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First in our new series of exclusive reports from China: What do they think of Bush and the Terror War? Also, a chance encounter with an Iraqi in Beijing
Bowling for Baghdad
The Democratic loyal opposition again fails to offer meaningful opposition
Saddam Seuss cartoon Bush Speech Failed to Make Case for Iraq War FREE!
Detailed analysis of October 7 speech by Bush on Iraq

Russia Hostage Crisis Puts Chechnya Back at Center Stage
Putin has tried hard to downplay ongoing civila war

N Korean Nukes An Open Secret Since 1999
India has warned of Pakistan connection repeatedly

Taliban Are Coming Back In Afghanistan
Many Afghan-Arabs reportedly still "with bin Laden"

Many Nations Have Ignored UN Resolutions
Israel alone currently in viloation of over 30

Bush War Plans Undermining UN Credibility
Over- the- top lobbying by U.S. of Security Council member nations

Jimmy Carter Emerging As Leading Voice Against Bush War Plans
Nobel Peace Prize just part of dramatic challenge to sitting president

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Senate Panel Says White House May Have Acted Illegally FREE!
Suspended hundreds of regulations on inauguration day

Bush Unveils Lite Prescription Drug Reform
Suddenly discovers consumer issue two weeks before election

Despite Lack of Evidence, Bush Convinces Most Americans of Saddam Link to 9/11
Propaganda mill turns unreliable evidence into damning proof

The Spinelessness of the Democrats FREE!
The Democratic Party has enough guts to effectively challenge the Bush administration's ruinous policies

I, Rumsfeld
Defense secretary emerges as most aggressive player in Bush circle

Historic Iraq war debate
Whatever happens (or doesn't happen) in a U.S. conflict with Iraq, the historic moment came on the Senate floor on October 4, 2002

Christian Right Agitates For More Israel Support
Group claims thousands of churches will play violence-filled video of Israel enemies "on the attack"

Clinton, Israel Share Blame For Peace Talk Failure, Says Film
Documentary shows Clinton effort too little, too late

Israeli Siege of PLO Headquarters A Big Win For Arafat
Ariel Sharon-ordered siege gives his old enemy renewed credibility

Bush Infuriates Muslims By Naming Jerusalem Offical Israel Capitol
Israeli annexation of holy city never been recognized by UN or U.S.

Syria Worries: "After Iraq, It Could Be Us"
Settling score for nation's backing of groups tied to 1983 bombing that killed U.S. Marines

Study Finds Anti-Western Bias Among Arabs Just a Myth
First-ever study of Arab values and political concerns

Bush Finds Suprising Aid From China In Iraq War Plan
China careful to display neutrality and distance itself from Saddam

U.S. Senator Richard Lugar
U.S. Senator Richard Lugar examined Russia's chemical arsenal in May. Here he shows how easily a chemical weapons canister fits into a briefcase
Russia Seeks to Delay Bioweapons Destruction FREE!
Now won't destroy 44,000 tons of poisonous chemical weapons until 2012

Bush "War on Terrorism" Stumbles With New Attacks, Lack Of Support
Now a war on a dozen fronts with diminishing numbers of allies

European Left, Muslim Immigrant Forge Alliance Against Bush
"Unless the Middle East conflict is solved, going into Iraq is just going to make the whole area explode"

Study Proves EPA Toothless Since Bush Takeover
Fines against polluters have droped 80 percent as federal protections weakened

Acid Rain Far More Hazardous Than Earlier Believed FREE!
Entire forests weakened similar to humans with poor immune systems

New Study Supports India Women Fighting Birth Control Injections
Women's medical histories, risks, not often considered

Few Women In Zimbabwe Get Land Promised by Reforms
Controvertial redistribution of land from White farmers

In Starving Southern Africa, Women Risk AIDS For Food
More and more women are bartering sex for food

The Natuna banded leaf monkey is found only on Indonesia's Natuna Islands where no protected forest areas exist
Automakers Drop Electric Cars As Sales Sag
GM, Ford cite money lost to stop research, claiming vehicles impractical

Judge in Pooh Case Orders New Accounting FREE!
Judge slams accounting firm for pro-Diisney bias, sloppy work

1 in 3 of World's Primates Now Endangered FREE!
63 percent jump since Y2000

Seahorses Join Tigers, Rhinos on Endangered List
Illegal wildlife trade as profitable as drugs

Secret U.S. Biopharms Growing Experimental Drugs FREE!
"One mistake and we'll be eating other people's prescription drugs in our corn flakes"

Cigarette Marketing Can Undermine Even Strict Parenting FREE!
Most likely to lure teens of authorative parents

Fertilizer From Sewage Linked To Illness, Deaths FREE!
Increased risk linked to sewage sludge used as fertilizer

The bombs that killed 216 people in Bali last weekend sent a chilling message to Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim country. While Jakarta and Washington leaders were quick to pin the blame on the elusive al-Qaeda network, Indonesia has long played down the influence of its growing fundamentalist Islamic movement, who insist that the bombing was done by "American agents." Yet despite the importance of this new attack, the story faded from U.S. media after only a day
Bali Terrorism Was Wake-Up Call For Indonesia FREE!

Claim Of Al-Qaeda Link To Bali Terror "Reckless," Say Muslims
Indonesia's Homegrown Extremists FREE!

U.S. Media Coverage of Bali Terrorism Was Superficial

Bali Terrorism: History Repeats Itself, We Don't Pay Attention

Arab Activists Move From Street Protests To Basement Bomb-Making
When they marched in the street, nobody listened to them

Accused Sniper's Muslim Link Causes Fears Of Witch Hunt
Often vilified in media, African American Muslims worry about backlash

The Washington Sniper Probably Homegrown Terrorist
The serial sniper is likely the latest in an rogues gallery of homegrown terrorists

Leashing the Dogs of War FREE!
The rule of law becomes the law of the jungle

Why The Waterfront War Will Spread
If federal intervention succeeds in breaking the union, so will follow industry after industry

When One Honest Man Made a Difference FREE!
A 30 year-old tale of honor versus glory holds lessons for today

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bush Guts Corp Reform While You Weren't Looking
 + Bush Hits New Low By Rejecting UN Population Funds
 + Thank Bush For Your Food Poisoning
 + Cheap Shots at Jimmy Carter
 + Insurance Companies Turn the Screws
 + Remember Promises of Corporate Reform? It's Over
 + Pentagon Learns From Its Mistakes -- Sometimes
 + Who Owns the Water Owns Everything

 + N Korean Nukes Make "Axis of Evil" Less Simple
 + Mr. Bush, Heed Carter and Learn
 + Truth on Iraq Seeps Through
 + The Sun Can't Set on This Empire Too Soon

 } Robert Scheer

 + Media Lets D.C. Sniper Bump Off Election
 + Polls: When Measuring Is Manipulating
 + Sen. John Kerry's Unprincipled Change of Heart
 + Our Selective View of UN Resolutions

 } Norman Solomon

 + Don't Expect The U.S. To Ever Grant Prison Amnesty
 + Jimmy Carter and the D.C. Sniper
 + Dockers and Capitalists
 + October Surprises

 } Alexander Cockburn

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