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Confessions Of A Sweatshop Inspector
"Calvin Klein, Wal-mart, Kathie Lee: They all want the same thing. Chinese labor, the cheaper the better," she smiles, pouring the tea. "They all want to project a smiling face, to appear to be caring and compassionate, because that makes people feel better about buying the products that have their names. But we both know that all they care about is money"

Taco Bell Target Of Nationwide Farm Worker Protest
Major supplier has not raised pay since 1978

Pacifica Radio Bans "Democracy Now" FREE!
Award-winning program blacklisted by network

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round So Much For Restoring White House Integrity
White House trying to cover up energy policy was written by power industry

Bush Tax Cut Flops, And No "Plan B" For Economy
What's a free market Republican ideologue to do?

Jesse Helms Media Allowed Helms To Create His Own Myth
Narrow elections, vote buying, and lawbreaking rarely mentioned

With Bush In Charge, Helms Retiring In Triumph
An idealogue with a surprisingly skimpy legislative record

The Very Uncurious President
Re-reading the same children's book over and over and over

Bush's "Rebate and Switch" Tax Scam
Actually an advance on your next year tax refund

Bush Binds Us Into a Fiscal Straitjacket
Bankrupting the national government as he did Texas

Both Dems and Repubs Fibbing About SS "Lockbox"
Dems have embraced old GOP lie for political purposes

Nader Taps Into Voter Discontent With New GroupFREE!
Rallies seek to get public involved and work to change the system

Troubling Candidate For Bush "Regulation Czar"
Likely to stall health, safety, and environmental regulations

As Americans Toil Longer, Bush Slacks Off
Earns reputation as an entitled loafer, on vacation 42 percent of time

Israel's Propaganda Machine
Israel's Propaganda Machine
The well-oiled Israeli media machine has framed how Americans see the Palestinian conflict, and any presentation that does not enhance Israel's image is labeled biased

Secrecy Bill Slapped Down -- For Now
Major victory for journalists, open government advocates

Activists Alarmed By FBI Chief Terrorism Remarks
Charges that anti- globalization movement is terrorism

Amtrak Workers Get Share Of Cash Seized From "Suspicious" Travellers
Secret deal with DEA to profile travellers also common at airlines

Bush Expected To Ignore Hazardous Waste Pact
Will encourage illegal dumping waste on poor countries

Bush And "Star Wars"
Later this year, politicians and pundits will debate White House plans for a revival of Reagan's "Star Wars" defense plans. Besides being a transparent effort to revive Cold War military spending, little mentioned is that the design is unworkable: A successful intercept only means a nuke explosion somewhere else


 + Bush "Star Wars" Plans Based On FantasyFREE!

 + Wanted: Enemy to Justify $344 Billion War Budget
 + Bush Missle Plan Only Deflects Missle From Target FREE!

3.5 Million Mexican Children Quit School For Work
25 percent of all 12- to 18-year-olds in the country

Colombian Legislators Say "No" to the War on Drugs
Backlash to U.S. fumigation, interference in region

Peace Activists Acting As Human Shields For Palestinians
Official observers banned by Israel, but volunteers act as witnesses

UN Dodges Role In Palestine-Israel Conflict
Security Council had chance to intervene in growing violence

Girl Scouts Under Fire By Right-Wing Groups
Hated because organization isn't homophobic, like Boy Scouts

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Less than 100 days after the inauguration, the Justice Department revived a policy forbidden since the Nixon Years; the Pentagon's summer of scandal

Cloned chickens
Chickens could be the first animal cloned for food
Poultry Industry Working On Chicken Clones FREE!
A new era in factory farming: mass production

Europe To Bush: At Least Sign Ballistic Missle Treaty
Ban on long-range missiles makes more sense than "Star Wars" defense

Zapatistas Denounce Mexico's New Native Rights Laws
Autonomy, territorial rights protection cut from final version

Without U.S., Kyoto Protocol Diplomacy Enters New Phase
Ratification now hinges on Japan, which wants loopholes

S Pacific Islanders Beg For Global Warming Help
Several islands rapidly shrinking, expected to disappear in 50 years

Genoa And Its Aftermath
Thinning forest
Protected areas are fast becoming islands of dying biodiversity because of the surrounding farming

Australian Natives Blast Mandatory Sentencing
Lawss overwhelmingly used against Aboriginal people

World Nature Reserves Being Heavily Farmed FREE!
Human hunger the greatest threat to biodiversity "hotspots"

National Parks Do Little To Protect U.S. Biodiversity FREE!
With higher elevations and poor soil, entire species excluded

Black Workers And Union's Future On Trial In S Carolina
State trying to stamp out unions, critics charge

Millions Go Hungry In India As Excess Grain Rots In Storage
Government finally shamed into taking action

Baby Hand Movements Another Form Of Babbling FREE!
Infants of deaf parents mimick signing early

Prison Population Swells When Republicans In White House FREE!
Fastest growth in year after a presidential election

Ethanol Impractical, Too Expensive Says ResearcherFREE!
Costs more to produce the gas additive than it saves

MTBE Pollution Widespread
Even found in midwestern states where it is not added to gasoline

Suharto Kin, Military Suspected Behind Indonesia Terrorism
Determined to show that elected leaders are weakings compared to dicator

Gun Owners More Likely To Distrust GovernmentFREE!
Study finds it doesn't matter who is president

Glimmer Of Hope For Europe's Roma People
European Union entrance rules forcing nations to stop discrimination

Recent Accidents Raise Fears Of Nuke Waste Transport
Hazardous cargo spills raise spectre of radioactive accident

Why Is Vanessa Leggett In Jail?
Arrest of budding journalist raises questions of equal 1st Amendment protection

UN Position On Engineered Food Is A Serious Mistake
Puts too much faith in technology solving all hunger problems

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Credit Marketing Sleaze
 + The Deregulation Scam
 + Bush, Helms, Both Defined By Flawed Goals
 + Skewed Justice In Texas
 + Mexico Truck Debate Shows NAFTA Flaws
 + Bush Hires One Of Dad's Worst Scoundrels

 + Bush's Surplus Lies
 + CNN, Meet El Rush-bo

 } David Corn

 + The Nation Magazine Tarnishes Its Credibility
 + Thirty Years Later, Memories of Attica Cry Out
 + Denial And The Ravaging Of Cyberspace
 + How To Be A Contented Media Consumer

 } Norman Solomon

 + The Scream Of A Wounded Babbitt
 + Round Up The Usual Ironies
 + Hot Air Is Bad For Us
 + Blueprints For Wider Colombian War
 } Alexander Cockburn

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