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President George W.: Follow the Money INSIDER DEALS CATCH UP WITH BUSH

This past Fourth of July, George and Martha were in the media spotlight together. No, not the Washingtons, the first First Couple, but George W. Bush and Martha Stewart, a symbolic First Couple of insider capitalism. Besides Martha Stewart (the domesticity-domme who stands accused of insider trading), and other alleged corporate malfeasants, Bush's own less-than-stellar corporate past has been revived. Bush's record as a private businessman -- a subject few journalists bothered to explore during the 2000 campaign -- is now deemed relevant, as Corporate America (Bush's home district) turns ugly.

Welcome to Post-Constitutional America FREE!
No precedent for Bush stripping prisoners of all rights

Saudi Arabia Admits al-Qaeda Suspects Being Held
But refuses to let U.S. interrogate the 13 Saudi nationals

Asia Poised For AIDS Pandemic
UN warns that virus spreading quickly even in rural areas

Evidence Growing of Atrocities Against Afghanistan War Prisoners
Americans allegedly were involved in mass deaths of 5,000

Another 9/11 NY City Casualty: Recycling FREE!
Mayor dumps glass, plastic recycling for at least 2 years to save bucks

Juror Talks about the Bari vs. FBI TrialFREE!
Police and FBI witnesses "absolutely were lying"

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bush Woes Mount at Home and Abroad
Republican loyalists, Euro allies distancing themselves from problem president

Stock Market Decline a No Confidence Vote on Bush FREE!
Sounds like a good time to invade Iraq

Ashcroft, Death Penalty Zealot
Pursuing death penalties in states that reject capital punishment

Will the Feds Prosecute Corporate Evildoers?
Bush "financial crimes SWAT team" won't be kicking down doors

Hawks Unhappy Over Improved Beijing Ties
Another effort to undermine Sec'y of State Colin Powell

Repubs Lose Only Congressional Black Conservative
GOP used J.C. Watts as mouthpiece and symbol of "inclusiveness"

Crime And The President's Restatement of Yearnings
"Shocked, shocked:" George Bush/Harvey Pitt steal lines from old movies

Prescription Drug Bill Written by Big Pill Industry
Billions would come from taxpayer subsidy of high prices

Why is Congress Ignoring Ashcroft's Failures?
Before Sept. 11, he shunned terrorism progams in favor of moralistic agenda

Senator Proposes Civil Liberties Director for FBI
Washington in no mood to hear about civil liberties safeguard

Ariel Sharon's War On Palestine

 + Palestinians Struggle With Years of Unemployment

 + Shallow Media Coverage Widens Gulf Between West and Arabs

 + Israeli Wall Around W Bank Hot Spots a Last Resort

 + Palestinian Anger Mounts as Israelis Tightens Noose

 + Deep Divisions in Arab World Over Bush Policy

The Killers of Teresa Macias Part II
On Monday, June 17, 2002, trial began in San Francisco in one of the most important federal civil rights cases in recent history. Dramatic testimony from the mother of a domestic violence homicide victim was heard, detailing her daughter's fear of her estranged husband, her vain attempts to have the laws enforced that should have protected her; and a moment-by-moment account of her murder. Before the second day was over, jurors and courtroom observers sat in shock at the announcement the County had agreed to pay $1 million to end the lawsuit -- the first time in history a law enforcement agency has paid damages for their role in a domestic violence homicide of Maria Teresa Macias. Here is the story behind this landmark women's rights case

Pinochet Case Over
Chile's highest court drops all charges against former dictator

U.S. Still Pushing For War Crimes Court Immunity
Now wants 12 month "Get out of jail free" card

New Zealand dolphins
No research has been conducted to determine if dolphins could be affected by the U.S. Navy sonar tests
U.S. Corporate Misconduct Even Worse in Third World
Many global companies operate without accountability in poor nations

30000+ Acres of Biotech Cotton Destroyed in India Mixup
Demonstrates problem of controlling genetically modified seeds

Navy Gets OK for Sonar Blasts That Could Harm Whales FREE!
Given permission to "harass marine mammals" with human- deafening sound levels

Bush Seeks Millions for Indonesia Police Training
Although training suspended in 1999 after human rights abuses

Workers, Retirees Bear Brunt of Argentina's Bank Collapse
Big account holders pulled out money early

Is Nuke Waste Coming to Your Backyard?
50 million Americans live very close to nuke waste routes

Oil, Mining Seen as Curse for Poor Countries
Study condradicts World Bank claims of trickle-down benefits

Drawing: Stephen Nash/Conservation International
Oil Consortium Seeks "Free Public Money" to Build Caspian Pipeline
Concerns that locals won't benefit from proposed $3 billion project

Julia "Butterfly" Hill Deported From Ecuador After Pipeline Protest
Joined Amazon activists in protest outside Occidental Petroleum HQ

Two New Monkeys Found in Amazon Rainforest FREE!
Underscores need to preserve disappearing habitat

N Zealand Covered Up Illegal Release of GM Seed
Government changed policies to aid bio-seed companes

Years After Kosovo War, Poison Air Lingers
Particles of toxic depleted uranium leading to cancer and leukemia

Pesticides Can Travel Thousands of Miles by Air FREE!
DDT and PCB easily spread by wind, researchers find

Study Finds Some Kinds of Stress Harm Immune System FREE!
But other kinds of stress may be good for you

Bhopal Survivors Seek Help From Plant's New Owner
Over 120,000 people remain chronically ill

bin Laden trail grows cold Ever-Elusive Usama Becomes Bush Headache
As bin Laden's trail grew cold and leads dried up, it began to dawn on the Bush Administration that making Osama bin Laden the bellwether for the war on terrorism might have been a mistake

Japan Passes First Domestic Violence Laws
But proof of physical abuse still needed for restraining order

Bush Effort to Link Drugs, Terrorism Alarms Colombia
"More weapons, more killings, and more suffering for our people"

Colombia Mayors, Judges, Declared "Military Targets"
Over half quit, flee after rebels give ultimatum

Bush Approves Colombia Funding Despite Paramilitary Ties
Tacit approval of army link to death squads

Little Remains of Russia's Pristine Forests
What remains is unprotected against logging

America's Top-Secret Prisoners
America's Top-Secret Prisoners
The USA PATRIOT Act, passed in October 2001, gave the government the flexibility to certify individuals as suspected terrorists and detain them up to seven days without charges. Given all the indefinite detentions, it's perplexing that the Department of Justice has not certified a single long-term detainee as a suspected terrorist under the PATRIOT Act. Instead, the Department is employing an obscure interim administrative rule enacted by the Bush administration to detain inmates indefinitely

Is The Inglewood Beating Really Another Rodney King?
A decade later, the cops and feds move to investigate quickly

One Jackbooted Step Towards a Police State
What the Bushies are doing to Jose Padilla is an outrage and could happen to any of us

Bush's Dirty Nuclear Bomb
Worry more about White House nuke storage plans than al Qaeda bomb

Bush Distorts History to Claim Reagan Legacy FREE!
Reagan reduced nuclear war threat, Bush seeks to encourage it

Supreme Court Voucher Decision Divides Blacks
But not enough kids in programs to tell whether vouchers can help poor and working class

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Blame D.C. as Much as Wall St.
 + Bush Harken Deals a New Scandal, Not Old News
 + Bush to Wall St: "We Will do Nothing"
 + The Blame Bill Clinton Crowd
 + Here's To Us All
 + Bush: Pro Fitness, Anti Democracy
 + Insurance "Crisis" Means Insurance Co Bailout
 + Bush Fighting War on 30 Fronts
 + Texas Demos Smell Blood

 + Cheney's Grimy Trail in Business
 + A Fox Is About to Reassure Us Hens
 + God's Got Nothing to Do With the Pledge
 + Bush Overplays the Terror Card
 + Flicking Fallen Angels Off the Head of a Pin

 } Robert Scheer

 + Media Bears Much Blame For "New Economy" Hype
 + Media Supports Bush Myth of the Corporate Sinner
 + The Army's Pumped-up Recruitment Video
 + U.S. Media Trapped in Closed Loop
 + A Modest Proposal for Media Reform

 } Norman Solomon

 + Can NY Times Hack Writer Save the White House?
 + Terror by Rail: Senate Approves Yucca Mt Dump
 + Will Tom Ridge Label Strikers as Terrorists?
 + Death, Juries, and Scalia
 + Colorado Fires a Timber Company Boon
 } Alexander Cockburn

Black Death


Black Death Probably Wasn't Bubonic Plague After AllFREE!
Catholic priests, not rats, are suspects in the spread of 14th century epidemic

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