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Israel protest
A Palestinian woman holds a poster during a sit-in demonstration staged in front of the United Nations offices in Damascus on April 2. Around a thousand Arabs jammed the streets of Damascus to support of the Palestinian uprising and protest against Israeli troops tightening their siege on Arafat's West Bank headquarters.

REUTERS/Khaled al-Hariri


 + Attack On Jenin Was Act Of War FREE!

 + Israel Defies UN Investigation

 + Walking Among Bodies in Jenin

 + Israel Plays Word Games To Avoid Jenin Probe

 + Israeli Assault Transforms Arafat's Image In Muslim World

 + Israeli Forces Using Civilians As Human Shields

 + Israel Using Food, Water, As Weapon Of War
 + Report From American Witness FREE!

 + Israelis, Americans Must Speak Out Against Sharon's Folly

 + UN Shocked At Israel's Systematic Brutality
 + Eyewitness Dispatches: A Sickening, Bloodcurdling HorrorFREE!

 + Israel Violated Geneva Conv. With Attacks On Civilians

 + Attack On W Bank Limits Hope of Arab - Israel Dialogue

 + Experts Say Little Chance Of Arab War Against Israel
 + Israel's State Terrorism FREE!
 + Water Is Root Of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict FREE!

Rage Against Israel Builds In Egypt
Government appears unable to contain public anger

Like many short-term loans targeting the working poor, the interest and fees charged on "instant refunds" don't seem bad because they aren't generally disclosed in percentage terms. While typical interest and fees of $29 to $89 might seem reasonable, these loans -- with a term of approximately 10 days -- have annual interest rates that range from 67 to 774 percent. According to a recent report, H&R Block made $68 million in profits on these loans in 2001 alone

Bush Mideast Policy: Too Little, Too Late FREE!
Bush foreign policy has been to whine about failures of Clinton foreign policy

Jim Hightower
Jim Hightower's "Rolling Thunder Down-home Democracy Tour" brings the party back to politics
Bush Quickly Losing Ground With Allies
Increasingly isolated as Europe, China, Arab world distance themselves from his policies

Jim Hightower's Progressives Without Platitudes
Is Rolling Thunder coming to your town?

Wealthy Center Browbeats Media To Support Bush Terror War
Success in making patriotic credentials of newscasters an issue

Next Stop, Londonistan
England's capitol called heartland of violent Islamic extremism

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Bush Stance On Israel Shows Rightwingers Firmly In Control
Coalition views Israel as U.S.'s only strategic ally in Mideast

Pentagon Seeks Exemptions From Enviromental Laws
Draft bill in Congress is "license to ravage the earth" say enviros

Supreme Court Upholds Cruel "One Strike" Policy
Elderly kicked out of public housing if relatives caught with drugs, even blocks away

Judi Bari vs FBI Trial
FBI agents and Oakland Police officers are charged with false arrest, illegal search and seizure, and conspiracy against Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney by smearing them and the Earth First! environmental movement in the aftermath of the the May 24, 1990 pipe bomb explosion

Judi Bari rally
Over 500 supporters of Earth First! and the late Judi Bari rallied on the opening day of her trial

PHOTO: Nicholas Wilson

 + FBI, Police, Weren't Interested In Taking Statements
Bari, Cherney, and supporters eager to cooperate and help authorities find the bomber

 + Jury Examines Judi Bari's Bombed Car
Jury, reporters get rare look at crucial evidence

 + After 12 Years, Judi Bari Vs. FBI Trial Begins
Long-awaited trial begins in Oakland

Muddled Bush Foreign Policy Stirs Confusion
Colin Powell wanders Mideast as Bush undermines peace mission

Iraq's 30-Day Oil Embargo Most Likely To Hurt Poor Countries
U.S. unlikely to suffer because of anti-Israel protest

Yellowstone buffalo
Enviros say the bison in Yellowstone are following snowmobile trails leading outside the National Park, where they are killed
Iraq Emerges From Arab Summit With More Support
Insurance against attack from U.S.

Indonesia, Malaysia Tell Bush: Take Your Terror War Elsewhere
Crackdown would invite backlash from extremists, some backed by Indonesian generals

Bush Terror War Allies Calling in Their Debts
Ruthless Uzbekistan dictator comes calling at the White House

Death Sentence Faces Bison Outside Of Yellowstone FREE!
Montana slaughtering buffalo without testing for disease that may sicken cattle

War Crimes Court To Start In July
But can't consider earlier events, such as current Israeli-Palestinian violence

Australia Fabricated Story To Stir Anti-Refugee Hatred
Navy made up claim about children tossed off boats

Mexico Tricked Natives Into Sterilization
Compensation promised for vasectomy included several bags of cement

Energy Projects Subject to Murky Funding, Study Shows
World banks can withdraw from controversial projects, yet still fund indirectly

Neo-Nazi Violence Growing In Russia
Official estimates of up to 20,000 extremists in Moscow alone

Significant Extinctions Loom In 1 Of 4 States FREE!
At risk of losing at least 10 percent of their native species

Venezuela's Two Day Coup
VENEZUELA'S TWO DAY COUP D'ETAT Conservative business interests ousted Venezuela's elected president Hugo Chavez, suspended the constitution, and setup a right-wing government. Overnight some 100,000 gathered in protest, leading the bulk of the military to realize that they faced a widespread popular revolution. The new government had little choice but to resign after one day in power. But in its one day in control, the Bush administration rushed to embrace the anti-democratic forces

Venezuelans Suspect U.S. Role In Coup
U.S. military officials allegedly in place before coup attempt
 + Behind Venezuela's Two-Day Coup d'EtatFREE!
Timeline of events leading to coup attempt

 + Venezuela Media Didn't Cope Well With Coup
Pro-coup TV played cartoons, soap operas to keep public in the dark
 + How Democracy Survived In VenezuelaFREE!
Faction didn't understand Chavez' wide popular support

High-Tech U.S. Trash Floods Asia
A Chinese woman prepares to smash a computer monitor to remove the copper inside (PHOTO: © Basel Action Network)
Most Poor Battered Women Don't Seek Help, Study Finds FREE!
Only 3 in 10 seek help, mostly from family and friends

IMF Tightens Grip Over Argentina
Nation finds IMF has blocked all ways out -- except its own

High-Tech U.S. Trash Floods Asia FREE!
Chinese region where 100,000 break apart obsolete computer parts

Women's Rights in Gulf Region Take One Step Forward, One Back
But status in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait still dismal

French Voters Suffer Election Day Hangover
Le Pen victory attributed to people who thought vote didn't matter

The Dingy Closets of the Catholic Church
Vatican has allegedly paid over a billion dollars in priest pedofile settlements

Dear Old Friend And War Criminal
Why did you lead your soldiers to a war against a civilian population?

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Clinton To Blame For Mideast Mess, Right Insists
 + The Mystery Of The Drunken Goat
 + Moral Clarity Meets Reality
 + Repubs And Their Tax Games
 + So Where Are The Democrats?
 + Bush Discovers The World Of (Not) Black And White
 + Bush Repeating His Texas Mistakes
 + The Sheer Stupidity of America's Health Care System

 + The Palestinian Side Must Be Told
 + Sharon Wears The Oppressor's Cloak
 + U.S. Jews Can't Ignore Sharon's Monstrous Behavior
 + Bush Fiddled While Mideast Burned
 + Values Fall Prey to Hypocrisy

 } Robert Scheer

 + The Risks Of Conspiracy Hucksterism
 + Media Spins And Flip Flops
 + NPR And The Fallow Triumph of Public Radio
 + U.S. Media Parrots Bush Stance On Israel
 + Journalists Under Attack Worldwide

 } Norman Solomon

 + The Lonliest Road
 + You Can See The West Bank From Mississippi
 + Sharon Can't Supress News of Israel's Brutality
 + The Year of the Yellow Notepad
 } Alexander Cockburn


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