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Michael Moore, Rock Star
Thanks in part to the publisher's attempt to kill his new book, "Stupid White Men," Michael Moore finds himself with a bestseller. Take the energy of a tent revival, add a political message, deliver it with comic flair to rival Chris Rock's, and you've got Michael Moore's nationwide book tour, coming soon to an indie bookstore, college campus or church auditorium near you


Does WS Journal Share Blame in Reporter's Murder?
Editor quoted as saying that they were assisting war effort two days before kidnapping

Bush Wants $100 Million To Protect Colombian Oil Pipeline
Occidental Petroleum wants its investment protected

Pursuit of Al-Qaeda May Lead to Russian Confrontion Over Pipeline
U.S. Special Ops might be going to region with coveted Russian oil route

Non-Disaster Charities Rush to 9-11 Bandwagon
Missouri program to neuter pets, Alaskan cooking association among groups that won coveted nonprofit status from IRS

Palestinian "Martyr Brigades" Are Wild Card in Ceasefire
No problem finding suicide bombers or volunteers for "martyrdom operations"
MORE coverage of Israel - Palestine war

bomb Bush's "Nuclear Posture Review" harkens back to the days of "Dr. Strangelove," with the U.S. claiming right to wage unlimited, undeclared war on anyone it wants. Historically, Washington has taken the position that it would use nuclear weapons only as a last resort and only against nuclear- armed states. But the new review suggests that nuclear weapons could be used in other circumstances and it cited seven nations -- China, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Russia, and Syria -- as possible targets. "The NPR blurs (the distinction between war-fighting and deterrence) by calling for development of new nuclear weapons," according to the Center for Arms Control. "Developing 'usable' nuclear weapons with perceived military value will encourage other states to pursue similar capabilities"


 + The Return of Nuclear Insanity FREE!

 + Bush Proposal Blurs Defensive, Attack Use

 + China in "Deep Shock" After Bush Calls it Possible Bomb Target

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Wall St Worried That Bush Terror War Spinning Out of Control
Promise to help "governments everywhere" fight terrorism is blank check

Right Wing Ramps Up For Public Opinion War
Top GOP donors, advisors, form group to sustain PR for terrorism war

Bush to America: Mind Yer Own Business
Bush/Cheney secrecy "principle" flaunts basic principles of public service

George's Taxtime Gotcha
Line 47 on this year's tax forms takes back last year's $300 "rebate"

"Axis of Evil" Speechwriter Leaves for Rightwing Think Tank
Illustrates web of connections between American Enterprise Institute and White House

Bush, Teamsters Make Odd Bedfellows
White House promises union jobs in Arctic Refuge oil drilling bill

Bush Gaffes Anger, Puzzle Asia FREE!
North Korea calls him "a politically backward child"

Bush Drug Czar Hiding Real Costs of the Drug War
About $8 billion hidden in budget by Enron-like accounting trick

Is Ariel Sharon Bush's Role Model?
Both draw power by provoking hatred from other nations

European Union Ratifies Kyoto Protocol
Enviros cheer agreement by largest group of industrialized nations yet

China Shaken By Bush's Position On Taiwan
Take-it-or-leave-it stance the opposite of Clinton, Nixon diplomacy

Snowmobilers Invading Remote Yellowstone Wilderness FREE!
Bush threw out 10 years of science under pressure of snowmobile lobby

Army of God Declares Solidarity With Muslim Extremists
Violent anti-abortion terrorist underground cheers beheading of gays in Saudi Arabia

Yellowstone snowmobiles
Snowmobiles line up at the gate to enter Yellowstone National Park, where they pollute the air and frighten the wildlife
Schools, Ambulances Not Spared in Israeli Attacks
UN ambulance hit by missle, aid worker shot in head

New Israeli Checkpoints In West Bank Raise Tension
Pregnant women apparently shot while rushing to hospital

Mideast Experts Skeptical on New Palestine State
Proposed jigsaw-puzzle nation like South Africa apartheid

Optimism Surrounds Saudi Peace Plan
Arab world mostly rallied behind proposal

Syria, Others Point to Holes in Saudi Peace Plan
No mention of 3.5 million Palestinian refugees, Israeli colonies

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   The real shadow government that wants to kill all government regulations; Presidio chief resigns in disgrace

Oil Company Gets Drilling Rights From Amazon Tribe With Little More Than Soccer Balls, Whistle
Other oil companies have signed similar agreements

Tibetan antelope
Baby Tibetan antelope
Muslim Hatred in India Fueled by Anti-Islam Tour Guides
Lies about damaged Hindu temples encourages fundamentalist hatreds

Endangered Species Traders Arrested in India FREE!
Prized shawls made from wool of disappearing Tibetian antelopes

Asia Trade In Bear Gall Bladder Medicines Booming
Thousands of bears captive in Chinese bile farms

Right-Wing PR Seeks To Label Most Enviros "Eco-Terrorists"
Tarring the entire green movement as extremists

The Pooh Files
The Pooh Files

pooh mystery  + Pooh Audit May Be Tainted By Conflict Of Interest
In a strange turn, Disney asked the court to seal records about their former attorney's divorce, as it was learned that the lawyer had personally hired the same accountants that were court-appointed to impartially audit Disney income

 + California Supreme Court Rejects Disney Appeal
Disney wanted to overturn a lower court's decision to slap the media giant with stiff penalties for willfully destroying documents it had been ordered to preserve

 + Disney Allegedly Had Reporter Fired Over Pooh Coverage
Writer suing Disney and the New York Post after editors at the Post allegedly caved in to pressure from Disney to fire her for her articles on the case

E Timor Refugees on Brink of Starvation
Two months after Indonesia stopped humanitarian aid

Intimidation From Indonesian Army in E Timor Genocide Trial
Officers "were only doing their duty" says army head lawyer

Swiss Court to Crooks, Terrorists: Launder Your Money Here FREE!
Token fine for Russian culprit caught red-handed laundering $60 million kickbacks

Older Eyewitnesses May Be Unreliable, Study Says FREE!
Crime witness more likely to make mistakes after age 60

Few Doctors Trained To Look For Adverse Drug Reaction FREE!
Cause of more than 100,000 deaths annually in the U.S. alone

Discovery Sheds New Light On Operation Condor
Uncovered files called gold mine of info on S American dictator "archive of terror"

New Side Effect of Global Warming: More Allergies FREE!
Pollen production may rise significantly over next 50 years

Oil Wealth Fuels Repression In Sudan
Most oil profits spent on military buildup, escalating 19 year-old civil war

Web Site Heckles Repubs Over Enron TiesFREE!
Embarassed politicos caught with their contributions exposed

The Fragile Shadow World of Illegal Aliens
Discovered after a car accident, his American abruptly ended

Howard Zinn: The Great Deception: Elusive Enemy, Endless War
Is it possible that the war being waged is really a war against us?

Remembering H. Rap Brown
Murder conviction of Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin closes a chapter on the 1960s

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Rushing to Trash the Environment
 + Treat Arthur Andersen Like Andrea Yates
 + Triumph of the Swill
 + From MAD To Idiocy
 + When Will We Get Fed Up With The Bush Giveaway?
 + Weird, Wild Texas Primary Politics
 + The Long Road To Yucca Mountain

 + Adoption Vs. The "Values" Police
 + The Fallout of Desperation
 + The Evil That Was Nixon
 + What's God Got to Do With It?

 } Robert Scheer

 + Bernard Goldberg's "Bias" Gets The Facts Wrong
 + Is "TV Journalism" An Oxymoron?
 + Terror, Retaliation, and Other Slippery Words
 + Office of Strategic Influence Nothing New

 } Norman Solomon

 + Will Bush Attack Iraq?
 + Billy Graham Encouraged Nixon's Worst Side
 + The Politics of a "Bumper Crop" of Opium
 + What Role Did WS Journal Have in Daniel Pearl's Death?
 } Alexander Cockburn

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