

The Revivial Of McCarthyism FREE!
McCarthyism making its most forceful comeback via TV journalism

It Always Begins With A Single Act Of Courageous Disobedience FREE!
Bearing witness, following Gandhi

From Jail, Dialing Strangers For Help
U.S. wants to send back immigrant who fled Iran for his life

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + FCC Commissioners Accepted Payola
 + The Texas Legislature Train Wreck
 + Why Are Repubs Happy About Iraq?
 + Texas Bipartisanship Takes A Licking
 + Texas Repubs Take Meanness To New Level
 + Note To White House: Lies Count
 + Texas House Cuts Services, Jobs, Meds For Disturbed Criminals
 + Those Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction

 + Pentagon Aims Guns at Lynch Reports
 + Saving Private Lynch: Take 2
 + Bush And The WMD Follies
 + The Only Law West of the Tigris
 + Lying To Justify War Should Matter

 } Robert Scheer

 + Spin Control Is Serious Business
 + Decoding The Media Fixation On Terrorism
 + Why The FCC Rules Matter
 + U.S. Media Became PR Machine In Iraq War
 + A Different Approach For The 2004 Campaign

 } Norman Solomon

 + The Road Map Hoax
 + What's the Big Deal About Jayson Blair?
 + The Hunt For The Dem That Can Beat Bush

 } Alexander Cockburn

Flyer dropped over Iraq by U.S. forces during invasion


With the pressure on the Bush Administration to prove that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, will the White House fake evidence? While the odds of such planting seem less than even, speculation on the possibility drove us down memory lane. Likely or not in present circumstances, there is ample precedent for such covert action operations

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