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At a recent industry gathering, top oil executives discuss candidly the role that oil has played as the cause of a never-ending international war for almost a century
Our democracy on the ropes

Bush Ends UNESCO Boycott Started by Reagan
Apparently to show UN that Bush not a complete isolationist

Saudi Royals On Tightrope Between Islamists, Moderates
Religious extremists, civil rights movement both oppose aging regime

Palestinian Town Faces Collapse as Israeli Siege Wears On FREE!
Curfew has prevented residents of Nablus from working for 3 months

Countries Used Sept. 11 as Excuse to Censor Internet
Report finds clampdown in West as well as Asian, Islam world
The Bush Gang Dreams of Empire FREE!
It's now official. The United States now reserves the right to attack any nation at any time for any reason. The plan is actually a reprise of an earlier strategic proposal drawn up for the Pentagon by Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and Cheney's chief of staff Lewis Libby in the early 1990s. That plan envisioned a world where the guiding principle of U.S. foreign policy is establishing permanent U.S. dominance over the Persian Gulf region and any other part of the world where U.S. interests lie

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round
Bush Shifts Farther Right For Iraq War Rationale
Following thinktank demanding overthrow of all Middle East governments opposing Israel

Bush Forces Rush Decision on Iraq War
Congress has given itself very little time to consider full implications

Bush Ultra-Hawks May Have Overplayed Iraq Bluster
"I think some sanity has been restored to the sandbox"
Barbara Lee Was Right FREE!
Only member of Congress to oppose broad warpowers now looks like prophet

Project Censored 2001- 2002
Project Censored 2001-2002
Project Censored presents its strongest list in years with stories ignored by both mainstream and alternative press

Sept. 11 Made Life Harder For Palestinians
Ariel Sharon saw 9/11 as "green light" for suppression

Israel Taxes Humanitarian Aid to Palestine, UN Says
Continued harassment of UN relief ops

Arafat Power Base Eroding -- Which May Be Good For Palestine
New local Palestinian groups emerging

Pakistan - U.S. "War on Terror" Alliance Falling Apart
Different views on Iraq, Kashmir and al-Qaeda

One Year After 9/11, Pakistan's Religious Schools Unchanged
Religious extremists refuse efforts to drop militant lessons

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Bush cabinet member held in contempt of court; environmental protection rollbacks continue with little media attention; newspapers rewrite history of UN arms inspections in Iraq

Post-Sept. 11 Military Deals Result in China Encircled
Cold War II with China was goal of same advisors that want Iraq war

Japan - N Korea Breakthrough Upsets Bush Hawks
Ultra-hawks don't want friendly relationship between Japan and "axis of evil" nation

ICC Unlikely to Touch Military Environmental Crime FREE!
U.S. fears that it could be held accountable for environmental damage

Military environmental damage
NATO bombing of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia during the Kosovo conflict
Zimbabwe Gives White Farmers One Week Eviction Notice
New law speeds up controvertial land reform plans

As U.S. Attention Turns to Iraq, Afghanistan Slides Toward Chaos
Rumsfeld refuses to expand forces assigned to stabilize country

Israel Threatens War With Lebanon Over Water Project
Experts expect Israel to attack pipeline, creating new regional crisis

Future Looks Rosy, Oil Industry Says
Petroleum soon to be 40 percent of global energy matrix

Sparks Fly at Hearing on Bush Fire PlanFREE!
Would give timber companies rights to log national forests without public review

Farm Bill Hurts Everyone Except Big Agribusiness, Report Says
Generous U.S. subsidies of giants like ADM are destructive to poor farmers in Third World

Pinochet's Feared Covert Squad Reactivated, Rights Groups Say
Reportedly trying to block court probe into human rights abuses during dictatorship

coffee worker
Peruvian coffee worker and son
French Corp Giants Push for Water Takeover
Competing to supply and treat water around the world

Coffee Workers Face Ruin as Market Collapses
4 giant companies control over half of coffee market

Ethics Showdown Over GM Seed Focus on Africa
Countries facing famine still reject bioengineer seed

Tobacco Companies Targeted Asian-Americans
Promotions targeted corner stores, community events since mid-1980s

2 is Orange but Two is Blue FREE!
In the world of synesthesia, numbers, letters and words have distinct colors

Bush Not Following Rules Rules on Colombia Aid Set by Congress
Colombia army still has ties to death squads

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + The Creepy Bush Plan for World Domination
 + The Sickness of Infectious Greed
 + Fearless Leader Won't be Deterred
 + Billie Carr, Godmother of Texas Liberals
 + Bankrupcy Bill Reveals a Corrupt Congress
 + What People Power Looks Like
 + Cheney's Scam
 + Bush Plays the Old Shell Game
 + Public Relations on a Grand Scale
 + Media Snoozed, Bush Jogged

 + Bush Jumps the Gun With Preemptive Strikes
 + Looking for Weapons Given by Saddam's Mentors: Reagan and Bush I
 + Bin Laden: a Known Monster Before Sept. 11
 + Dick Cheney's Nightmare of Peace
 + Business Is Safe but Baseball Strikes Out

 } Robert Scheer

 + Spinning Media Gears for a Faraway War
 + Determined Journalists Can Challenge Injustice
 + Baghdad, Autumn 2002: City of Doom
 + Don't Mistake Colin Powell for Peacenik
 + What If We Didn't Need Labor Day?

 } Norman Solomon

 + An Entire Class of Thieves
 + Bush Should Worry About Greenspan, Not Saddam
 + The Most Dangerous Man in Washington
 + A Year of the War on Terror
 + Bush Forest Plan: Log it All

 } Alexander Cockburn

Hail to the Chief


Welcome to my NightmareFREE!
Life in post Orld Ar III

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