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The Killers of Teresa Macias
On Monday, June 17, 2002, trial began in San Francisco in one of the most important federal civil rights cases in recent history. Dramatic testimony from the mother of a domestic violence homicide victim was heard, detailing her daughter's fear of her estranged husband, her vain attempts to have the laws enforced that should have protected her; and a moment-by-moment account of her murder. Before the second day was over, jurors and courtroom observers sat in shock at the announcement the County had agreed to pay $1 million to end the lawsuit -- the first time in history a law enforcement agency has paid damages for their role in a domestic violence homicide of Maria Teresa Macias. Here is the story behind this landmark women's rights case

Ultra Hawks Promote Muddled Plan For Iraq
Richard Perle heads the Defense Policy Board, a group of outside-the-Pentagon military intellectuals that advise the Department of Defense. His prejudices and biases carry beyond the talk-show circuit as he beats the drums for war in the land of Mesopotamia photo
U.S. stuns global food summit by insisting that there is no basic human right to food while millions near starvation in Southern Africa


Pakistan Nuke Missles Linked to N Korea
Pakistan believed trading miniaturized nuclear warhead technology for missles

India, Pakistan Dispute Over Water Rights Behind War Fever
Fears that India will claim water shared under 42 year-old treaty

U.S. Rejects "Right to Food" Concept at Global Summit
Fears "right to food" could mean the hungry could sue governments

Congressional Hearings Target Enviro Activists as "Terrorists"
Subcommittee chair Rep. Scott McInnis (R-Colorado) makes "eco-terrorism" his new crusade

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Robert Mueller, Sept. 11 Fall Guy
Only FBI head feeling the heat -- not CIA's Tenet or Donald Rumsfeld

Washington Ignoring Economic Meltdown
Unemployment, public company failure rates zooming

John Bolton, Point Man at State Dept for Right Wing
Considered Senator Jesse Helms' political heir

Sept. 11 Probe Leads To Bush FailuresFREE!
Were security lapses caused by negligence, incompetence, or conflict of interest by the Bush administration?

The Bush Sept. 11 Coverup
January article on CIA contradicts White House claims that Bush wasn't informed

Why is Bush Stonewalling 9/11 Probe? FREE!
Congress member points out family investments profited afterward

Bush SEC Head Protecting Cronies, Not Investors
House, SEC slap down crusading NY Atty General

D.C. Tells States: Don't Invesitgate Enron-Like Scandals
House, SEC slap down crusading NY Atty General

Bush-Euro Relations Chill Over U.S. Support Of Sharon
U.S. rightwing charges Europeans are anti-semetic

Anti Arafat Ads Blanket D.C. TV
Pro-Likud hawks, U.S. rightwing think tanks behind commercials

Christian Right Lobbying Hard For Ariel Sharon
DeLay warned Bush not to interfere with Israeli actions in W Bank

Ashcroft's Anti-Choice Views Guiding FBI, Justice Dept
Wouldn't denounce man who promised abortion clinic killing spree

Ariel Sharon's War On Palestine


 + Tensions Rising Between Arafat and Palestinian Militants

 + Israel's Hefty Defense Budget Has High Social Cost

 + Israeli, Palestinians Take War Break to Clean House

 + Israel Travel Crackdown Threatens UN Relief Ops

 + Rights Group Finds No Massacre, But War Crimes Likely

Drug Industry Finds Itself Under Fire In D.C.
Congress, fed investigators looking at illegal practices

S America Irate Over U.S. Farm Bill
Canada, Australia, also angered

Y Galapagos   iguana
Galapagos iguana views the stranded tanker, January 2001
Near Kashmir Border, India Villages Brace for War
Over one million India and Pakistani soldiers in stand-off

Exodus of Foreigners From India Heightens Nuke Fears
Unprecedented withdrawl of UN staff, diplomats from major nations

Tanker Oil Spill Decimated Galapagos Iguanas FREE!
Relatively small oil spills can be more damaging than believed

Bush Gets Big Funding Hike in Foreign Army Training
About half of countries enrolled have poor human rights record

The Road To Yucca Mountain Nuke Dump Leads Through Skull Valley
Small Utah tribe could find itself "temporarily" with nuke waste for 40 years

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Bush White House sounds like Captain Queeg in Clinton vandalism probe; secret court for authorizing covert ops becomes even more secret; common ag pesticide destroys ability to fight cancer

Aung San Suu Kyi
Nobel Peace Prize winner Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
Russia Moves Against "Political Extremists"
Official estimates of up to 20,000 extremists in Moscow alone

Hungry Kids Prone to Suicide, Flunking FREE!
More likely to attempt suicide, suffer from depression and do poorly in school

Burma Dictatorship Releases Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi FREE!
Calls the day a "new dawn" for country

Burma Watchers Ponder Junta's Reason For Activist's Release
Rumors of schism within ranks of the military rulers

The Tobacco Industry's Smoking Guns
smoking gun

Documents show that tobacco companies have stepped up efforts to undermine anti-smoking health programs internationally, spying on opponents and funding youth tobacco awareness programs that were intended to gather information while weakening govenment regulations


 + Big Tobacco Bribes, Undermines World Restrictions
Efforts to discredit anti-tobacco groups
 + Tobacco Companies Illegally Spied on Health OrgsFREE!
Monitored "anti's" for disinformation campaign

 + Big Tobacco Undermined Public Smoking Bans
Back-door campaign against smoking restrictions

 + Anti-Smoking Youth Ads Designed to Promote Cigarettes FREE!
Most important was helping D.C. lobbying and advertising

Philip Morris Threatens Thailand Over Warnings On Cigarette Packs
Claims that health warnings on pack violate company free speech

Occidental Backs Off Plans To Oil Drill On U'wa Homeland FREE!
Colombian tribe fought petroleum giant for ten years

Probe of Venezuela Coup Attempt Stalls
Rumors that military plans another attempt to overthrow government

Is Earth Near C02 Limit? FREE!
More studies find grass, trees, near saturation levels

It's Official: Yuppies Are China's New Role Models
Goodbye, doctrine of "class struggle"

Unique Matriarch Society Documented in New Book FREE!
One of the largest ethnic groups in Indonesia

More Patients Die in For-Profit Hospitals FREE!
Study of 38 million patients finds significantly less risk in non-profits

Judi Bari vs FBI trial
FBI agents and Oakland Police officers are charged with false arrest, illegal search and seizure, and conspiracy against Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney by smearing them and the Earth First! environmental movement in the aftermath of the the May 24, 1990 pipe bomb explosion

Judi Bari
Judi Bari recorded a videotape deposition a month before her death
Jury Awards $4.4 Million Damages to Bari and Cherney
For free speech violation, false arrest, unlawful search by FBI and Oakland Police

 + Jury Begins Fourth Week of Deliberations
One of the longest jury deliberations in memory

 + Police, FBI Call For Mistrial After Rally
Judge admonishes Serra for rally comments, bars legal team from observing jurors

 + The Case Goes to Jury
Federal lawyer opposes letting jury read Consititution

 + Tony Serra Makes The Case
Famed San Francisco criminal defense lawyer closing arguments

 + After 12 Years, Judi Bari Has Her Day In Court
Jury moved to tears by video deposition

 + Why the Bari Trial is Historic
Progressive leaders speak out

 + Darryl Cherney Testifies
Laughter, intense questioning mark testimony

 + "I Relied On The FBI -- They Were Experts"
Testimony of Sgt. Michael Sitterud

How Can I Never Repay You? The CEO Loan Racket
Multi-million dollar loans are routinely forgiven, written off as a corporate expense

Greenspan for Dummies
Homespun advice is little help when our markets are rife with crooks

Hello, Help Me Sneak Away my Dishonest Fortune FREE!
"The Old Nigerian Scam" appeals to your greed

Bomb Case Won't Close Book On Hate Violence
Recent prosecution of 1963 bombing shows feds still reluctant to tackle race crimes

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bush Handed Over Consumer Protection to Big Industry
 + Texas GOP Convention Hears The Golden Oldies
 + Cheney Business Scandal Finally Gets Some Attention
 + Bush Do-Nothing Solution for Global Warming
 + Financial Fraud And Fakery, Part III
 + Financial Fraud And Fakery, Part II
 + Financial Fraud And Fakery, Part I
 + Bush Rightwingers Clueless on Cuba
 + The Predators of Juarez
 + Surreal Views Of Bush And Sharon
 + Karen Hughes And Women's Choices
 + The Bushies' Motto: "We Have No Idea What To Do"

 + Arafat, by Feeding on Martyrdom, Dooms His People
 + We've Had Enough Witch Hunts
 + The Job Has Become Too Big for Ashcroft
 + Hiding Behind a Veil of Executive Privilege
 + Lights Out on Bush's Excuses
 + Bush's Wag-the-Dog Policy on Iraq
 + Blame Church Arrogance, Not Society

 } Robert Scheer

 + Press Learned Few Lessons From Watergate
 + Nuclear Weapons and Media Fog
 + Threat of Nuclear Horror Contrast to Hyped "War on Terror"
 + Media Strategy Memo to George, Dick, and John
 + The Case of the 9-11 Photo
 + From Barbie To Botox

 } Norman Solomon

 + Don't Forget U.S. Was Bioweapon Pioneer
 + Greens as "Spoilers," Already?
 + Bread, Coffee, Beer
 + Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticize Israel?
 + Dick Armey Tells Palestinians: Get Out
 + Sharon's Final Solution For Palestine
 } Alexander Cockburn

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