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CIA gets unprecedented powers to spy on American citizens

Why They Hate Us
Part II Burning Bridges, Igniting Hatred

Part I Afghanistan and the Taliban

Afghanistan's Coming Humanitarian DisasterFREE!
Bush retreats from promises to help Afghans after defeat of Taliban

"War On Terrorism" Spurs New Arms Race In Mideast, Asia
U.S. hi-tech weapons flood region after Bush dropped restrictions

Did We Walk Into Osama's Trap? FREE!
An endless conflict, like Israel's war with the Palestinians?

German Neo-Nazis Condemn U.S. Air Strikes
White supremacists say any enemy of the U.S. is their friend

Once-Obscure Central Asia Now In Global Spotlight
Uzbekistan finds itself a geopolitical power

Lebanon Worries: Are We Next?
Israel campaigning to make Lebanon "War on Terrorism" target

Afghan Women Speak from Behind the Media VeilFREE!
U.S. not hearing voices from Afghanistan's important freedom fighters

The Gary Conditization Of The Terror Story
With All Terror TV, the more you watch, the less you know

"We're not going to be opportunists" say environmenal groups, as they hold back criticism of the Bush administration policies in these difficult times. But conservatives, lobbyists and the Bush administration itself are rushing to push forward special interests in the name of national security. Most shameless was the airline industry, which quickly deployed a crack army of lobbyists on Capitol Hill, using all the access and influence that could be bought with $65 million in campaign contributions over the last 11 years


 + As Nation Mourns, GOP Shoves Through Political Agenda FREE!

 + Airline's Army Of Lobbyists Won Quick Bailout

 + Trading on Tragedy

 + Enviro Groups Back Off From Bush Policy Criticism

 + Drug Warriors Seek To Link Drugs With Terrorism

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Interior Secretary Lied To Congress, Watchdog Group Says FREE!
Changing numbers, concealing information about Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Does The Democratic Party Matter Anymore?
Spineless since the Florida election crisis

About Those High Approval Ratings For Bush And War
Results are meaningless -- or worse

Still Possible To Block Bush Drug Czar
John Walters says questions of racism in drug sentencing are "urban myth"

Colin Powell Losing Power Struggle Within Bush Admin
Bush, Condoleezza Rice taking war advice from right-wing council

GOP Tax Cuts Won't Help Economy Says Nobel Winner
Bush banking on tax cuts alone as a economic cure

A Wet Noodle Economy
Bush banking on tax cuts alone as a economic cure

The Real Price of Oil
The Real Price of Oil
In a victory that surprised even Republicans, the House of Representatives in August endorsed Bush's "energy security" plan, including $33 billion worth of tax incentives for oil companies. And that's just the iceberg's tip

Most Anthrax Letters Sent To Pro-Choice Groups
Hopes that feds will finally consider death threats the acts of domestic terrorists

Secret Banking System Welcomes Terrorist As Well As Corporate Money
Tracking terrorist $$ may be too hot for U.S. to really persue

Bush Protects Bayer's Cipro Profits
Even with "discount," government still pays over 3000% markup

U.S. Backing Of Palestine Becomes Key Bargaining Chip
Sharon to Bush: Don't endorse Palestine, we have votes in U.S. Congress to defeat you

India - Pakistan Conflict Heats Up
Russia providing India with bombers capable of delivering nukes

Don't Worry About Nuke Bomb Security, Says Pakistan
No chance for weapons to reach Taliban or be fired by accident, they say

Settlement Ends David "Gypsy" Chain Death SuitFREE!
Out of court deal 3 days before trial was to start

Desperate Palestinian Workers Sneak Into Israel
Risking lives for $20/day at hard labor

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   "Star Chamber" court powers expand under anti-terror law; Interior Secretary Gale Norton threatened with jail; terrorist and safety risks from aging nuclear plants

PBS Has Failed Its Mission, Independent Filmmakers Say
Rejects award-winning films that might be considered "liberal bias"

Maize protester
Greenpeace occupies a maize field near Mexico City on October 14
Uncensored Al Jazeera TV Used To Criticism
U.S. doesn't like free speech policy of Arab satellite broadcaster

Colombia Seeks To Control TV War Coverage
As guerillas charge that some stations endorse right-wing paramilitary

Colombia Paramilitaries Step Up Massacres
Apparently intended to pressure government before peace negotiations

Without U.S., Climate Talks Push On
Enviros encouraged by progress at conference

Mexican Maize Contaminated with Engineered GenesFREE!
Far-reaching implications in threat to genetic diversity of corn

1940s ad
Internal documents reveal Philip Morris strategy to undermine 1990s tobacco research

Tobacco Company Tried To Meddle With Science Standards FREE!
Covert effort by Philip Morris to redefine "sound science" definitions

"Junk" Media Failed To Prepare Us -- Again FREE!
Why hasn't the media reported on these issues all along?

When the Profiled Become Profilers
Polls show blacks want police profiling of Arabs

United's Bailout Rip-off
Most of taxpayer money going to luxury jets

God Bless America, Chili Fries $1.49 FREE!
Flag-waving patriotism everywhere a buck is to be made

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + And Now For Some War Profiteering
 + Obscene Acts Of Congress
 + Why U.S. Media Shuns World News
 + Let's Have More Irresponsible Tax Cuts!
 + War Fever And Rumors
 + Yahoo! News Vs. Info From Radio Yahoos
 + So What's Wrong With Trying The World Court?
 + A Foreign Policy Would Be Nice, Right About Now

 + With Powers Like These, Can Repression Be Far Behind?
 + A True Patriot Can Pose Hard Questions
 + Oil Sheiks Created This Mess
 + Only Muslim World Can Stop Extremists

 } Robert Scheer

 + The World Series In A Time Of Crisis
 + Pentagon Hires PR Firm For Afghan Bombing
 + The Televised Greatnest Of W.
 + Afghan Food Drops Only Bush PR

 } Norman Solomon

 + The Left And The "Just War"
 + FBI Eyes Torture
 + Retribution Follies
 + The Crash
 } Alexander Cockburn

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