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"Bush has said the U.S. will attack with or without the inspectors," said the Iraqi official. "So we're doomed if we do, doomed if we don't"

U.S. Not Prepared For Iraq War Civilian Crisis, Say Relief Groups
Once war begins, millions may flee Iraq

Pentagon's Plans For Big Brother Database
"This could be the perfect storm for civil liberties in America"

With GOP Election Victory, Hawks Press For Iraq War
Bush's right-wing advisory council forms new group to campaign for attack

Post-Saddam Iraq May Look Like Pre-Invasion Afghanistan
Some Islamist groups even more hard-line than Taliban

Bush Admin Squabbles Over Saddam Successor
Bush mulls: Military puppet, Islamic fundamentalists, or warlords?

New Justification For Iraq War: "Saddam Is Hitler"
Bush hawks try to raise the stakes

Bush Plays "What If" Game To Justify War FREE!
It's one thing to argue that we need to vigilant in our efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons, given the flaws in U.S. intelligence gathering. It's quite another to go to war on the grounds that "we don't know" how close a country is to acquiring them

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Kissinger Investigates? Investigate Kissinger FREE!
Probably least trustworthy person to probe 9/11

The Military's New War of Words
Rumsfeld's disturbing vision of information warfare
Bush Wants To Privatize Half Of Fed Workforce FREE!
Long time goal of Bush gang

New House Leader A Divider, Not A Uniter
Tom DeLay has earned reputation as a hard-right zealot

Insurance Companies Win Big As Congress Guarantees Bailout FREE!
Could cost taxpayers $100 billion

Bush Makes Full Court Press To Confirm Judges
Fast-track approval plan revealed the day after elections

New Senate Leadership Mostly Hard-Liners FREE!
Weasels take control of chicken coop

Colin Powell's Star On The Rise - For Now
UN vote on Iraq a win over Cheney- Rumsfeld gang

Helen Thomas
"Where is the outrage?" Helen Thomas demanded
Journalist Helen Thomas Slams Bush, U.S. Press FREE!
"It's bombs away for Iraq and on our civil liberties if Bush and his cronies get their way. Dissent is patriotic!"

Democrats Could Try Telling The Truth
Less gutless capitulation to Bush would be a good start

The Chickens Have Voted For Colonel Sanders FREE!
Repubs win big, although most Americans disagree with their views

Environment, Animal Rights Big Winners In 2002 Vote FREE!
Unprecedented 80% of land protection measures win approval

Repubs Seize Reins Of Power
Aggressive agenda guided by Christian Right expected

Enviro Groups Fear Republican Congress FREE!
Expect strong anti-environmental agenda to emerge in Jan

Dazed Demos Could Look to Brazil's New President
Liberal appealed to nation because he stuck to base principles

Why The Bush Crowd Hated Paul Wellstone FREE!
Bush Senior was overheard saying, "Who is this chickenshit?"

Conservatives Pushing 'Marriage For Welfare' Plan
Little support outside the Bush administration and its supporters

UN Security Council vote against Iraq

UN vote The unanimous vote in the UN Security Council supporting the U.S. resolution on weapons inspections in Iraq was a demonstration of Washington's ability to wield its vast political and economic power. Analysts say Syria had no choice. "Syria fears also that Israel could use a war with Iraq as cover for action against Syria," an analyst said. But the Arab League said it expects Washington to keep its word and not use the vote as "a pretext for war"

 + U.S. Turned Financial Screws For Unanimous UN Vote Against Iraq

 + Syria Trapped In Corner On Iraq Vote

 + Arabs Say UN Resolution Isn't Warrant For Iraq War

Ariel Sharon: Israel Should "Exploit" Hebron Ambush
Palestinians say that Israel using attack to justify re-occupation

Israel Election A Fight Between Right-Wingers
Sharon will try to be even more hardline than Netanyahu

The Other Elections: Islamist Parties Winning Big
In all five Mideast nations recently voting, opposition Islamist groups won or made significant gains

Dramatic Reversal: Arafat Finds Support, Sharon In Trouble
Notorious Israeli Prime Minister loses support

Sniper Case Breathes New Life Into Anti-immigration Movement
Conservatives quick to note that alleged sniper's companion was "illegal alien"

Brazil's New President More Nationalist Than Leftist
Protecting Brazil against abuses from U.S. and the financial policies it sponsors

China Makes Historic Concessions For Better U.S. Ties
Becoming major economic partner as U.S-Russia relationship chills

Record Turnout For D.C. Anti-War Protests
Over 100,000 march against war in Iraq

Bush Reject Of ABM Treaty Had Global Ripple Effect
One year later, harder to enforce weapon violators

Stakes High As U.S. Corp Sues Over Water In Secret Trade Court
Bechtel demands $25 mil after Bolivians rebelled against skyrocketing water rates

Bush Rolls Back Air Pollution Controls
Biggest setback in history of Clean Air Act


Scheduled to become an international treaty in 2003 and reduce effects of global warming, the Kyoto Protocol is now in jeopardy. At the recent UN global climate change conference, the Bush Administration nearly succeeded in dropping all references to the pact. "It seems [U.S. negotiators] are only here to sabotage, obstruct, weaken and delay proceedings," said the representative from one of the many enviro groups attending the conference in India. Angry reaction from Europe and the Third World forced a last-minute revision, but chances of success are now at risk as other major nations also seek to gut the treaty or scrap it entirely

 + U.S. Trying to Block Global Warming Controls FREE!

 + Kyoto Protocol is Human Rights Issue, Protesters Say

 + Australia, Japan, Canada Join U.S. Attack on Kyoto Protocol

 + Russia's Putin Caught Between Coal And Kyoto

S Africa Terrorism Linked To White Supremacists
Alleged plot to violently overthrow government

Bush Shifts Snowmobile Policy Into High Gear FREE!
Threw out 10 years of science under pressure of snowmobile lobby

Hard Times In Yugoslavia's Fierce Backwater
Montenegro fierce and freewheeling and still near anarchy

Abortion Foes Attack Clinics In PR Campaign
Trying to discredit and encourage lawsuits against abortion providers

In the wake of September 11, President Bush requested the largest increase in defense spending in two decades. As the Pentagon and Congress throw money around under the guise of fighting terrorism, the Pentagon has been able to ignore calls for reform and transformation; more than one-third of the $68 billion weapons procurement budget for this year will go to big-ticket, cold war-era weapons systems

In what lawyers call a "desperate" attempt to hold on to a billion dollar honey pot, Disney gambles over who owns the rights to Winnie the Pooh by making surprising claims. Meanwhile, a court of appeals turns down a Disney bid to overturn "massive and crippling" sanctions against the corporation for destroying evidence
 {  + Disney Loses Appeal On "Massive, Crippling" Damages

 + Disney Lawyers Claimed Pooh Was Public Domain

 + Disney Says Christopher Robin's Heirs To Retake Pooh Ownership

BioPharm Soybeans Destroyed After Experimental Genes Get Loose
Enviros had warned of nightmare scenario  

Feds Playing Biopharm Roulette FREE!
A risky experiment by an unregulated industry

Indonesia fire
Fire on Mt. Suharto, Borneo, March 1998
Indonesia Rainforest Fires Doubled Global CO2 Levels FREE!
Massive fires caused by slash and burn agriculture

New Health Hazards Linked To Highways FREE!
Studies find risk up to 30 times greater than normal

Schools Using Junk Food To Pump Up Test Scores FREE!
Desperate to meet Bush-mandated national test standards

Judge Blocks Navy Sonar Tests Likely To Harm Whales FREE!
Enviro groups won injunction with claim that tests violate law


oil spill
Enhanced radar image from a Canadian satellite of oil spill off the coast of Spain, taken Nov. 18, the day after the tanker sank. It would grow worse in the days that followed
When the tanker Prestige sank with 70,000 tons of fuel oil, Spain was unprepared to act quickly and protect the rich biological diversity on its coastline. But legal responsibility for the worst disaster since Exxon Valdez will be difficult to peg. "In addition to tax and drug-trafficking havens, there are other havens that make it possible to sail these veritable environmental time-bombs," said a former UN director. Friends of the Earth stated that there is a "crying need for tough new liability laws for environmental damage" It called also for a strict watch on shipping companies cloaking ownership to avoid liabilities

 + Sunken Tanker Continues To Gush Oil, Threaten CoastFREE!

 + Who Is Responsible For New, Massive Oil Spill?

 + New Oil Spill Reveals Gaps In International Laws

No Evidence Of Bush Mandate For War FREE!
Largest anti-war rallies since height of Vietnam War

Why Are All American Terrorists Veterans Of Gulf War?
Did Flores, Muhammad and McVeigh bring the war home with them?

A Mad Obsession With Saddam
Does Bush suffer a neurotic fixation with Iraq's leader?

Will Supreme Court Rule "3 Strikes Law" Cruel And Unusual?
Most sentenced to 25-life for petty crimes

The Rush To Execute The Washington Snipers FREE!
Prosecutors competed to make sure alleged snipers get a lethal injection

Seaport Security And Other Fairy Tales
If you believe the waterfront can be made secure, think again

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Thank GOP For Major Giveaway To Corp Tax Cheats
 + "It Can't Happen Here" ... Right?
 + Osama Is Back, And Bush Doesn't Care
 + Grabbing Away With Both Hands
 + It's Christmastime For The Special Interests
 + Latest SEC Scandal Just More Bush Admin Corporate Sleaze
 + For Bush, Politics Is Job One
 + Paul Wellstone A Sharp Contrast

 + GOP Stabs Unemployed In The Back
 + Bush Trying To Gut The Unions
 + Calling the GOP's Bluff
 + Bush Forcing Christian Right Views On World
 + War Hero McGovern Still Standing

 } Robert Scheer

 + "Eyewitness News" Is Anything But
 + Sham Iraq Vote At UN Security Council
 + Looking Backward At 2002
 + The September 11 Election Victory
 + Marketing War

 } Norman Solomon

 + Big Brother's Been Here For Years
 + Dare Call It Empire
 + The Anti-War 60s All Over Again?
 + No, It's Not The Economy, Stupid
 + Blowback: Military Violence Comes Home

 } Alexander Cockburn

Iran girls


Barbie, Symbol of The Next Iran Revolution
Anorexic doll represents equal rights among young women and girls

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