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The Puzzle of the Enron Coverups
The Puzzle of the Enron Coverups What were the documents that were fed into the shredder -- even after the corporation declared bankrupcy? What is the White House fighting to keep secret? Were the consequences of releasing these documents more damaging than the consequences of destroying them?
WEF protester


Greenest Olympics Games Ever? Not! FREE!
Promises of environmental protection largely abandoned in Salt Lake City

Olympic Torch Bearer Uniforms Made In Burma Sweatshops
Olympic officals blame Salt Lake City organizing committee

Taliban Prisoners Dying In Afghanistan Lockups
U.S. ignoring treatment of rank and file Taliban

Bush Crackdown on Immigrant Rights Alarms Judges
Immigration judges cite new rules that allow INS to obtain secret hearings, ask for independence from Justice Dept

Cheney, Energy Task Force Defies GAO
Unprecedented refusal to cooperate with Congressional investigator

Another Enron Victim: U.S. Funding Agencies
$2.3 billion financing for about a dozen Enron projects

Whether Bush or others did favors for Enron is only one issue. The White House was clearly wired to Enron, and it's not the only place in Washington that is. The company shared its fleeting wealth with some 250 friends on Capitol Hill., and many of them sit on committees now launching investigations. The biggest scandal here is not personal corruption -- it's systemic corruption. It's how the very wealthy decide who gets to run for office in the first place -- and then who wins.

Enron cube  + Enron Debunks Myth Of "Conservative Values" FREE!

 + How Enron Brokered Elections

 + Can We Trust Congress To Investigate Enron?

 + Repubs Scramble For Ways To Spin Enron Ties

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Enviro Scorecard Shows Polarization of Congress FREE!
128 Repubs scored zero, compared to just 6 twenty years ago

Sex, Lies and Colin Powell
Right wing in a snit because Powell told MTV viewers to use condoms

Bush Budget: Pennies For Helping Poor Nations
But big loans and subsidies available for weapon purchases

Bush Defense Budget Higher Than Vietnam War Peak FREE!
Spending money we don't have on arms we don't need

Bush Follows The Law When It Suits Him
But ignores law when it proves inconvenient

Bush State Speech a Rejection of Colin Powell's Diplomacy
"Axis of Evil" speech undoes a year of Powell's work to open channels with Iran, N Korea

What Bush Isn't Talking About FREE!
State of Union speech didn't mention democracy once

Bush Speech Subtext: We Will Find A New Enemy
"Axis of evil" speech shows Bush wants permanent war status

THE POOH FILES: Andersen & Co. Worked on Pooh Case During Shredding at Disney
Arthur Andersen & Co., the accounting firm that oversaw the shredding of Enron Corporation records, worked on the long-running Winnie the Pooh royalties case at the Walt Disney Co. from 1994 to at least 1998, a period when thousands of pages of documents related to the case were destroyed in violation of court order

Bush's Global-Warming Smoke Screen
Bush "alternative" to Kyoto will literally add fuel to the fire

China Cuts Greenhouse Gas, Contradicting Bush
Had predicted increased China pollution as excuse to duck out of Kyoto Treaty

Wind Power Now Fastest Growing Energy Sector
Oregon-Washington wind farm will be world's largest

Wind power is one of the cheapest methods of generating electricity in the United States
Bush Wants Big Increase In Foreign Military Training
Money usually given to dictatorships or repressive governments

UN Chief to Bush, Ariel Sharon: Work With Arafat
Israel must negotiate with Palestine leader, says Kofi Annan

Bush Moving Closer To Ariel Sharon
Administration adopting right-wing Israeli position on Arafat

Arab Support For Palestinian State Seen As Fading
Key Arab and Muslim countries shun conference

Some Israeli Reservists Refusing To Serve In Palestinian Lands
Manifesto: "We shall not continue to... dominate, expel, starve and humiliate an entire people"

Playing With Argentina's Economy Is Playing With Fire
IMF unwise to try to squeeze money from shaky government

Bush "Axis of Evil" Speech Kills Hope For Anti-Terrorism Treaty
Drives U.S. and 58-nation Islamic bloc further apart

Iran Angered Over Bush "Axis of Evil" Speech
Speech also backfires in Europe which seeks better trade relations with Iran

Corporation Tax Break Loophole Ruled Legal
Compaq avoided taxes by investing $900 million - for one hour

Sharp Rise in Slovakian Neo-Nazi Activity
Part of growing movement across Europe

Bye, Bye, Butterfly FREE!
Monarchs die by the millions in Mexican storms

Central America Awash in Weapons
Homicide rates 10x that of U.S. in Guatemala, area with most guns

Colombia Army Launches Major Attack on Rebels
Guerillas losing public sympathy after alleged group hijacked plane

Sea Levels Will Probably Rise Faster Than Earlier Worst Predictions FREE!
Rate of ice melt since 1988 has more than doubled

Opium Dealers Cheer Ban on Afghan Poppy Cultivation
"We'll be rich," said a delighted Kandahar opium trader

Enviros Blame Aluminum Industry For Dam Boom
Energy wasteful industry building dams worldwide, destroying rivers, rainforest

The September 11 Nuclear Scenario
sept. 11 nightmare
The September 11 terrorists guided their jetliners to New York City by following the Hudson River, flying over the Indian Point nuclear power plant. Had the planes crashed there instead, the death toll would have been far greater. The twin towers would still stand in a city abandoned forever

CNN Lindh
The Lindh interview may turn out to be a case study in how the government can put the squeeze on the media

Enron Also Paid Off Top Journalists
Five columnists accepted between $50,000-$100,000 -- for what?

What About The Kmart Scandal? FREE!
How many schlock stores does each town in America need?

Did CNN Rob John Walker Lindh of a Fair Trial?
Rushed broadcast of exclusive video to avoid FBI supoena

MOLLY     IVINS Molly Ivins

 + Bush Kills Off Superfund Cleanup
 + Welcome to 1984
 + Hiding Corporate Money
 + Watching The House Battle Campaign Reform Is Great Theatre
 + Beware The Phony Calls For Reform
 + How Enron Corrupted The System
 + Giving to the Crooked, Taking From the Needy
 + Dubya's State of The Union: Wealth as Usual
 + Of Course Enron's a Political Scandal

 + Making Money, the Bush Way
 + Enron Flew Under the Radar
 + An Orgy of Defense Spending
 + Ralph Reed's Walk in the Valley of Greed

 } Robert Scheer

 + The Conceit of Thomas Friedman
 + Full Page Apology Ads Abound
 + America's Royalty: The Super Rich
 + Is GWB Our FDR? Not Hardly

 } Norman Solomon

 + Sex in the Courts
 + Throw All The Religious Books Out
 + Dita Sari to Reebok Award: No Thanks
 + S.F. Uses Terrorist Label To Jail AIDS Dissident Activists
 } Alexander Cockburn

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