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Behind a simple lock like this, one Russian chemical weapons depot holds 500,000 tons of nerve agent
The post-Sept. 11 world has taken the veil off a manifold of problems -- Islamic hostility toward modernization, U.S. greed, Middle East corruption, widespread poverty and the failures of globalization -- a shroud remains over the slippery spread of weapons of mass destruction

Afghan Warlords Threaten Reconstruction
Warlords continue to block, loot humanitarian aid convoys

Pentagon Blocks Public Release Of Afghan Pictures
Buys all rights to satellite imagery during war

UN Can't Agree On Definition Of "Terrorism"
Despite simplistic Bush "Good vs. Evil" view, nations say that terrorism is relative

No Quick Fixes For Afghanistan This Time
Reconstruction of devastated country could cost $10 billion

Terrorist War Seen As Excuse For Asia Crackdown
China, Indonesia, Philippines, and others follow U.S. lead in supressing dissidents

Fear and Crime Follow Taliban Retreat
Heavily armed men cruising streets looking for people to rob

Afghan Power Vacuum: 1989 All Over Again
Mirrors the collapse of Afghanistan after withdrawl of Soviet troops

Afghan Women Spell Out Demands For Government Role
International pressure needed to make sure women's rights heeded

Pentagon Denials and Civilian Deaths
Miliitary only discredits itself with claims that no innocents are bombed

Aid workers in Afghanistan agree that they were witnessing the worst humanitarian disaster of their lives and, because of the fighting and the onset of winter, the most difficult relief effort. In the refugee camps last winter every child two years of age or younger died of exposure or malnutrition. But even for those not living in camps, living conditions are toxic, with little escape from bone-chilling cold and winds that blow powder-like dust everywhere. America faces its own kind of siege, as men and women are held by authorities simply because they happened to know or work with a person deemed suspicious by the Dept of Justice. But maybe the most chilling story involves 11 twentysomething Israelis, who were held without bond in Ohio jails for a month. Since around the end of October, there have been indications that investigators have been getting desperate for suspects in the promised roundup of people who might be linked to terrorist activity, and this may be the first hint of a massive domestic dragnet to come


Afghan refugees  + Swept Up In The Terrorism Dragnet

 + Eight Weeks in Jail: Life on Ashcroft's Enemies List

 + Afghan Aid Worker: The Crisis Of Our Era

 + Afghanistan's Everyday Misery

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round 2001 Political Blunders
Memorable goofs, gaffes and lapses in judgment

Bush Snubs Black Congress Members
Pres. Uniter - Not - Divider has refused 4 requests for meetings since September

Congress Kills Restrictions On Pesticide Use In Schools
Stealth lobbying by chemical industry led GOP to drop support of health bill

Was Bush Changed By Sept. 11? Hardly
Smirky boy-President becomes somber, but remains the same sort of president he was before

Ashcroft banking that most don't remember the FBI's counter-intelligence program

Terrorism Becomes Favorite Excuse to Trash Environment
Bush now wants "security impact statements" that override enviro concerns

Bush "Coal Czar" Nominee Has Troubling Record
Tried to dismantle agency Bush wants him to head

Probably the most important article you will read this year

Bush's Permanent War
Will there be any end to this? Not according to Bush

Bush Takes Heat For Military Tribunal Plans
Even right-wingers appalled at secret court proposals

The Man Who Screwed The World
The Man Who Screwed The WorldFREE!
Kenneth Lay cartoon Kenneth Lay is living proof that one person can change the world. His company, Enron, may be in shambles. In three months, it may no longer exist. But for the rest of our lives we will live in a world redesigned by Kenneth Lay -- one of the closest friends of President George W. Bush

Israel Puts Palestinian Areas Under Lockdown
West Bank Palestinian residents isolated by military blockades

Israeli "Warning" Injures 100, Kills 2
Mock attack on Arafat's HQ only builds Palestinian support

UN Warning: Don't Curb Freedom to Fight Terrorism
U.S., Canada, and England tighten civil rights in name of security

Dropping ABM Treaty A Big Win For U.S. Right-Wing
Secretary of State Colin Powell increasingly ignored

Pakistan, Iran Mend Fences After Taliban Fall
Gas pipeline through Pakistan would be boon to Iran

Iran Drug Traffic To Skyrocket During Afghanistan Chaos
Finds that death penalty risk no deterrent

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Is your local TV news under control of its advertisers? Most news directors admit it, and say the problem is getting worse

India Outrage Over Military "Coffin-gate" Scandal
$2,500 for substandard U.S. coffins for war heroes

U.S. Approved of 1975 E Timor Invasion, Documents Show
Smoking gun showing Kissinger lied about authorizing atrocities

Life for Mumia Abu-Jamal?
Victory for death penalty opponents

Citizens Victims In Colombia War Crossfire
Guerillas, paramiltary leaving behind a trail of death

Enviros Sue U.S. Over Lax Mining Rules
Interior Secretary Gale Norton faces another suit over failure to protect U.S. lands

Bangladesh Clothing Industry Collapses
Closure of over 1,000 factories leaves economy in tatters

Canadian Natives Not Told About Toxic Fishing For Two Years
Did not admit problem until tribe hired science experts

Taiwan: What Democracy Looks Like
Taiwan 2001: What Democracy Looks Like
Taiwan political protest
Even as the U.S. is facing massive repression of civil liberties, voters in Taiwan -- a country under military dictatorship until 1987 -- gave the ruling party a humiliating defeat as they stood up for democracy.

The photo to the right was taken at a Green Party rally against construction of a nuclear power plant, and the writing on the white mask reads "oppose"

Beijing Downplays Impact Of Taiwan Vote
Outcome of the elections is unsettling for mainland China

China Emerges as Big Winner in Afghan War
War accelerates shift to Asia-Pacific as world's economic center

Bush To Africa: Call Us Next Year
More money to fight AIDS only "once (it) demonstrates success"

Cheap Lives -- The East St. Louis Murders
No outcry to find serial killer of poor, black women

News Media Has Shunnned Women Since Sept. 11
Study finds women rarely appeared on news talkshows or as op/ed writers

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Afghan Warlord Dostum Is Bad News
 + Holiday Book List
 + Israeli Settlements Are The Problem
 + Ashcroft's Sweeping Police Powers
 + The Great Bush Environmental Giveaway
 + Media Swallows Enron PR About Collapse
 + Has Poor John Ashcroft Lost His Mind?

 + Is Bush Still an Enron Fan?
 + Secularism Unlocks the Door to Stability
 + Connect the Enron Dots to Bush
 + "Radical Evil" A Dangerous Argument

 } Robert Scheer

 + When Madmen Lead The Blind
 + The P.U.-Litzer Prizes For 2001
 + Noam Chomsky Says What U.S. Media Won't

 } Norman Solomon

 + From Tora Bora To Squaw Valley
 + Enron And The Green Seal
 + How Monica Lewinsky Saved Social Security
 + Sharon Or Arafat: Which Is The Sponsor Of Terror?
 } Alexander Cockburn

Curious Minds
Each day, Internet search engines bring thousands of readers to the Albion Monitor. What do they want to know? (SUMMARY FOR DECEMBER, 2001)

Taiwan Photo: Joshua Samuel Brown

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