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The Burning of Fortunate Son
Why Fortunate Son was so dangerous to the House of Bush

Women Now Lead Men In New AIDS Cases Worldwide
Infection rates for teenage African girls are over 500% higher than boys

Enviros Under Attack By Right-Wing Coalition FREE!
Attempt to dry up funding sources for Rainforest Action Network

Merry Go Round
Washington Merry-Go-Round Cheney, Energy Task Force Defies GAOFREE!
Astonishing refusal to cooperate with congressional investigators

Misguided War Crimes Law Now Before SenateFREE!
Helms bill would exempt U.S. from war crimes

Conflict Of Interest Scandal In "Ethical" Bush White House
Less than two months after inauguration and vow of ethical behavior

Bush Energy Plan Gives Foes Window Of Opportunity
Chance for an enviro coalition to come forward with a New (Green) Deal

Europeans Aren't Anti-American, Just Anti-BushFREE!
In their eyes, Bush is illegitimate leader

FCC Tightens Censorship, Loosens Ownership Rules
Recent fines against broadcasters suggest new crackdown against "indecent" speech

Bush Foreign Policy: Speak Spanish, Put Foot in Mouth
When all else fails, blame global criticism on "anti-Americanism"

Why Bush is Winning
Neat solutions to concocted crises

A Monument to Distorted Priorities
WWII monument has higher priority than living veterans

The Company Bush Keeps
More lobbyists, industry moguls receive key Bush appointments

Outsourcing the War on Drugs
DynCorp in Colombia
About 170 employees of DynCorp wage the War on Drugs in Colombia, under contract to the U.S. With no accountabilty to Congress, the private troops have been called mercenaries, often in league with Colombia's right-wing paramilitaries

Bush Proposal On Vieques Too Little Too Late
Puerto Ricans want Navy out, not just deadline to end bombing

Enviros Plot Strategy To Weaken Bush
Will make it harder for Bush to push through free trade agreements

CIA Gave $10 Million to Peru's Ex-Spymaster
Now faces trial for murder, arms and drug trafficking

Ambitious Plans, But Little Practical Action At UN AIDS Summit
Wealthier countries absent as disease becomes Third World pandemic

Israel's undeclared war on Palestinians
Since the election of Ariel Sharon as Prime Minister, Israel has resumed its long-standing undeclared war against the Palestinians with a vengance


 + Despite Cease-Fire, Israel Sprayed Palestinian Town With Lethal Dart Shells

 + Israel Aggresively Building New West Bank Settlements

 + Israel's Sharon Faces War Crimes Charges

The Great White Myth of Kennewick Man
The struggle for posession of the remains of a 9,000 year-old man has recharged a discredited controversy about prehistoric white settlers in North America

Mexico Banker Accused Of Drug, Money Deals Sues Reporters
Chairman of Banamex, the second largest bank in Mexico

Section 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
IN THIS ISSUE:   Advertisers force newspaper to back off from investigative series; the politics of crimes against humanity; Henry Kissinger, war criminal; Homer Simpson finds job security

African dust over Caribbean
Florida, seen at the top of this picture, receives more than half of all microbe-laden African dust that reaches the United States
Africa Dust Is Health Risk For Florida, Caribbean FREE!
Linked to increased asthma, lung disease in region

Biotech Industry Ignoring Ecosystem Risk, Says New Report
Vast uncertainty in estimating impacts of engineered species

Mexico's New Progressive Foreign Minister
Jorge Castaneda an impressive figure in Fox Administration

Shame, Fear Still Keep Secret 1999 E Timor Atrocities
Rape victims, witnesses to massacres fear reprisals

Desperate N Koreans Seek Asylum In China
Up to 300,000 N Koreans believed in hiding in China, Mongolia

Kissinger To Be Questioned Over Role In Chile Coup
Judge seeks answers to old questions of U.S. involvement

Australian Natives Push For Sea Rights
Next step in demand for recognition of homelands

Indonesia Fears New Era Of Repression
Worries that Suharto's military may rise again

Anti-Gay Attacks Condoned In U.S. Schools, Report Finds
Teachers often don't intervene from fear of being labelled "pro-gay"

Anti-Drug Herbicide Use In Colombia Causing Regional Problems
Blamed for health problems in Ecuador

NY Times Erasing "The First Draft Of History" FREE!
Destroying 115,000 articles after Supreme Court rules that they must pay writers

Pour, Little Rich Girl
Jenna Bush's predicament has uncomfortable parallels to Lewinsky dilemma

The Other War Criminals FREE!
U.S. had role in arming Croatian forces now on trial with Slobodan Milosevic

What A Surprise: Foreigners Have Rights
Supreme Court throws out laws from anti- immigrant fervor of 1996

Supreme Court Puts Limit On Hi-Tech Police Snooping FREE!
But also leaves door open for future use of surveillance technology

komodo dragon
Everyone's a critic

When Banks Offer Privacy, Restrictions and Limitations Apply
Make sure you open those "we value your privacy" letters

The Editor, The Toe, And The Dragon
Newspaper workers cheer reptile's revenge

Molly Ivins MOLLY     IVINS

 + Bush Helping Banks Launder Money
 + A Decent, Peculiar Place To Live
 + Big Timber Seeks To Silence Critics
 + Dubya Rule #1: It's Bad To Sue Business
 + Texas, Proudly Marching Backwards
 + What "$300 Tax Break?"
 + Bush Meets The Yuripeens

 + Leave No Embryo Behind
 + Revisiting Big GOP Lies
 + No Comeback For Gore
 + George W. Bush: The Un-science Guy

 } David Corn

 + Picks For Media All-Stars
 + If Orwell Were Alive Today
 + Is A Better Media Future Possible?
 + Media Praise For Pentagon Papers Rings Hollow

 } Norman Solomon

 + The People's Power
 + Christopher, Please Don't Sue Henry!
 + The Secret Government, Drunk On Gin Fizz
 + Food And Forgetfulness

 } Alexander Cockburn

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