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Genoa And Its Aftermath
The riots on the streets of Genoa, Italy were the worst violence seen in Europe for decades as police mercilessly attacked protesters and journalists on the street and while they were sleeping. Over 200,000 people converged on the ancient city to protest against the closed meetings of the "Group of 8" superpower nations


 + The Stakes Are Raised

 + In Genoa's Wake

 + Dispatch From Genoa: Terror, Rumors, and Propaganda

 + U.S. Media Downplays Genoa Violence

Bush Seeks To Broaden Drug War In Colombia Region
Could open the door to unlimited U.S. troop involvement

Pentagon Rigged Missile Defense Test
Target had global positioning satellite beacon to guide missle

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Media Shares Blame For Election 2000 Fraud FREE!
Only alternative U.S. press and London papers were exposing Florida vote problems

Carter-Ford Election Report Falls Short
Toothless report a step forward, but significant problems ignored

Bush Shedding Treaties Like Dandruff
Arms control is bad for Bush business friends

Bush Consumer Safety Advocate An Industry Shill
Mainly children among 20,000 killed annually by defective products

Eerie Parallels Between Bush And Harding Administrations
A nice, but not bright man leading a totally corrupt administration

The Annual Flag-Burning Amendment Fuss
Conservatives again want to tinker with constitution over non-issue

Bush's Clueless Anti-Conservatism
Cheney/Bush had to be badgered into energy efficiency approval

Anti-Bush Web Sites Flourishing
No letup of groundswell of anger over stolen election

Israel's undeclared war on Palestinians
Since the election of Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister, Israel has resumed its long-standing undeclared war against the Palestinians with a vengance   MORE


Israeli Militants Raise Tensions By Effort To Rebuild Biblical Temple

 + Arab League Reactivates Israel Boycott

 + Brisk Trade In Flags Of Militant Groups

 + Israel Steps Up Hate Campaign Against Yasser Arafat

Bush Trying To Gut Clean Air Act
Utility companies lobbying heavily to block cleanup requirement

Enviros Praise Bush For Promoting Global Lending Rules
Will force disclosure of projects funded by export credit agencies

Post Office Workers Told To Report "Suspicious" Customers
Clerks are told they must assume criminalty

EPA Stalling On "Roundup" Health Risk Study
Findings could be damaging to Monsanto, Bush war on drugs in Colombia

Coca Cola To Be Sued For Ties To Colombia Death Squads
Bottler charged with killings and intimidation of union leaders

Report: Plan Colombia Targets Oil, Not Drugs
U.S. imports more oil from region than from the Persian Gulf

Philip Morris' Pro-Death Study Was Landmark FREE!
Premature deaths save government money

Asian tiger mosquito
Global warming will bring disease-carrying Asian tiger mosquitoes to places they've never been seen before in the United States

ExxonMobil: Facing a Boycott
Pouring money into right-wing groups that dispute global warming

Global Warming Will Happen Faster Than Earlier PredictionsFREE!
Should be noticable as early as 2030

Pinochet Declared Unfit For Trial
But trials continue against generals in charge of "caravan of death"

Argentina's Ex-Dictator Charged For Operation Condor
First former leader charged for 1970s international terrorism

Drilling in Alaska: Over Dead Gwich'in Bodies
Drilling in Alaska: Over Dead Gwich'in Bodies
Before 1950, most Gwich'in didn't speak English and families lived a nomadic existence, hunting and fishing as they moved freely throughout their homeland. Today they promise to fight back if the Bush administration continues its push for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Ban On Commercial Whale Hunting At Risk
Japan pressuring poor nations to vote for resumed whaling next year

Indonesia Military May Regain Lead Role
Military is jockeying for power in new government

China's Good News, Bad News: Food Surplus Up, Rapid Desertification
Dire picture for China's future food needs

Mexico Blocks Corporation From Bid To Patent Corn FREE!
Fox administration makes a stand against biopiracy

Investigators Probe Mexico's Covert "Dirty War"
About 600 disappeared in police custody during 1970s-80s

Protesters Blocked From November WTO Summit
Obscure kingdom of Qatar blocking unsanctioned visitors

The Persecution of Wen Ho Lee, Redux
NY Times still won't admit it erred in leading media attack

Corporations Grabbing For Your Tax Rebate FREE!
And how you can tell Bush what you think of his bribe

Los Angeles' Victorian Side Revealed
Fuss over artwork nudes at airport

condit clock
Time for more about Gary

Next To Cash In On Bush Election: Media Giants
FCC is about to reverse a 1974 rule preventing media domination

The Accomplices Of Andrea Yates FREE!
The mother who killed her five children was screaming for help

Condit/Levy: We Do It All For You FREE!
Mainstream media wants to be sure that you're informed

Molly Ivins  + MOLLY     IVINS

 + Big Employer Is Watching
 + Dark Days For The First Amendment
 + GOP Clueless About Women's Issues
 + Inhuman Working Conditions Right Here At Home
 + Bush Plans Put Social Security At Risk
 + Bush Gives Arms Control To Right Wing Idealogues
 + Bush Immigrant Amnesty Gets Mixed Reviews
 + America's Snit Over Castro Continues
 + No North, Just Dakota
 + Stem Cells And Slippery Slopes

 + How Clinton Could Buy Back His Reputation
 + The Have-A-Nice-Day President
 + How The Establishment Says Goodbye
 + Are You Being Watched By Your Cell Phone?
 + Media Dreams Of Chandra And Gary

 } David Corn

 + What You Won't Find In Clinton's Memoirs
 + Will The Greens Run For President in 2004?
 + U.S. Press Hides Eyes From Police Violence In Genoa
 + Katharine Graham: Slanting the First Draft of History
 + Media Mania Over Condit Scandal

 } Norman Solomon

 + The President's Hometown
 + The Shameless Bruce Babbitt
 + Katharine Graham Needed Fewer Friends
 + Lie Detector Nonsense
 + Amazing Prison Strike

 } Alexander Cockburn

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