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pooh mystery
What is the mystery behind the case of W. Pooh v M. Mouse?
Walt Disney Co. destroyed "hundreds of boxes and thousands of pages" of records at its Hong Kong plant where Winnie-The-Pooh merchandise originated, and the destruction continued for at least four years until a Los Angeles Superior Court judge slapped an injunction on the studio in July 2001

The Pooh Files
Call it the case of Bear v Rodent; call it W. Pooh v M. Mouse; call it one of the biggest lawsuits that you've never heard of. But whatever the name, the court battle between the Walt Disney Co. and a Beverly Hills family may be now approaching trial after 11 years, with almost all of the proceedings conducted in total secrecy.

But what is the underlying case all about? What did Disney do that led them to destroy between 40 and 500 boxes of documents? Why has the family been willing to go so far -- spending virtually all the money they made from Disney -- to win the case?

Peace Activists In Pakistan Walk Tightrope
Can't mention that Pakistan had supported "jihadist" groups like Taliban

Bush Fuels Oil Pipeline Conspiracy Theory
Did Bush exploit Sept. 11 to justify a Central Asian oil grab?

How can the U.S. justify targeting Somalia with no concrete evidence of terrorism? The answer: with great dubiousness. Its "war on terror" seems increasingly like a cover for its re-entry into the Somali arena and domination of East Africa, its actions pointing more toward attempts at destabilizing Somalia's UN-sponsored government, which it does not recognize

Iraqi People Expect U.S. Attack
5 years of UN food handouts little help in desparate situation

UN Slams U.S. Over Treatment Of Taliban Prisoners
U.S. refuses to call them POWs which would give them Geneva Convention rights

Osama bin Laden Merchandising Sweeps Egypt
Plump, sweet dates called "Bin Ladens," small fruit called the "Bush" variety

New Estimates of Afghanistan's Civilian Dead
U.S. military lowball estimates undermines trust among Afghans

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round GOP 2002 Political Platform: War, War, WarFREE!
Wave the flag, ignore economic meltdown, Enron scandal

Bush Admin Can't Shrug Off Ties To Enron Scandal
Whether Bush or others did favors for Enron is only one issue

Call Bush And Company "Enron Conservatives"
No accountability to laws, regulations and responsibility

Both GOP And Demos Lying About Economy
Real crisis is that we're losing jobs at record pace

The Day Ashcroft Foiled FOIA
October memo quietly gutted Freedom of Information Act

Bush Can't Escape Enron Scandal
"What did they know, when did they know it" parallels Watergate

Bush Sneaks In Appointment of Controversial Hard-liner
Appointee ran illegal, covert operation for Nicaraguan contras

White House Seen Grooming Tom Ridge As Cheney Successor
High-profile Homeland Security post, close access to the President among several clues

Ashcroft's Dangerous Arrogance
Some people grow while in high office, others just swell (-Woodrow Wilson)

Bush Working Against Environment, Public Interest, Watchdog Group Says FREE!
Refusing to protect public land desired by special interests

Yucca Mountain
Will Yucca Mountain become America's nuclear waste dump?
Yucca Mountain OKd for Nuclear Waste FREE!
Repub Governor of Nevada outraged over Bush Administration decision

Bush Seeks Court Approval To Expand Police Searching
Seeks override of 4th Amendment unwarranted search protection because of Terrorism War

Argentina's Collapse Discredits U.S. Policy
"Washington Consensus" in 1990s insisted on deregulation that led to disaster

Militant Palestinian Groups Eager To Fight Israel
Patience running out with Arafat's cease-fire agreement

UN Human Rights Commission Begins Year Without U.S.
Kicked off in May by European members because of Bush isolationism

Secret Offshore Banks Were Key To Enron Scheme
Execs hid money in 3,000 corporate subsidiaries and partnerships

Sinking Of Korean Boat Raises Doubts Of Japan's Pacifism
First such incident since WWII

Corporation Tax Break Loophole Ruled Legal
Compaq avoided taxes by investing $900 million - for one hour

Bush Used Sept. 11 To Push Ahead FTAA
Latin America and Caribbean have little to gain from trade deal

No Clear Policy On Nuclear Weapon Use By India Or Pakistan
Diplomats, population left guessing how each nation would use bombs

NOW Debunks Right-Wing Charges Of Exploiting Sept. 11
FOX News attempts to tar women's group with false claims

Fragmentation Makes Forest Seedlings Whimpy FREE!
First study of its kind finds weakened tropical forests

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   The Salt Lake City Olympic Scandals; Newsweek's misleading profiles; Disney keeping army of lawyers busy; ABC News censors human rights report

Chill In Saudi-U.S. Relations No Surprise
Saudi's fear radical Islamic backlash, Washington mad with pro-Palestine comments

Jaguars in the Americas find their territory shrinking
Little Success For "Jubilee" Campaign So Far
Only 5 percent of the unpayable debt from poorest nations cancelled in millenium campaign

Growing Serbia Market For Selling Kidneys, Livers
Means of survival with unemployment near 40 percent

Jaguar Conservation Spotty FREE!
Few countries with jaguars have endangered species protections

Refugees Protest Asylum Rejections By Sewing Lips Shut
Australia facing mass suicide by group of Afghans seeking citizenship

Central Florida Drinking Water Could Run Out in Five YearsFREE!
State already drilling into deep, brackish aquifers

TV Documentary Shows Aftermath Of "Bombies" FREE!
U.S. cluster bombs continue to kill and maim decades later

Iran's Religious Hardliners Target Satellite Internet, TV
Massive crackdown on satellite dishes since October

Environmentalism Under Attack
Environmentalism Under Attack
Bjorn Lomborg's new book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, brings us glorious news. The world's environment is getting better, not worse. All those pesky environmentalists have just been exaggerating to try to scare you. If this sounds too good to be true, that's because it is.

But the book has become a runaway hit on both sides of the Atlantic following a wave of credulous features, book reviews, and Lomborg guest essays published in many of the English-speaking world's most respected newspapers and magazines. It is being embraced by politicians and pundits who see it as a way to undermine -- or even, destroy -- environmental protections. How can you fight back? Begin by casting a skeptical eye on the book and its author

Dead Sea At Environmental Risk
Farming in Israel, Jordan, makes lowest place on Earth sink lower

New Stem Cell Discovery Could Revolutionize Medicine FREE!
Potentially could use your own cells to grow replacement tissue, organs

Argentina Pharmacies Hoarding Critical Drugs
Cancer patients, diabetics, most at risk in economic nightmare

Indonesia Quiet Before Next Political Storm
Democratic overturn possible in economic downturn

Enron Scandal Implicates Financial Journalists, Wall Street Pundits
It's hard to blow the whistle when you're making a mint

Why the SLA Still Haunts Us
Can they possibly get a fair trial after Sept. 11?

Black Hawk -- and Truth -- Down
Rambo-like action movie filled with dangerous misinformation

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Why Do You Think They Hate Us?
 + Overlooking The Misery That's Out There
 + Fine Line Between Prosecution and Persecution
 + Repubs Trash Economy in Record Time
 + Patriotism Is Also Last Refuge Of Scoundrels

 + Enron Got Its Money's Worth
 + Bush to Lay: What Was Your Name Again?
 + Let Down His Rich Pals? Over His Dead Body
 + Enron Is a Cancer on the Presidency

 } Robert Scheer

 + Ashcroft's Civil Rights Amnesia
 + Mark Twain Whitewashed
 + KPFA Radio Struggles Back to Life
 + Donald Rumsfeld, Master Spinner

 } Norman Solomon

 + The Enron Uproar
 + War And Claptrap
 + Conspiracy Theories -- Or Forbidden Truth?
 + Pebbles And Poppies
 } Alexander Cockburn

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