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The Anthrax Letters
MONITOR EXCLUSIVE:   A close look at the anthrax attacks reveals the deadly bacteria could only have been produced by a covert bioweapons program in violation of international law. Is that the reason why the FBI hasn't been able to catch the killer?

Save America, Spy on Your Neighbors FREE!
"Operation TIPS" recruits you for a government spy operation

Saudi - U.S. Relationship Going, Going...
$200+ billion pulled out of U.S. to protest rising anti-Saudi sentiment

Pope Beatifies Mexico Indians Who Spied For Church
Informed on their own community

Bush Turns His Back on World Summit FREE!
Victory for anti-enviro lobbyists, think tanks

Spillover From Corporate Fraud Will Cost Economy Billion$, Report says
Skittish foreign investors, job losses, and inflation a result

UN: 13 Million Africans Facing Famine
Fast action needed, but U.S. and other wealthy nations expected to ignore plea

Time to Investigate 9/11 FREE!
TIME magazine reveals Bush ignored terror warnings

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round
Bush Sneaks Subsidy Cheat Factory Farmer Into USDA
Bypasses Congress by appointing man who called Iowa a "state of peasants"

Bush Team Squabbles With Dad's Crowd Over Iraq War
Mr. "uniter not divider" alienates even old-guard hawks

Brent Scowcroft, Unlikely Peacenik
Washington insiders stunned by public criticism from key man under Bush Sr.

No Dissent Welcome at Bush Economic "Summit"
4 hours of cheerleading does not a forum make

Holding Dick Cheney "Accountable"
Dodging reporters since Halliburton scandal surfaced

Bush Signs Corporate Reform Law, Then Undermines It FREE!
Guts portions of bill before ink was dry

Congress Fights Over Special Bankruptcy Protection For Abortion Clinic Protestors FREE!
Right-wingers want to be sure clinic blockers can still avoid lawsuit judgements

Harvey Pitt's Job Insurance: Protecting Bush
SEC protecting 1991 Bush investigation from public eyes

Bush Ignored Facts to Withhold UN Aid
White House fact-finding team debunked China abortion story

Ariel Sharon's War On Palestine

 + Israel Complaining About Setbacks in Propaganda War

 + Human Rights Group Slams UN Report on Jenin Attack

 + UN Toothless in Mideast Crisis

Where's Ralph?
To really make a difference in our civic and political landscape, Nader must lure back the disaffected older voters who took a gamble and voted their consciences in 2000 but now feel betrayed and reach out to the disaffected older voters who were too cautious to take the leap but now feel as if those who did were fools. What will Ralph say to them?

Bush protester
Bush Fine-Tunes Enemies List
Iraq bad, Saudi's are good pals -- probably

U.S. Calls Zimbabwe Election "Fraudulent," Won't Recognize Government
Opposed to land reform plans (see story below)

As Half of Zimbabwe Near Starvation, White Farmers Fight Land Reform
4,500 whites owned 70+ percent of prime farmland

Riots in Venezuela as Court Debates Coup Leader's Fate
Supreme Court considers fate of military leaders of failed overthrow

Xerox Caught in India Accounting Fraud
Cooking the books and tax evasion

The Media And The Hatfill Questions
Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
The media smeared Dr. Steven Hatfill as the leading suspect in the anthrax letters by repeating information leaked by the FBI. But the U.S. press ignored some of the most incriminating questions about his past

Oregon Protesters Slam Bush Timber Plans FREE!
"Healthy Forests" plan would reduce or remove environmental restrictions

House Shoots Down Bush on Cuban Embargo
Although White House tried to claim Castro was "developing biological weapons"

Argentina Economic Collapse Leads to "Express Kidnaps"
Stash of cash, jewelry at many homes because no one trusts banks

Is "Left Behind" Evangelical Book Series a Blueprint for Bush Administration?
Israel: good -- Jews: misguided -- UN, Baghdad: bad

Indonesia Covering up 1999 Atrocities, UN Says
Instead of facing death penalty, all officers found innocent of crimes against humanity

Young Afghan Women Setting Themselves Ablaze
Rise after Taliban defeat tied to arranged marriages as 2nd wife

Russia Pushing Forward With Risky Gas Project
Widespread environmental damage feared in project with $4 billion funding from ExxonMobil

CIA Was In On Operation Condor Conspiracy, Memo Shows FREE!
Further implicates Kissinger in assassination plot

India Faces Economic Collapse as Worst-Ever Drought Looms FREE!
With resources strained to the limit, India faces farming collapse

State Dept. Asked Court to Drop ExxonMobil Human Rights Suit
Claimed that it might interfere with War on Terror

Ted Rall interview
Ted Rall interview
MONITOR interviews editorial cartoonist Ted Rall, who was among the stream of international journalists pouring into Afghanistan late last year. Rall has written a unique book -- half cartoon, half narrative -- that portrays a troubled country not far removed from the 14th century. To Rall, Afghanistan is a "clash between Islamic fundamentalism...left-over Soviet totalitarian dictatorships, mixed with its special witches' brew of tribal feuds and a Caspian Sea Oil rush"

One Million Russian Children Under 14 Working
10 - 30% slip into crime or prostitution

Microsoft Sets Sights on "E-Mexico"
Wants to sell government Internet kiosks for poor communities

Mexico Awash in Untreated Toxic Waste
Another 8 million tons buried or dumped in waters each year

No Fed Funding for Church-Centered Chastity Programs, Judge Rules
Churches were using money for revivals and religious programs

Colombia Paramilitary Splits Into 3 Groups
Expected to increase civil war bloodshed

Colombia Rebels Kidnap Entire Village
Over 1,000 taken as human shields in biggest mass kidnapping ever

The Politics of Solitary Confinement for Life
Years of solitary becoming routine in U.S. prison system

Authors Slam Amazon.Com for Pushing Used Books Over New FREE!
Great deal for everyone -- except the authors

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bush 's Folly: Plans for Fighting a War Without Allies
 + CEOs and Ashcroft's Selective Prosecution
 + Bush Economic Summit Shows Repubs Just Don't Get It
 + Class Warfare by any Other Name
 + Guilty as (Not) Charged
 + The Joy of Texas Mudslinging
 + Three Little Horrors Behind Enron Economics
 + Wall St. Scams and Born Again Populists
 + The Bad Lessons of the Telecom Bill
 + Widget World vs. Enron Economics

 + Simplistic Hunt for Evil in a Complex World
 + Dirty Dealings? Bush Is Shocked ... Shocked!
 + Attacking Iraq For the Hell of It
 + Another Bankrupt Idea From Congress
 + The Boom or Bush Cycle

 } Robert Scheer

 + Bush "Wagging the Puppy," Using Iraq Rumors to Distract Public
 + If a Media CEO Were to File an Honest Report
 + Fending Off the Threat of Peace
 + Media Forgets Iraq Had Reason to Block UN Arms Inspectors
 + All The Hallmarks of "Official" Scandal

 } Norman Solomon

 + Pro-Israeli Money Defeats Pro-Palestine Candidates
 + If War It Is... Here's Why
 + Don't Criticize Israel in Election Year
 + Why Bush Didn't Bailout Enron
 + The Stock Option Hog Wallow
 } Alexander Cockburn

Fantasies of Uncle Sam

American History Defined by "One Nation Under God" BiasFREE!
Religion and race used to justify superiority of white Americans in 19th Century

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