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Life Under Occupation
Why They Hate Us
Part III Palestine,Two Weeks Before 9/11

Bush Was Allied With Taliban Until August, Book Says
FBI deputy director resigned because Bush blocked FBI investigations into terrorism, say French intelligence analysts

U.S.-Backed Rebels Accused of Wholesale Slaughter
Northern Alliance charged with massacres

U.S. Food Drops "Tragic Mistake" Says Senior UN Official
Children confusing yellow food packets with yellow "bomblets"

UN Rejects Normal Peacekeeping Role For Afghanistan
Lack of any peace agreement keeps away "blue helmet" UN peacekeepers

The War at 30 Days: Little Progress, Weak Coalition
Even minimal U.S. military or political goals not in sight

Pakistan Religious Militants Close Off Crucial Route
Thousands of angry protesters blockade passage to N Pakistan, China

Quick Taliban Retreat Makes Pakistan Situation More Volatile
Pakistan dismayed by unexpected and swift change of power

Key Afghan Ethnic Group Remains Wildcard
2 in 5 Afghanis are Pashtun, and more sympathetic to Taliban than Alliance

phony bomb document
Media spread report that a nuclear bomb research were found among papers in abandoned Taliban buildings. But at least one of the documents was an infamous parody
Taliban Apparently Fell For Joke Nuclear Bomb Recipe
Press uses document as evidence of serious bin Laden weapon research

U.S. Bomb "Mistake" Hits Independent Arab TV
Al-Jazeera, the "Arab CNN," office destroyed in Kabul

Why Bush Needs to Spin the War
Bush has only himself to blame for problems building anti-terror coalition

What bin Laden and Bush don't talk about

Women Exiles Await Overthrow of Taliban
Not impressed with U.S. solution of coalition government

Taliban Retreat Dampens Islamic Extremist Movement
Rght-wing religious parties quiet violent rhetoric

Al Qaeda a Cult, Not Religious Group
British police found manual last year that reaveals charismatic cult

Could Irradiated Mail Cause Super-Anthrax?
Too little radiation could cause anthrax mutation, but little research into risks

Afghan Children a Lost Generation
An entire generation defined by violence, despair, and no education

"Who would have thought that a national emergency would set off a feeding frenzy by corporations and the wealthy?" asks Robert McIntyre, director of Citizens for Tax Justice. But conservatives, lobbyists and the Bush administration itself are rushing to push forward special interests in the name of national security. Rev. Jerry Falwell, reproached for insensitive remarks after Sept. 11, now is fund-raising by claiming that he is being perseuted by his critics (MORE on profiteering)


 + Corporations Charged With Plundering Patriotism

 + Bush Dismantles Environment Rules Using Terrorism Claims

 + Sept 11 Becomes Religious Right New Fundraising Tool

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round One Giant Step Towards A Police StateFREE!
USA PATRIOT Act a serious threat to Bill of Rights

Bush Would Have Not Won Recount
Gore would have won if recount considered every voter's choice

Go After Saddam, Bush's Right-Wing Advisory Council Says
Militant group includes hard-right thinktank pundits, extremist journalists

Now Colombia Drug War is Part of Terror War
Senator plays terror card to get more funding

Life Under Occupation
"Don't move, don't stay still, don't breathe. 'Is this life?' has been a constant refrain uttered by Palestinians over the past year, a question they ask me in frustration, a question that is becoming harder to answer with any kind of foreigner optimism. 'We're just sitting here counting the martyrs,' my friend said. Fourteen over the weekend, over 700 in the past year"

Bush Call For Military Courts Unprecedented
Although no declaration of war, Pentagon-appointed "court" could imprison and execute

UN Warns Of Impending Global Economic Crisis
Aftermath of Sept 11 will hurt poorest countries the most

India Offers Cheap, Superior Anthrax Vaccine
But U.S. may ignore it to protect Bayer Cipro profits

The Swiss Connection: Bioweapons, Terrorism, And Money Laundering FREE!
Did Russians sell biological warfare weapons via Swiss bank?

Exxon Valdez
Appeals Court Throws Out Exxon Valdez PenaltyFREE!
Eleven years after disaster, Exxon still has not paid one cent

Japan Says It Will Ratify Kyoto Protocol
U.S. now only major country in opposition to global warming treaty

Israel/Palestine Unspoken Question: Do You REALLY Want Peace?
Respected moderate says growing extremism on both sides will mean war

Jewish Colonists Begin Moving Out Of West Bank
10 percent of families have left, raising questions of faltering settlements

Fears of "Talibanization" In Bangladesh
Islamic militants make unprecedented attacks Hindu minority, particularly women

Too Much News Can Be Hazardous To Your Heath FREE!
"Obsessive information seeking" harmful in times of crisis

Afghan orphan


This Afghan child became an orphan after the Taliban killed all members of her family, according to RAWA
Energy Dept. Reviewing Ban on Radioactive Scrap Metals
Could even end up in table silverware or kid's braces, activists say

Soy-Based Food May Be Harmful To Infants, Researcher Says FREE!
Can accelerate puberty, affect hormonal development

The Fall of Enron
Bush top financial backer under SEC investigation

The Face That Haunts Me FREE!
I can't escape the memory of her wild, frightened eyes

Media Self-Censorship Pushing News Coverage to Right
Organized right-wing "patriot police" hounding network executives since Sept. 11

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Right Wingers Run Amok
 + R.I.P. Bob Eckhardt, Last of a Breed
 + Let's Not Trash the Constitution, Okay?
 + Better War PR Isn't the Solution
 + It's a Good Time to Have Our Wits About Us
 + We Don't Need The Patriotism Police
 + Homeland Security Czars and Fast Tracking

 + U.S. Can't Just Hit and Run
 + Liberty Is Dying, Liberal by Liberal
 + U.S. Making The World a More Dangerous Place
 + Has War Made Us Safer?

 } Robert Scheer

 + Surprise! U.S. Not Center Of World
 + In Aftermath of Sept. 11, Unreality of TV Numbing
 + Mayor Bloomberg and the Triumph of Business News

 } Norman Solomon

 + THIS Is The Silver Lining Of Sept. 11?
 + Where Were They When It Counted?
 + The Torture Boomlet
 + The Case of the Blind Predator
 } Alexander Cockburn

Curious Minds
Each day, Internet search engines bring thousands of readers to the Albion Monitor. What do they want to know? (SUMMARY FOR NOVEMBER, 2001)

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