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Essential reading about the "new" terrorism and the September 11 attack

Why They Hate Us
Part I: Afghanistan and the Taliban

Overthrow Of Taliban Would Be Major Victory For U.S. Oil Interests
Plans for huge Afghanistan pipeline project waylaid by Taliban takeover

CIA's Tracks Lead in Disastrous Circle
Agency excuse that they were hamstrung in bin Laden spying is absurd

Lax Banking Rules Aided Terrorists, Must Be Changed FREE!
GOP-led Senate opposed money laundering reforms

Thousands Pouring Into Afghanistan For Holy War Against U.S.
Afghanistan is magnet for Islam's angry young men

Asian Muslim Fundamentalists Will Fight Anti-U.S. Jihad
Holy warriors from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand will defend Afghanistan, they say

Pakistan Walks Tightrope By Helping U.S.
Citizens don't believe Osama bin Laden responsible

Pakistan Risks Fundamentalist Revolution As Ally Of U.S. FREE!
Religious militants may use issue to take control, gain nuclear weapons

Don't Aid Afghani "Northern Alliance," History Warns
Afghanis hate Alliance leaders as much as the Taliban

Who is Osama bin Laden?
This is not an act of war, but a cancer that can easily spread

Bush Must Forge Alliances With Afghanistan's Uneasy Neighbors
Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan all have their own fundamentalist worries

Russia Wary Of Another War In Afghanistan
Memory of 1979 - 1989 defeat still fresh

Bush Should Answer A Few Hard Questions FREE!
But the press won't ask them

(Photos courtesy Alyeska Pipeline Service Company)
Punctured by bullet holes, oil spews under high pressure from bullet holes from the Trans-Alaska pipeline
Did the White House Give the Taliban $43 Million?
State Dept. made sure Drug War money was kept out of their hands

New Yorkers Face Unknown Health Risks From "Toxic Stew"
No research on effects of jet fuel exploding in skyscraper

Bullet Holes In Alaska Pipeline Causes Massive SpillFREE!
285,600 gallons spilled because of casual vandalism

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round U.S. Spy Network Needs Complete Overhaul
Turning to thugs for help not a good solution

Lobbyists Rush To Climb Aboard the 9-11 Gravy Train
Even groups not directly affected by attacks want bailouts or other help

The Courage Of Barbara Lee FREE!
Only member of Congress to question granting Bush unlimited powers

Isolationist Bush Finds He Needs The World After All
But many leaders upset over U.S. refusal to sign arms, environmental treaties

Spend Wisely, Not Wildly, On the Pentagon
Sensible advice from former commander of the U.S. Second Fleet

Abortion Foes Launch PR Campaign
Goal is to get sympathizers into the courts

A Unanimous Triumph for Masters of War FREE!
No one from the Senate stepping forward to block the war train

Nuclear Madness Sweeps White House
Even Republicans are aghast at Bush approval of China nuke buildup

Judi Bari trial delayed
Justice For Judi Bari
DNA tests tie Bari foe to death threat and police informant letter

U.S. Billion$ For Anti-Terrorism Leaves AIDS Fighters Bitter
Millions dead in Africa because of inadequate funding

UN Condemns Use Of Food, Water, As Weapon Of War
Israel one of 3 nations blasted for using starvation against civilian opponents

Gaza Strip Caught In Endless Cycle Of Killing
Village of Rafah is at front line of Palestinian Israeli war

Germany Tightens Ant-Terrorist Laws
Membership in "extemist" religious groups may become illegal

China Torn Between U.S. Support, Own Security Fears
Blacks out all news after seven days

Sri Lanka To U.S.: Now You Know How We Feel
More than a decade of suicide attacks have terrorized nation

In the wake of the September 11 attack, newspapers and broadcast media have presented scores -- maybe hundreds -- of numbing first-hand stories of the horror. Here are three unique accounts of what happened


 + Ground Zero at the Pentagon

 + "Arms, Legs, Parts Of People Falling..."

 + "I Hoped That No One Knew Muslims Lived Here..."

Study finds hypnotized people are more certain that inaccurate memories are correct
Kidnapping Business Booming In Colombia
Nearly 2500 kidnappings in nine months

Colombian Paramilitary Group Finally Declared "Terrorist"
Long-awaited change came day before NY-Washington attack

Chocolate Industry Finally Agrees To Fight Child Slavery
Almost all chocolate products contain some cocoa harvested by child slaves

Hypnosis Creates False Confidence In Memory, Study shows FREE!
More certain that memories are correct -- even if they're wrong

Indian tiger
About half the world's remaining tigers live in India, but it's estimated that one is lost every day

Against All Odds, Indian Tigers Bounce Back FREE!
Small, but critical step to prevent extinction

"Killer Weed" Becomes Focus Of Biotech Debate
Unusual case has both sides claiming ideal solution

Researchers Warn Of Coming Water Wars
Over 50 countries planning dam projects that will impact neighbors

TV Stations, Sponsors Cowardly Response To Bill Maher
Censorship was exactly the sort of "politically correct" action satirized on show

Falwell cartoon
STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS: Falwell trying hard to surpass his 1999 warning that the antichrist is a "male jew"

Prophetic Terrorism Report Was Ignored By Media
Bush admin also ignored advice, said topic needed more study

Press Has Share Of Blame For Lack Of Preparation FREE!
Sensationalist media shunned the most important news of the year

Falwell Should Have Listened to the Feminists
Falwell shares Taliban's hatred of activist women

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Solve Problems, Don't Blame
 + Let's Start By Thinking Outside The Box

 + Solution Is Foreign Policy, Not Missles
 + In an Unwinnable War, We Will Lose Most
 + Going to Extremes

 } David Corn

 + Media Spin Over The Word "Terrorist"
 + Bush Won't Risk Being Called "Wimp" Like Dad
 + When Journalists Report For Duty
 + Media, Terrorism and the Rage for Vengeance

 } Norman Solomon

 + And Now For A Note Of Good Cheer
 + The Price Of Past Mistakes
 + Panic And Indignity: The Currency Of Revenge
 + Who Saw It Coming?
 } Alexander Cockburn

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