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On Bended Knee II: The Press and the Bush Presidency
To veteran journalists, the U.S. media's gentle treatment of Bush is looking uncomfortably like the big rollover 20 years ago, during the Reagan era

Bush Hawks Want Military Occupation Of Postwar Iraq
Seen as first step in forced transformation of Arab world

UN Fumes As U.S. Breaks Agreement On Iraq Report
Bush grabs weapons report before anyone else can look

Of Course Iraq War Crisis Is About Oil, Say Industry Experts
Control of Iraq oil fields would give U.S. unprecedented power

Little Good News For Bush From Iraq War "Allies"
White House reacts angrily as rest of world won't play along

China's Sweatshop Toy Industry Dependent On U.S.
1.5 million peasant girls working 12+ hours a day

U.S. Stands Alone In Accusing Iraq Of "Material Breach"
Britain, France, China and Russia don't agree with Bush

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Enviros Fear Bush May Undo Decades Of Progress FREE!
Expect strong anti-environmental agenda to emerge in Jan

Lott Support Cuts Bush Credibility With Blacks
Bush blew a once in a lifetime chance to thaw the racial deep freeze for GOP
Election Lesson For Demos: Turn Left FREE!
Voters want to hear liberal ideas matter

Bush Finds Tough Going With Terror War Allies
Other nations just not following script
Canada Newest Member of U.S. Enemies' List FREE!
Claims nation is "not serious about fighting terrorism"

Bush May Dump Anti-Castro Aide In Top Latin Post
Infamous hard-liner Otto Reich apparently out

Trent Lott lets the neo- confederate mask slip

Trent Lott
Trent Lott in happier times, when his neo- confederate views were ignored by the media
Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott revealed his yearnings for the good ol' days of segregation at a tribute to Strom Thurmond, but the media ignored his comment until a groundswell of outrage made it significant issue. For a few days in early December, the public mask slipped a bit; Lott, like many Republicans -- and Democrats, including Bill Clinton -- have courted southern racists   (MORE on Trent Lott and neo-confederates)

 + The Heritage Of Trent Lott

 + Trent Lott's Whole Lot Of Trouble

 + Lott's Love Affair With Racism

 + But Strom Did Win In 1948

Judge Knocks GAO Out of Cheney Task Force Lawsuit FREE!
Three other lawsuits against Cheney still pending

Iraq's "Apology" To Kuwait Interpreted As Threat
Accuses Kuwait's leaders of plotting against Baghdad

S Korea Election A Major Defeat For Bush
A referendum on "Axis of Evil" label Bush gave N Korea

Poorest Nations Compete For Aid Under Bush Plan
Must meet 16 conditions to even qualify

Israel Denies Education To Palestinians, UN Says
More than quarter of a million children unable to reach schools

Controversy Over Bill Gates' AIDS Grant To India
$100 million donated as HIV/AIDS volunteers attacked and jailed

Rising Tensions Between Iran Moderates, Religious Right
Worst political crisis since the 1979 Islamic Revolution

The Rise And Fall Of Saudi Prince Bandar
Once the darling of Reagan conservatives, now the target of anti-Saudi backlash

U.S. Saudi Relations At New Low
Charged with support of radicals, not playing along with Iraq war plans

Afghan "Nation Building" On Back Burner
None of the progress promised over last year

Haida ancestor
19th century grave robbers sold the skeletons of the Pacific Northwest Haida people to museums for research
Canadian Native "Lost Souls" Return Home For Burial
New York museum returns bones of ancestors stolen in 19th century

Court Gives Scientists Access To "Kennewick Man"
Overturns earlier ruling that 9,000-year-old skeleton belonged to Native people

Free Leonard Peltier, Canadian Judges, Parliament Ask U.S.
Had also asked Clinton for Peltier pardon in Y2000

Chemical Arms Inspectors Slowed By Cash Shortfall
As Russia and other nations delay promises to destroy bioweapon stockpiles

Oil Is Focus Of Venezuela's Crisis
Would be crucial oil source if war with Iraq begins

For Big Bucks, Giuliani Joins Mexico City Crime War
$4.3 million to offer advice on "dramatic" law enforcement changes

Nicotine Patches, Gum, Don't Help FREE!
Effectiveness disappeared when aids became available without prescription

Canada Ratifies the Kyoto Climate Protocol FREE!
Now has to put implementation plan in place

Oil Companies Confess To Illegal Deals
Payoffs and human rights abuses going back to 1994

Murderer Of Abortion Dr. Appears To Prepare "Justifiable Homicide" Defense
Confessed killer apparently wants to justify Army of God zealots

Psy-Ops: The Fine Art Of War Propaganda
Psy-Ops: The Fine Art Of War Propaganda

Canadian Scrambles To Apologize For Bush "Moron" Remark
The friendly neighbor mask may have slipped a bit

Health Risks Of Common Chemical Far Worse Than SuspectedFREE!
Form of benzene found in gasoline damages nervous system

Media All-stars Applaud Journalist, Ignore His Story FREE!
Colombia writer says U.S. military trainers helped organize a massacre

Chicken, Turkey May Contain Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria FREE!
Poultry industry denounces studies as "unduly alarming to consumers"

Feds OK Navy Sonar Tests Likely To Harm Whales FREE!
U.S. gets permission for controversial test over 14M square miles of ocean

Spain Sues Oil Spill Tanker Owner, Operator, Captain FREE!
Worst ever oil spill at sea

Trade Talks Seek To Eliminate Civil Service Jobs
GATS could privatize mail delivery, schools, and utilities


Just days before Christmas, hundreds of men and teen-age boys from several Middle Eastern countries found themselves detained -- some in shackles and some flown hundreds of miles from home -- when they complied with new "USA PATRIOT" Act anti-terrorism orders to register with immigration authorities. Despite the fact that the Dec. 16 deadline has passed, immigration attorneys say men are still coming in to register and are being immediately arrested for reporting late

 + INS Arrests Foreign Visitors Who Followed Law

 + INS Arrests Inconsistent, Show Lack Of D.C. Leadership

 + Cities Declare "Civil Liberties Safe Zones" To Fight Patriot Arrests

Peace Movement Can Build On Bush Efforts To Discredit Iraq Arms Inspection FREE!
Overwhelming majority of Americans want inspection process to work

Killing Miranda FREE!
Bush Admin argues for abusive police before Supreme Court

HBO "Live From Baghdad" Peddles Old Lie
Repeats fake story of 1990 Iraq atrocities in Kuwait

No Child Left Alone By Military Recruiters FREE!
Few parents or educators know that they can opt out of military recruitment in schools

A Tale Of Two Brothers FREE!
University president flunks Ethics 101

Liberals Need Their Own Media Machine FREE!
No media treats the Bush administration with the skepticism it deserves

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + A Few Quotes To Live By
 + Mr. Scrooge Would Love The Republicans
 + Holday Book List
 + Pentagon Again Pushing Disinfomation Office
 + Bush Appoints Usual Scoundrels
 + The Old War Criminal Is Back

 + Dr. Laura's Sick Family Values
 + What if the Hunt for 'Evildoers' Aimed at Us?
 + Sept. 11 Probe Being Led By Coverup Expert

 } Robert Scheer

 + Media Year 2002, R.I.P.
 + Sean Penn's Image Gives Way To Substance
 + Top Buzzwords Of 2002
 + Media Downplays Risks Of War Casualties

 } Norman Solomon

 + Gore Bravely Cut Off His Funding With Anti-War Stance
 + Phil Berrigan And The Challenge Of Protest

 } Alexander Cockburn

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